Nyrgen Administration Shredded 20,000 Pounds of Paper on the Way Out

Photo from The First Electric Newspaper.

Photo of shredder from The First Electric Newspaper.

The most astounding revelation of McHenry County Sheriff Bill Prim when he spoke to the McHenry County Board Tuesday morning was that the Sheriff’s Office “lost ten tons of documents that were shredded–20,000 pounds.”

If a ream of paper (500 sheets) weights six pounds, there would be about 3,333 reams in 20,000 pounds.

That works out to 1,666,665 pages.

There were comments about shredding on McHenry County Blog before Sheriff Keith Nygren left office.

Right after the primary election in which Andy Zinke narrowly lost to Bill Prim on 3-22-14 had “Rich” writing:

The Sheriff’s office cannot fall…

There are enough boxes and shredding machines in this state…

4-18-14 saw “RegimeOver” write this:

Priest, aka Pyle the pedophile.

Zane’s prohibited behavior was to not disclose actual county documents of the MCSO.

I congratulate who ever posted them.

When Zane’s case is over, all of the documents will reach the public.

And when Prim takes over I’m sure the RITA report will finally make it to the public.

You assholes better start shredding as many documents as you can, your time is coming.

Discipline up to termination and/or criminal prosecution may be in order.

Here’s what “anotherwatcher” wrote on 5-2-14:

mark and voter, if they are worried that Harrison will not have enough signatures on his petitions, you had better bet, all kinds of things will will be shredded.

“Bazinga” wrote on 5-2-14:

Please make a committee to replace all shredders BEFORE BILL PRIM TAKES OFFICE !

“Happy Trails To You” on 5-5-14

Bill Prim…… I can hear those shredders going too…. and more budget costs for the new Sheriff… better add some new shredders for that office too !

Any other office need them ?!

“Voter” on 5-9-14

I think it’s called the Zinke shredder.

On 4-5-14 “Happy Trails To You” wrote:

Holy Smokes !!

I don’t see any shredders in the ledgers, but I’m sure there will be !

Also from “voter” on 6-23-14:

Not to worry, ask yourself the question, why would a successful attorney want to run for Sheriff when He does not have the experience in that field?

Is it because if he won he could hide anything that has not been shredded?

Is it to protect the old regime?

or is it to get free marketing for his law firm?

And from “voter” on 11-8-14 (after the November election when Bill Prim beat Jim Harrison for Sheriff:

Old Man Winter, that is too funny.

I almost forgot about the Zinkester. l.o.l.

From now until December he most likely is using the shredding machine and you know Duncan the circus is in town.

But the mailroom job is unbeatable l.o.l.

From Duncan McHenry on 11-8-14:

The shredding machine will be worn out by the time the Nygren and Zine circus leaves town.

Here’s one from “The facts state” on 11-9-14:

Ah, Is it true that someone beat Nygren and Zinke to the shredding machine and saved some crucial “damaging” documents ?

Apparently Nygren left town so fast without taking his copies.

Remember, videos can’t go through a shredding machine, duh !

Here’s one from “voter” on 12-20-14 (Prim had been sworn in by then.)

Gus, remember those shredders when Zinke knew he lost to Prim.

They went on overtime.

Maybe all is not lost.


Nyrgen Administration Shredded 20,000 Pounds of Paper on the Way Out — 19 Comments

  1. More like the worlds largest cover up of corruption man kind has ever witnessed…lol….

    Keith Nygren can run but he can’t hide!

    Yep, they still have their clown suits and all of the popcorn makers.

    Apparently, Gordy refused to part with his.

    Gordy, is Keith whispering sweet nothings in your ear about all of those indelible memories of McHenry County Corruption?

    Still offering up some of that famous popcorn, are you?

    Knock, Knock, here come the guys with the eagles on their badge!

  2. heh, heh …..

    Didn’t the East German and Romanian regimes and their secret police organs, the Stasi and Securitate, respectively, do much the same thing in their waning hours …. unlike those deposed commissars, Comrade Nygren had weeks to cull damning documents …

  3. Is it true that the normal haul for Iron Mountan …or who ever it is shreads the office waste …that the normal haul is 8 boxes but on this most particular occasion found themselves dealing with 300 boxes?

    And then they said it was a mistake?

    How do you make that kind of mistake from a logistical stand point?

  4. So what about their computers ?

    Plenty of info/evidence to be recovered from the hard drives
    and servers.

  5. Many boxes taken out of a certain house while the train whistles sounded in the background.

    A certain Sgt, I mean Lt. knows where they went.

  6. Before jumping to conclusions and making false assertions, have more facts in hand.

    The company I work for spends a ridiculous amount of money on storage of paper documents, documents we are working hard to image so we can reduce costs (storage, transportation, inventorying, inefficiency when researching, etc.)

    Until someone can prove this was part of some cover up or conspiracy, I’ll take it on faith that it’s part of an effort of good governance.

    3,333 reams equates to a little less than 500 cu. ft of space, maybe two or three times that given it’s not in reams.

    Go ahead, call me naive.

    Present additional facts and data and I’ll be inclined to pay attention.

  7. Someone contact the NSA.

    They have everything ever written or spoken stored somewhere in Utah?

  8. Wait a minute ?..

    There were several Federal Law suits pending against Walrus and Stinky Zinky

    at that time, why weren’t these documents submitted as part of Federal Law 56 to the plaintiff(s) in these cases ?

    CP..what are the initials of that Sgt or Lt ?

    just initials is needed..

  9. That’s suspicious; what; they were just tidying up for the new administration?

    The Board needs a better document shredding policy to protect the public’s access to documents going forward.

    There should be a detailed record of what documents were shredded and why.

    What happened to the storage devices used to store the documents which generated the paper that was shredded.

  10. That’s gotta be the biggest puzzle ever !

    Glad those crooks are gone…..

  11. It’s rather funny to assume that just because papers were shredded that there maybe is someone, somewhere who also has copies?

    I know myself, I also made copies of certain documents and took copies home for my file.

    Don’t ever assume documents are 100% gone.

  12. No worry , they’ve been cremated and were spread over the Gulf down in Florida by Nygren! 😳

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