One Year Since Kane County Sheriff Put Deputy Kim Zinke on Administrative Leave

Kim Zinke

Kim Zinke

It’s been a year since the Kane County Sheriff put Kim Zinke on administrative leave.

Then, her salary then was $79.275 or $38.11 per hour for a 40-hour work week.

On December 1, 2015, it increased to $81,257.

The Lake County State’s Attorney has yet to take action on the case that McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi yielded to him because of the appearance of a conflict of interest resulting from Biacnchi’s strong support of now-Sheriff Bill Prim against Kim Zinke’s husband, then-Undersheriff Andy Zinke.

Speaking for the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office, Cynthia Vargas said,

“The case is still being reviewed by our office.

“There hasn’t been a decision made because it’s still under investigation by our office.”


One Year Since Kane County Sheriff Put Deputy Kim Zinke on Administrative Leave — 45 Comments

  1. Could these people be any slower?? It is a shame that Kane County has to put out all of that money for nothing.

  2. Her salary should go into escrow for the duration of the investigation, and she shouldn’t see a dime of it if she is convicted of a crime.

    I wonder how close she is to qualifying for a full pension? In Chicago, they’ll sometimes carry problem officers on paid leave until they have enough years in to retire.

  3. Is that a recent photograph?

    Has she been exposed to radioactive Polonium?????

  4. Kim will be exonerated.

    How much extra should she be paid for the fishing expedition.

    No amount would be fair for the ridicule imposed upon Kim and her family.

  5. In one’s career you get to see and meet really great people at work and you also get to see really nasty, mean, obnoxious people…

  6. It is the exact picture of a fishing trip-if it was bad enough to suspend her, they must have had something-obviously the something was nothing worth following up on or they would have by now.

    A fishing trip where the boat sunk and they lost their poles.

    Move on folks; there’s nothing to see or charge here.

  7. Read the article:

    Speaking for the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office, Cynthia Vargas said,

    “The case is still being reviewed by our office.

    “There hasn’t been a decision made because it’s still under investigation by our office.”

  8. Let me see if I understand this correctly.

    Deputy Kim Zinke is on administrative leave and is receiving a salary of $79,275.00 for the past year sitting on her butt.

    Kim Zinke’s husband, Andy Zinke will be able to retire in a few years and receive most likely over $100k a year.

    Hell, they are sure getting what they deserve.

  9. Clearly Eric, I was not referring to money, I was referring to the fact that they are entangled into the legal system and a prosecution is possible.

    If convicted, pensions should be revoked.

  10. Further, Kim ZInke should not be allowed to earn a salary for sitting on her butt.

    Poor Andy, will likely retire in a few years, Boohoo, no new jobs in law enforcement and no new pensions.

    Yes, they are getting what they both deserve.

  11. Yup-she’s getting paid to sit on her butt and waiting for her pension to kick in because the charges are soooooooo bogus that the State’s Attorney can’t figure out how or what to charge her with.

    Basically, they’re saying that she is smarter than they are since she’ss done something wrong, but our entire office has taken over a year to try and figure out what it is that she’s done wrong, and we haven’t found anything wrong yet.

    Such a dumbass she is;yeah, right

  12. Where would this country be without our soup operas and reality programming.

    So so boring.

  13. Actually that picture should be used as evidence against the crime she is being investigated for .

    Most people would be in jail by now

  14. This is not boring, it is serious.

    Especially, if we have law enforcement committing crimes, when they are suppose to be out there protecting the people.

  15. FC you posted at 12:48 am and than again the next morning at 7:59 am.

    I am sure the Zinke’s don’t read this blog, and they are in bed sleeping very well as Deputy Kim Zinke is being paid for doing nothing, while you are losing sleep with your obsession with the Zinke’s.

    This is not healthy, you need to take care of yourself.

  16. Eric, your words are meaningless.

    You really need to take care of yourself.

    You apparently, are obsessed with my comments, or you would not have taken the time to comment.

    And, for your information, I am losing no sleep.

    You and the Zinkes will deserve whatever the justice system brings you.

    It’s amassing how your arrogance gives you a false sense of security, meaning that you think there won’t be consequences for the past.

  17. FC, before you go off about eating popcorn, which is really getting old, give us all a break from your ranting about the Zinke’s, that is getting so old too.

  18. Fighting Corruption you are right on all counts.

    The Zinke’s are laughing at everyone.

    They don’t care.

    Sit on their butts and collecting all that money is a joke and it is on us.

    All her pay should be frozen until the investigation is over.

    Eric, if things are getting so old for you then stop commenting.

