County Auditor on Unauthorized Shredding in the Sheriff’s Office

Prim facing right co bd uniform 5-2-16Two days ago, McHenry County Blog reported on the shredding of ten tons of paper by the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department during the tail end of Keith Nygren’s term.

More details are contained in the following internal following audit findings presented to the McHenry County Board’s Finance and Audit Committee on August 13, 2015.

You will note that the unauthorized destruction was referred to “outside law enforcement for investigation.”

At Tuesday’s County Board meeting, when asked the status of the investigation by District 3 member Nick Provenzano, Sheriff Bill Prim replied,

“As far as the investigation goes, it’s probably stagnant at best.”

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County Auditor on Unauthorized Shredding in the Sheriff’s Office — 11 Comments

  1. You can be sure the Herald will launch a full scale investigation that will exonerate everyone–except Lou Bianchi and Jack Frank’s– without stating what role they played.

  2. there an “Outside agency investigation” currently going on or ?

  3. “accidently destroyed” …

    gee, where have I heard that phrase before?

  4. The truth is, without knowing exactly what was shredded (a bit oxymoronic), it’s all just academic.

    Perhaps Z and N waited a decade to dispose of everything and had one mass end of tenure shred…who knows?

    Even then, a wide swath of documents generated are eligible for destruction yearly-check with the SOS-Archives.

    Sure, this is a damning allegation and can be very provocative, but key in on the whole “accidentally destroyed” portion up front(line 3)–kind of sums up where the intent of Z and N’s administration was…

    If I had to guess, since SOS has the purview over public records and archives–the issue was probably forwarded there (the SOS Police…talk about large government, look into what they really do…)there, hunt over and +$1,000,000 saved on another fruitless lynching.

  5. Bank records for a 6 year period destroyed ? ding ding ding people…I would go right back to Amcore, Harris and Home State Banks and get all those copies again.

    I would go through these with a fine tooth comb..Day by day..

    Remember, Nygren had control of 7 different McHenry County Charge cards.

    Used some here, and some there, and some there…

    But with who ? and why ?

    Why and with who is the simple part.

    You will connect the dots I’m sure.

  6. Nygren and charge cards…………someone in a high county office would have to ok his expenses…to make sure they were legitimate ….

    now whoever that someone is should come forward with information as to who,what,why when and where….those cards were used….

    if Bianci had to account for $700 worth of parade candy …Nygren should have an explaination or two…

  7. I believe the head of a department would approve his or her own credit card expenses.

  8. Exactly, Cal.

    That’s the way it has always worked.

    You get the charge card and “they” just pay it.

    Nobody approves anything once you have been approved of getting the card!

    Been there.

  9. ‘IKNowTheMayorsinvolved’ Like the name.

    A lot of people are involved.

    I can name 3 Federal officials that were let go because they helped Nygren Coverup corruption.

    Kids were being exploited as reports were being made to the FBI because they had jurisdiction and the agents played the idiot card.

    There are a lot of players and the victim list runs long and wide.

    They have destroyed so many lives because of their selfishness

    Many people will never recover because of the impact corruption has played on their lives.

    No one should have pity for the Zinke family.

    They deserve everything they get from the judicial system.

    Nor should anyone have sympathy for Marlene Lantz.

    If convicted, the people should be there to cheer her on as she is escorted to prison.

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