Hebron Mayor Refuses to Resign

John Jacobson made it clear that he would not resign.

John Jacobson made it clear that he would not resign.

John Jacobson, Hebron’s Mayor who was arrested on drug charges last month, was asked by several village residents to resign, but he refused.

In a statement after entering the Village Board’s meeting room right before the 7 PM starting time, Jacobson said that none of his problems “involves my official capacity.”

He asked that village residents to “respect my privacy.”

Jacobson then reviewed his service to the community (rescue squad and fire protection district) prior to being elected mayor.

Challenger John Jacobson beat Mayor Frank Beatty by

Challenger John Jacobson beat Mayor Frank Beatty by a substantial margin in 2013.

Following was a recitation of the dire financial situation of the village when he took office, which he said resulted in “lots of stress.”

Much of the village’s problem has resulted from an Illinois Environment Protection Agency-financed expansion of the water treatment plant.

There was standing room only at the 7 PM start of the Hebron Village Board meeting.

There was standing room only at the 7 PM start of the Hebron Village Board meeting.

Jacobson talked about the limited property tax funds. When I went to check the figures I wrote down with those published on the County Clerk’s web site, I could not find them.

So, below people can see that the village asked for about $177,000 in property taxes last year:

Real estate taxes billed last year for the Village of Hebron.

Real estate taxes billed last year for the Village of Hebron.

He revealed that lack of funds had resulted in “cuts…all the way around.”

Jacobson said that during the prior administration “money collected that should have one to the EPA never did.”

$1.4 million wasn’t used to repay the EPA loan as a result of expected residential development having died during the real estate recession.

The Hebron Village Board. From left to right, Fred Canfield, Andrew Georgi, Mark Morgan, Steve Vole, Clerk Rose Smith-Miller, John Jacobson, Susan Ritzert and Mark Shepherd.

The Hebron Village Board. From left to right, Peter Canfield, Andrew Georgi, Mark Mogan, Clerk Rose Smith-Miller, President John Jacobson, Village Attorney Michael Smoron, Steve Vole, Susan Ritzert and Mark Shepherd.

State Senator Pam Althoff has been working with the Village to lessen the tremendous burden resulting from terms of the repayment of the EPA loan.

Under terms approved prior to Jacobson’s taking office, sewer and water rates can be raised 5% per year.

During the public comment period citizen frustrations were abundantly evident.

They ranged from potholes to the cost of a new police car to mosquito spraying (the contract for which was not approved) to a call for an audit.

Hebronresignatkon petition being read by woman

Inga Santoro read from a petition calling for Village President John Jacobson to resign.

232 signatures were presented on a petition calling for Jacobson’s resignation.

Lisa Georgi explains the petition asking for an audit of expenditures.

Lisa Georgi explains the petition asking for an audit of expenditures.

Lisa Georgi, an unsuccessful candidate to join her husband Andrew on the Village Board last year, presented 215 signatures seeking an audit.

Hebron 2 of 2 eledction night

“Your behavior is a poor example for our children,” she continued.

“Do the right thing and resign.”

Later senior Trustee Mark Shepherd estimated that a forensic audit would cost $25,000. [The Huntley School District spent $100,000 on one and the firm selected blew through the money without following citizen and board member suggestions of where wrong-doing might be found.]

A man pointed out that Jacobson’s behavior made him incapable to fulfilling his responsibilities as Village President.

He pointed to the possibility of a tornado hitting at night, as it had two miles away.

“You’re not responsible enough after hours.”

Another man expressed his “embarrassment” at the condition of homes in town.

He said he went up to the best looking home on a street to thank the owner, who was in the yard.

The homeowner revealed that he had just received a citation for having a limb that was over the sidewalk.

There was an animated discussion about the purchase of Christmas lights.

They were purchased for display this coming year and the Village Clerk kicked in over $100 of her own money to help pay for them.

The question arose as to why the village didn’t file for bankruptcy to get out from under what was owed the EPA.

Village attorney Michael Smoron pointed out bankruptcy for municipalities was not allowed in Illinois.

A man in back explained that the bill that would have allowed such actions had been killed by House Speaker Mike Madigan.

Jacobson had previously bragged about bringing a Dollar General store to Hebron.

He added that he was talking to two other businesses who were considering moving to Hebron.

A woman wanted to know where the $1.4 million had gone.

The woman who did not think village funds should have been spent on Christmas lights.

The woman who did not think village funds should have been spent on Christmas lights.

“That’s why we have half the staff,” Jacobson replied.

“I inherited this and our auditor went through it and it’s gone.”

Asked where the money went again, Jacobson said, “It was way before my time.”

At this point a woman in the back said, “I don’t give a sh-t about Christmas lights.”

A man agreed with Jacobson’s explanation of what he found when he took office:

“You walked into a mess.”

Trustee Susan Ritzert took exception to describing the money as “missing.”

“It was not missing. It was allocated to do different things. $60,000 was borrowed from the sewer fund and it has to be put back.”

Jacobson said that $572,000 had to be paid back to the water fund.

A suit against J and L, which apparently purchased the undeveloped land from Kennedy Homes, was discussed.

The attorney explained that the case was in court, that his firm hadn’t been paid recently, but would if that suit was won.

Jacobson then mentioned am over $200,000 line of credit the developer had issued which had not been renewed.

“The letter of credit was not renewed by village staff,” the attorney revealed.

Jacobson said that the Village owed $4.7 million on the water treatment plant and almost $300,000 on th village hall.

A woman want to know who the woman was who was driving a light blue Hebron Village car from Walmart in Lake Geneva on Easter morning.

Jacobson had no idea, but asked the woman to take a photo the next time she saw the woman driving the car.