  19. Here you go again FC, how would you know if Zinke is looking for another pension?

    And by the way, you and Voter are one of a kind.

  20. Is it really about the job, or the money for Andy and Kim Zinke?

    Just asking.

    In my opinion, if they really cared about their jobs in law enforcement and serving the people, they would not have done some of the things they did as officers.

    If you think I am the only one upset with the Zinkes, Eric, you are wrong.

    But then again, you are wrong most of the time.

  21. I am sure there are more than just you that is upset with the Zinke’s, but their not obsessed with the Zinke’s like you and losing sleep over them.

    Out of 27 comments on this subject, there were 18 negative comments made, and 13 where from you FC.

    This is not healthy, you need to get over it as so many have moved on with their lives.

  22. Voter is right:

    “Eric, if things are getting so old for you then stop commenting”

    You are losing sleep over my comments and clearly you are obsessed with what I write.

    Eric, you need to get over it and move on with your life.

    Frankly, you are acting like a stalker.

    Move on Eric, move on.

  23. Wow! Talk about the “pot calling the kettle black”- Dum Dun (FC) lets nothing go-weather she knows what she’s talking about or not; usually not.

    Don’t feel bad Eric; common sense usually prevails, and some have it; others not so much

  24. Eric

    Knock! Knock!

    Who’s there?

    The guys that wear an Eagle on their badge!

    Gosh Eric, when was the last time you were in someones neighborhood and you sat at the end of the street stalking them?

    Or, when was the last time you were in their neighborhood doing drives bys’ to keep track of them?

    Which by the way, is another form of stalking.

    Move on Eric, this is not good for you to be so obsessed with someone else’s life.

    You have anger issues and may want to seek the support of your nearest relative.

  25. Eric, I do have a job.

    And, what I do in my life is none of your business.

    Your actions and your words prove, in my opinion, that you are a stalker and you have serious, serious issues.

    You have admitted to stalking me and my family.

    Further, you will cease and desist contact with me and if you continue to stalk me, criminal charges will be filed against you.

    Additionally, you put yourself at serious risk for a civil law suit.

  26. Hey Eric, how is Andy Zinke?????????????????????????????????

    Word on the street is he’s not doing so well, now that there will never be another pension for the tax payers to responsible for.


    Apparently, those that work in law enforcement are at risk for losing their pensions if they are prosecuted for a felony.


  27. A third pension fund which includes police is IMRF.

    The title for a county police officer is Sheriff Deputy.
    Sheriff’s Deputies participate in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF), which is another of the 20 public sector pension systems in Illinois.

    Article 7 – Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund

    “Felony conviction.

    None of the benefits provided for in this Article shall be paid to any person who is convicted of any felony relating to or arising out of or in connection with his service as an employee.”
    Within IMRF are three categories: Regular, Sheriff Law Enforcement Program (SLEP), and Elected County Official (ECO).

    County Sheriff Deputy’s are in IMRF SLEP.

    Some municipalities such as Woodstock also participate in SLEP; which must be for a small group of employees or maybe one employee or maybe even a past employee as Woodstock police are in the Downstate Police Pension Fund; one of the many anomalies in the Illinois Pension Code.
    As a side note.

    Police are also found in Conservation Districts, Forest Preserves, and units of government other than those listed above.

    Not sure if McHenry County Conservation District police participate in IMRF SLEP; seems they participate in IMRF Regular.

    A few Forest Preserve Districts participate in IMRF SLEP:

    – DuPage County Forest Preserve
    – Lake County Forest Preserve
    – Will County Forest Preserve

    The Solid Waste Agency of Lake County participates in IMRF SLEP.

  28. Hey Eric, do you know the definition of a “pawn?”

    “a chess piece of the smallest size and value”

    Which means that you are just a peon:

    “The definition of “peon” is “Low ranking person” :::::

    used for saying that someone’s rank is lower or their job is less important than someone else’s

  29. Hey Eric,

    Gordy has popcorn….lol…

    Are you playing “Let’s Make a Deal?”

    “Is the Price Right?”

    Want dough?

    Go ask the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

  30. Hey Eric,

    Why haven’t you found your french fries yet?

    How you going to tell everyone buddy, that you are two french fries short of a Happy Meal?

    Geez Eric, you have a lot of explaining to do.

    Are you and Miranda friends?

  31. Eric, you better run for the hills, because you are in so much trouble………

    Now, don’t you be asking Andy and Kim Zinke for help, they have their own problems.

    Besides, Andy has to find a job.

    Which makes Andy too busy to find your french fries for you.

    Eric, find your own french fries.



  33. ERIC,



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