Local 150 & Democrats vs. Republicans Tonight at 7

That might be the promo for a story on the TV news, if McHenry County had TV news.

Actually, last night in Hebron we did have a TV news camera from ABC Channel 7.

ABC had a camera in Hebron last night.

ABC had a camera in Hebron last night.

Tonight at 7 at the McHenry County Administrative Building, the County Board will be considering a settlement proposed to end the Open Meetings violation suit from Local 150 of the International Union of Operating Engineers.

At its convention, Democrats were urged to attend the meeting and come early.

Demonstrators are said to be bringing drums.

Tune in later tonight to discover what happened.


Local 150 & Democrats vs. Republicans Tonight at 7 — 7 Comments

  1. Why does the county board collect the union dues for 150?

    How much is the county paid for this expensive service?

  2. John Radke hit the nail!

    End the waste of tax dollars used to collect union dues which are then used to pay expensive lawyers who sue the County (successfully I might say).

    The unions can afford lawyers who bill at rates in excess of $300 per hour while we, the taxpayers, are stuck with a lawyer who is paid less than $40 per hour!

    Who do you think will get the better talented lawyer?

    End the collection of all union dues for public sector union employees!! NOW!!!!

  3. This weak kneed overreaction to a phony lawsuit will be why republicans lose in November.

    They need to stand for something to win, now they are just vanilla.

    This is why Trump is winning people.

  4. The Republicans won’t lose in November.

    We the people are taking back our government.

    Time for some disclosure of legal documents pertaining to those bullies from the Local 150.

    The Democrats and the Local guys have accomplished nothing but prove who they really are.

    They don’t get their way unless they give people ultimatums often times laced with intimidation and harassment.

    Time to show the public what the Local Boys have been doing to the people.

    And, if the Democrats have aligned themselves with the Local Boys, that just proves who they really are and the no one wants to be associated with them.

  5. Hey everybody, if the Board thought it hadn’t broken the law, it could have continued the suit and not had to worry about paying massive legal fees.

    All the fears about six and seven-figure legal fees only came because they knew they would lose.

    Instead of whining about the people who blew the whistle, why not take a look at the imbeciles who posted pictures of themselves and descriptions of their conversations on the County’s facebook page?

    That was their smoking gun, served up on a platter.

    And Provenzano implying that unions blew up cars in his driveway was so over the line it isn’t even funny. What a wannabe wiseguy.

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