Tax Takes for Cities and Villages

Below is what cities and villages in McHenry County did to property taxpayers last year and what can be expected this year:

City or village INCR / DECR INCR / DECR
2015 – 2014 2014 – 2013
BARRINGTON HILLS ($159,204.02) $188,481.62
LAKEWOOD $7,650.32 $37,866.64
PRAIRIE GROVE ($4,999.27) ($5,000.68)
RICHMOND $9,576.48 ($1,333.99)
HUNTLEY ($761.89) ($71,056.33)
ALGONQUIN $138,361.96 ($17,065.85)
RINGWOOD $1,791.97 $499.78
LAKEMOOR $602.07 $14,292.25
LAKE IN THE HILLS ($3.46) ($1,934.23)
FOX RIVER GROVE $762.95 $9,549.64
WOODSTOCK $60,705.46 $65,825.48
HOLIDAY HILLS $178.46 $511.45
BULL VALLEY $6,787.27 ($8,767.22)
FOX LAKE VILLAGE $14,965.53 $8,625.14
HARVARD $24,562.52 $87,562.84
CARY $15.55 $8,528.90
MCHENRY ($1.02) $0.40
JOHNSBURG ($204,214.26) $20,675.43
CRYSTAL LAKE $128,582.54 ($124,670.65)
SPRING GROVE $3,099.90 $13,198.02
HEBRON $1,419.36 $2,622.73
OAKWOOD HILLS $2,366.49 $4,228.80
MARENGO $12,188.30 $29,317.12
ISLAND LAKE ($72,898.61) $128,519.12
PORT BARRINGTON $989.89 $420.81
UNION $632.36 $1,256.54
WONDER LAKE $3,989.60 $6,551.90
MCCULLOM LAKE ($10,608.97) ($4,478.10)
MUNICIPALITIES ($33,462.52) $394,227.56

Municipal elections are next spring.


Tax Takes for Cities and Villages — 2 Comments

  1. Isn’t it a tad disingenuous to whine about Schools, Townships, MCCD, and some other gov agenices taxes and levies from time to time, but City’s get a break from the whine.

  2. Cal,

    I guess this puts to bed the missive published on this blog by former Prevaricator in Chief of Barrington Hills, Bob Abboud who claimed real estate taxes under Pres. McLaughlin in VBH increased.

    It is a blemish on this blog’s credibility that this revenge seeking has been former corrupt politician would be given a forum provided by you on this blog for the purposes of your promotion of McChonchie over McLaughlin.

    Remember the infamous words by Abboud on this blog in a separate missive in 2011, that truth is a litmus test for any politician running for office.

    In Abboud’s defense, when he spread this lie about McLaughlin on this blog he was not running for public office.

    I will not hold my breath waiting for your apology to Marty McLaughlin for allowing Abboud’s rant to be the subject matter of a McHenry County blog.

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