McHenry Grade School Member Alerts Public of Expensive Tuesday Meeting

A message from McHenry Grade School Board member Eric Sivertsen:

The McHenry Grade School Board before the last election.

The McHenry Grade School Board before the last election.

On Tuesday night at 7:15 District 15 will be holding a public hearing at the district office on Green St.

The plan is to transfer $6.5 million from the Transportation Fund to the Operations and Maintenance Fund.

This money was slated to be used for $6.3 million dollars worth of “Summer Projects” in addition to the ongoing construction projects.

At the meeting at 7:30 there are bids set to be approved for the summer projects with a total of $3,762,297.

A lot of the projects from the original proposed list are not on the list of projects that went out for bid.

What happened to the other projects?

Why aren’t they included in the bid?

The projects that are included in the bid, were estimated to cost $2,201,000.

That means the bids came in at 80% over the estimates.

Some of the projects on the bid include building STEM labs and film studios at both of the Jr Highs, rekeying all of the locks throughout the district, and replacing a bunch of parking lots.

Several of the other projects have already been completed, Including

  • painting over the murals at Riverwood (estimated at $5,000 completed for $27K)
  • Repainting the transportation department break room ($23K)

and the school board has not been presented with any bids for those projects.

There is also a bill for $13,000 of carpet at the district office that the board didn’t get bids for either.

These projects are all in addition to the estimated $14 million dollars of ongoing construction projects to eliminate the mobile classrooms and build classrooms for All-Day Kindergarten.

To make it even worse, we don’t have an All-Day Kindergarten program, or even a proposal for one, we don’t have a proposal for a STEM program for the Jr Highs, and the board voted that it would be too expensive to record the school board meetings, but we are gonna put film studios into 2 of our schools. (It turns out that recording the school board meetings isn’t really that expensive

We need taxpayers to come to the hearing and the meeting on Tuesday and let the board know how they feel about this spending.


McHenry Grade School Member Alerts Public of Expensive Tuesday Meeting — 17 Comments

  1. This is yet another reason why taxpayers need to step up and convey to their legislators that House Bill 5529 must be killed.

    Why on earth does this school district have over 6 million dollars to transfer from its Transportation Fund?

    The answer is obvious:

    because the District has been levying FAR MORE than necessary for transportation services.

    When will this end?

    When will the taxpayers rise up and stop this abuse?

    If you live in District 15 and you do not go to this meeting or you do not call or write your legislator and demand an end to these money transfers, you will continue to pay taxes well in excess of those necessary .

    Remember that the school districts generally make up about one-third of your real estate tax bill.

  2. You don’t HAVE to live in district 15 to go to this meeting.

    The more overtaxed residents we get to go to these meetings, the better!

    Come one, come all!

  3. Joe, like a occupy group moving from one building to another? 🙂

  4. How about two-thirds of one’s tax bill?

    More if one lives outside a village or city.

  5. Ecic is one of a very few school board members in McHenry County who is not cheerleading…

    he is representing his district!….

    We need more of YOU who read this to go out and do the job…

    it is not enough for you to stand in witness perhaps to comment and argue in this forum…

    YOU need to go out there and win these seats that are costing YOU and me SO much MONEY

  6. When was the vote to record board meetings?

    Who voted against recording board meetings?

    They should be voted out of office.


    One of the biggest reasons for hiked school taxes is rubber stamping board members, or select board members and / or administration and / or teacher union leaders and / or vendors colluding, with the public being left in the dark.

  7. From the minutes of the November 10th meeting

    “President Qualls addressed Mrs. Davis’ request for the recording of board meetings.

    “Administration was directed at the last meeting to check into the cost to do this.

    “Dr. Hoffman and Mr. Bertolozzi shared the cost would be $135,000.

    “After much discussion it was decided that it would be too costly to have the meetings recorded.”

  8. Thank you Eric for the heads up!

    See you all there this evening, the board needs to hear public comment on this matter!

  9. Who is approving these bids?

    How big is the break room?

    It cost over 20k to paint it?

  10. It was the McHenry High School District teachers who went on strike, not the grade school teachers.

  11. There’s way too much going on in mid and large public school districts for school board members to be effectively represent taxpayers on their own.

    Those board members representing taxpayers need help and support from the public.

    Ideally someday watchdogs will be networked at the local, state, and Federal level to counter the teacher unions and other special interest groups.

    Right now the balance of power is in the hand of the special interests and not the taxpayers, and a primary reason for that is the Illinois General Assembly and Governors passing union and administration friendly laws at the expense of the taxpayer.

  12. Thanks for not being a bobble head board member, Eric!

    The arrogance of some on this board is unbelievable.

    No-bid contracts!?

    $23K to paint a break room?!

    Something rotten here!

    Is it a surprise to anyone after reading this that people don’t trust our local politicians (even the unpaid ones) and that 70% of our Real Estate taxes go to school district’s wasteful spending and other hi jinx ? (join the local chapter)

    Get involved without being alone!

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