Georgi looing right flagIn Trustee comments, Andrew Georgi brought up

  • looking into the Distressed Cities Act
  • reworking the late payment plan for water and sewer bills
  • how the Village hired outside services

Trustee Fred Canfield defended the purchase of the new squad car.

“Out cars are pretty much done for.

“We needed that new squad car.”

When an audience member brought up Jacobson’s personal life again, the Village President said,

“This meeting’s over.”

A man in back said,

“Hebron, the town with a crackhead mayor.”

Another man said,

“Hebron, crackhead friendly.”

Two Hebron Policemen attended the meeting.


Hebron Mayor Refuses to Resign — 20 Comments

  1. What did they take back?

    They knowingly elected a crackhead who’s not going anywhere.

    Yay, people.

  2. Fighting your wrong we have exactly what we asked for!

  3. We elected an admitted crack smoker to the Presidency of the United States.

    Jacobson is just following best practices for an elected Executive in our great nation today.

    The fantastic result of 237 people voting in a town most people only know as the speed trap to watch out in while driving to Lake Geneva.

  4. Hold on- so the town of Hebron is so smart that they were wise enough not to elect the wife of another Trustee, but not smart enough that they couldn’t elect anyone other than a crackhead janitor as Village President?

    One step forward, two steps back.

  5. Why won’t our local legislators…Franks, Althoff, McConnaughay, Wheeler, Tryon and the rest propose recall legislation like other States so we can get rid of goofs like Jacobson… and they could propose term limits at the same time.

    Both are much needed and supported by those of us paying taxes.

  6. Read the article:

    “232 signatures were presented on a petition calling for Jacobson’s resignation”

    The people may have elected him, but now they are asking for his resignation.

    You can’t blame the people, many of them did not know his history.

    Just like, many people in McHenry County did not know what Zinke and Nygren were doing.

    Yes, they are taking back their Government by demanding for his resignation and allowing their voices to be heard.

  7. People vote for parties regardless of the person and that is why we have problems.

    Hebron elected this guy knowing his problems, Illinoi and republicans not only elected Dennis Hastert, but even after he offenses were revealed Yorktown residents stuck up for good old Denny.

    Republicans elected him speaker of the house and have the Hastert rule which does not allow for compromise all in the name of a child molester and a bisexual pervert.

    You got what you voted for.

    People also allowed the rich to get obscenely rich since the 1980’s and the middle class shrink.

    The New America isn’t what it used to be.

  8. Karma, I agree with you to a point.

    The people did not know that this guy allegedly has drug problems. Some may have known, but not all.

    And yes, often times public officials are elected even when their issues are fully disclosed to the public.

    But, you might agree that political tactics by candidates before, during and after elections make it very confusing for the public, and therefore it becomes difficult to know who is telling the truth.

    One way to address the confusion about candidates is, simply, by being involved in the political process and when the people cast their vote for change, they will make informed decisions on election day.

    Ultimately, we are all responsible for reform in government. We the people in Illinois have the power to overcome corruption.

  9. Priest, just curious.

    What president admitted to being a crack smoker?

  10. @Fighting Corruption

    Any Hebron resident who didn’t know that the guy had a drug problem before the last election wasn’t paying attention.

    He was arrested for cocaine possession while the election campaign was going on in 2013, and the arrest made the local newspapers.

    Hebron is also a very small town, and everyone knows everyone else’s business anyways.

    The people chose to elect him in spite of his issues, and now they get to live with their choice.

  11. Considering the evidence you have presented Billy Bob, I won’t argue.

    However, most people are trying to survive and they don’t see everything in the paper.

    Though, you are right, considering he was arrested for cocaine possession during the 2014 election campaign, he should not have been elected.

    The people are responsible for putting him office.

    They made the choice.

  12. Excerpts from the documentation that led to him being fired from MCC (https://www.scribd.com/doc/221625519/Recommendation-for-Termination)…

    P9, Exhibit 6 “January 7, 2012 email chain with the subject “Men in training”, and a series of pictures of adolescent boys, some depicting adolescent boys in the nude”

    P9, Ex 10: “March 28, 2008 email chain with the subject ‘Pictures – too good to pass up”, and a series of pictures of women displaying their buttocks and nude adolescent boys.”

    P10, item 2: “… You further stated that you “might have” sent jokes, and received/sent pictures of partially nude or nude men, women and children from your College-issued email account…”

    P11 item 11 “…With respect to Exhibit 6, as a text and described above, you admitted receiving interviewing the email and photographs during work hours. You said that you did not believe you forwarded the email, although the email evidence is to the contrary. You initially stated that you don’t know if the children depicted in the photographs were under age 18. However, when specifically questioned about certain pictures you acknowledged that

    a. the first picture shows a toddler looking at a woman in a bikini on a computer
    b. the second picture shows a young child pulling on a woman’s exposed nipples
    c. the third picture shows two young children in underwear and the boys looking in the girls underwear
    d. the fourth picture shows a young boy and girl kissing
    e. the fifth picture shows a baby reaching for a pint of beer
    f. the six picture shows a young child urinating by a vehicle
    g. the seventh picture shows a young girl kissing the baby
    h. The eight picture shows a baby and a man viewing a playboy magazine
    i. the ninth picture shows a young boy holding his p##$s and there is urine on the wall

    Read the rest at your leisure.

  13. I have a question: In addition to fluoride and chlorine, what other chemical is added to the public water supply in Hebron?

  14. There is no clearer expression of pure Illinois than this news story…


    Need I say more?

    And shouldn’t MCC have reported him to the authorities.

    They’re real good at saying “it’s for the children” when they want big expansion plans while enrollment is going down, but they don’t report this?


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