Decision Not to Toss Former Coroner Marlene Lantz’ Criminal Charges — 22 Comments

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  2. so Marlene didn’t get Mark Gummerson as an attorney…

    so she got Jim Harrison instead….

    do I see a pattern emerging here?..

    wink wink,,

    good grief McHenry county…

    it’s time to wake up

  3. According to former McHenry County Deputy Sheriff and now convicted felon serving a 54 year federal sentence, in my recent correspondence with him seeking certain information about certain individuals formally holding office known as the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department, tells me that Marlene Lantz and then Sheriff Keith Nygren spent an extraordinary amount of time together in the office of then Sheriff Keith Nygren.

    Then, we see all those documents shred in recent Skinner postings aligned with the waning days of a Keith Nygren/Andrew Zinke administration.

    I think we are going to find out what all was going on one way or the other with the entire former regime and all those involved!

    I find no need to go to ‘outside sources.’

    I am going straight to the sources not caring whether or not they may be in jail, or anywhere else on this earth.

  4. Bill – As I recall, Ms Lance originally hired Gummerson’s firm. (That was a huge mistake) then she switched to Harrison).

    Harrison, s her defense counsel, should he win the states attorney’s office, we will likely see appointment of a special prosecutor.

    This is because Harrison represented her in her defense.

    This suggests to me that Regna will be swinging for Harrison to be appointed Marleens prosecutor.

    Talk about the ultimate defense.

  5. Can Pyle be trusted or is this get even time for him?

    It is questionable that information from Pyle can be confirmed as the truth. So far he has proven himself to be a manipulative liar. Unless, there are many others that can confirm his story.

    And, why are the FEDS not talking to him to get information?

    So far, information on corruption has been from inside sources that may or may not be a part of the Regime. Nothing new there.

    Though, any additional evidence is welcome.

  6. Is there a pattern with Harrison………..and he is running for states attorney…………

  7. Harrison has proven that he lacks the integrity to be in the States Attorneys office, as he has never produced those famous land records.

    He is a pawn from the Nygren and Zinke days.

    It’s about time we have a financial net worth for Jim Harrison!

    A financial audit of Jim Harrison should include his home, the land me may own and all of his assets. It would be nice to see is tax records for the last 20 years.

  8. “Fighting Corruption,” Pyle has been reluctant to speak because he has been preparing his own case against the Sheriff’s Department.

    Also, you state he cannot be trusted……. do you have any better sources? I’m at least trying.

  9. Pyle’s information is questionable, useless it can be backed up by other sources.

    Currently, Pyle has not announced a case against the Sheriffs Department, yet he is talking to you.

    The Feds need to question him directly.

    My sources are confidential.

  10. Holy cow Mr Bachman, did you really have to paint the image of a vertical Lance with the walrus!

  11. Fighting Corruption twenty years of your tax returns would be interesting to review.

    Please post them so we can put you under the same spotlight you propose for our candidates.

    I don’t like Harrison (might even hate him) but if you think everyone that runs for office is supposed to tender thier tax returns for the last twenty years we may just extinguish all rational candidates from seeking office.

  12. He should provide his tax returns.

    There are some questionable transactions in Harrison’s background, like those famous land records.

    The people have the right to full disclosure in that situation.

    Harrison has not said one thing to the public about the land records for years.

    What is he hiding?

    We the people want transparency in Government and Harrison has proven that he is not capable of doing that.

  13. By the way, I am not running for office.

    Therefore, my tax records are none of your business.

    Further, I have not committed acts of public corruption.

  14. Jim Harrison has not committed any acts of public corruption ether!

  15. I never said he committed acts of public corruption. However, the fact is, he has not released the land records and has not disclosed how much money he made and who was involved. In my opinion, that suggests inappropriate behavior on his part. And, if a deal was made that contained a kickback and a bribe, that is corruption. So tell us about the deal, was there a kickback and a bribe? It is a legitimate question and the public has the right to know, especially it you are running for the office of McHenry County States Attorney

    The public has the right to full disclosure.

    Unless Eric C is Jim Harrison, you cannot attest to the fact that he has not committed any acts of public corruption and I am not saying he did.

    Or is Eric C, Eric O”Kenobi or Eric Oulette? Who is Eric C? Who is the person sitting at the end of my block and driving by my home. STALKER ERIC!

    More to come at a theatre near you!

  16. Or is Eric C, Eric O”Kenobi or Eric Oulette or Frank Z? Who is Eric C? Who is the person sitting at the end of my block and driving by my home.


    Better yet, who is the PI from Crystal Lake who could lose his license to practice law?

    You all, should know that stalking is against the law!

    Or, who is the guy who drove by my home in a van with a white beard and a white hat?

    You just never know when a home security system cam make those memories indelible!

    For your reference here is the definition of INDELIBLE:

    (of ink or a pen) making marks that cannot be removed.
    synonyms: ineradicable, permanent, lasting, ingrained, persisting, enduring, unfading, unforgettable, haunting, never to be forgotten
    “indelible memories”
    not able to be forgotten or removed.
    “his story made an indelible impression on me”
    synonyms: ineradicable, permanent, lasting, ingrained, persisting, enduring, unfading, unforgettable, haunting, never to be forgotten
    “indelible memories”

    It’s time for you boys to run for the hills.

  17. On the one hand, hurray, I made the blog again.

    On the other hand, whatever other whacky and vile nonsense you spew, please, PLEASE do not link me with Jim Harrison.

  18. FC please inject some credibility to your posts.

    If only you had evidence of a kickback scheme.

    If only you had a basis to suggest Harrison was involved with a bribery scheme.

    Or even an allegation that he was involved with one.

    You however, have none of those things.

    But your quest for tax returns appears as foolish as your posts.

    Cal should take note of the allegations in your posts and consider blocking them.

    Now your on to death threats of unknown origin.

    Seriously, put down the cool-aid and see a professional.

    Has anyone else noticed that since “fighting corruption” appeared we haven’t heard from “Duncan McHenry”?

    Yet, these two posters have the same lack of intellectual prowess.

    Just sayin.

  19. Eric C and Frank Z not only have the same intellectual prowess, they are the same person.

    Just saying.

    You apparently are drunk with cool aid and you need to consider professional help if you are denying that corruption has existed in McHenry County.

    Get a Grip Observer!

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