Nepotism Resolution Language Appears

Algonquin Township Precinct Committeeman and Cary Village Trustee Jim Cosler.

Algonquin Township Precinct Committeeman and Cary Village Trustee Jim Cosler.

Early this evening an email was sent out by Algonquin Township Precinct Committeeman Jim Cosler.  It read as follows.

Fellow Republicans,

By now you all should have received the agenda for this Tuesday’s Republican Central Committee meeting. I am writing to emphasize agenda item 7d, which deals with a policy statement on nepotism. I hope you will take a moment to review the attached documentation that provides a basic definition, narrative, and proposed resolution on the matter. Adopting an official stance on nepotism would demonstrate that Republicans value ethics, morals, and lead by example. I feel it is imperative to take this step for the future of our county and state.


Jim Cosler

Precinct Committeeman Algonquin 12

What was even more interesting was a packet with a resolution with the word DRAFT in the background.  You can read it below.

Algonquin TownshipRESOLUTION

WHEREAS, public confidence in government is eroded when elected and appointed officials and public employees make decisions based on familial relationships rather than merit; and

WHEREAS, local government bodies are currently practicing nepotism; and

WHEREAS, the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee recognizes that nepotism exists in all levels government; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that “nepotism” shall be defined as “patronage bestowed or favoritism shown on the basis of family relationship, as in business and politics”.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the members of the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee do hereby declare a formal objection to the practice of nepotism in government dealings, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLED, that nepotism undercuts the transparency of government, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that nepotism shall be eliminated from the governmental hiring and contracting processes, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the members of the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee shall support candidates and officials dedicated to the elimination of nepotism.

DATED at Crystal Lake, Illinois by the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee this 10th day of May, A.D., 2016.

This will make for one of the more memorable Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee meetings in many, many years.


Nepotism Resolution Language Appears — 28 Comments

  1. NICE!

    Now let other Townships and the County be led by this fine example of ethics in Leadership.

    Perhaps these folks can replace those on the Ethics Comittee who don’t know the first thing about ethics!

  2. McHenry County has elected a Clerk with extremely high self-esteem, apparent poor management skills, and little knowledge on how to run an efficient, open election.

    Number one priority for ALL Republican precinct committeemen in this County should be to turn out as ‘educated’ poll watchers for the November election.

    Poll watchers for every Early election location (all day / every day) and every polling place on election day.

    In addition, knowledgeable poll watchers need to be present when ballots are collected at the various ‘counting’ centers to ensure proper ‘chain of custody’.

    Every legal citizen has the right to vote and it is the responsibility of the political parties to ensure those votes are counted accurately.

    The past primary, although it was a higher turnout than average, was nothing compared to what we will see in November.

    This county actually had people denied the right to vote and the entire process was so poorly run by the County Clerk that if we were a ‘minority’ county, we would have had federal investigators crawling all over the County Clerk’s office.

    Position statements are ‘nice’ but do nothing to ensure honest / open elections.

  3. CV, If McClellan hadn’t hired her (former truck driver) husband to run the technology for the election, and had instead hired someone qualified to manage tech, then perhaps that person would have had the skills and experience to properly plan a new technology roll-out.

    So I see Nepotism as the root cause of the failures in our recent election and see Andy’s effort as a well-placed first step towards eliminating nepotism in the county.

    Until politicians hear from the people that we will not tolerate such corruption, it will continue.

    Its time we all took a stand for better government.

  4. You have the cure right in front of you, Mr. Cosler: County Elections this November and Township and municipal elections next spring.

    Throw out the problems and vote in the problem-solvers.

    AND this fall you have the opportunity to clean house at Algonquin Township, by having the Algonquin Township GOP hold a CAUCUS and SLATE real Republican candidates for all Township, Village, and City offices for those Spring 2017 elections.

    The question is, do you have the political will to do this, or are you more comfortable promoting empty “resolutions” that don’t actually do anything..?

  5. The Algonquin Township Republican Party will have a primary in 2017 for partisan races.

    I have only been in the party since 2012 but there is no instance of the Algonquin Township Republican Party slating anyone in this time frame.

    Someone please correct this if this statement is wrong.

    While township races are partisan, villages, school boards, library boards, and park districts are all non-partisan.

    The Algonquin Township Republican Party have no ability to slate anyone.

    Finally, this is not an “empty resolution”.

    Andrew Gasser

  6. This resolution was originally against NEPOTISM and PATRONAGE.

    Many sources also include “friends and others in close favor”, in the definition of nepotism.

    Patronage definitely includes those other than just family, but apparently PATRONAGE is no longer included in this resolution.

    This is starting to look a little fishy…

    Perhaps, some in close favor, but not blood related, were a bit offended?

    Can someone please explain?

  7. I agree with Joe Tirio, above, where he states “It’s time we all took a stand for better government”.

    That being said, what do we mean by “better government”?

    By choosing to define NEPOTISM as specifically including only family, as is the case here – and by removing the PATRONAGE portion that was originally included in this resolution, we are declaring that while Sally hiring her son-in-law is frowned upon, my hiring my best friends son is perfectly acceptable…

    This is a classic case of “I promise to be a better tyrant than the current guy”… but, this is not an example of legitimate/better government.

  8. Well isn’t this rich? Dirty Serwatka going after Dirty Gasser. Oh the irony!

    Et tu Brute? Eat your own republican!

    Serwatka is right and Dirty Gasser is a tyrant. Dirty Gasser is unethical. Dirty Gasser don’t have integrity. Dirty Gasser is ruining the good names of McClellan and Millers.

    You stupid Republicans putting some idiot like gas bag in charge. Serves you right!

  9. “Every soldier must know, before he goes into battle, how the little battle he is to fight fits into the larger picture, and how the success of his fighting will influence the battle as a whole.”

    Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery

  10. D.G.-

    Flippancy is truly the most hopeless form of intellectual vice.

    Your disrespectful and frivolous posts are quite amusing but yet, beyond childish.

    I hope someday, that you come out from behind your contemptible fake name, contemplate becoming part of the solution instead of trying to exasperate the “problem” (that you imagine) and that we can sit down and talk like humans.

    I fear that I am asking too much, but still, I look forward to it.

  11. Having sponsored the bill that allowed the people, rather than the Precinct Committee, to select candidates, I do not favor allowing the Precinct Committeemen to take away the citizens’ ability to pick who will be their Republican Party candidates.

  12. By distributing a proposal like this early, it allows for more input on the final outcome.

    At this point it is a fluid idea and there will surely be suggested edits.

  13. Paul S I agree with you this is fishy…

    Why are they attacking people

    why no distinction about friends and allies

    that is because it would offend the Sheriff and others

    this should be about patronage as well not single narrow term to help promote a self serving agenda.

  14. Root out the practice of appointing relatives AND FRIENDS and then we might have something to talk about.

  15. I was researching nepotism and came across a positive.

    The idea that good people tend to associate with good people.

    Policies can promote employee satisfaction by aiding individual efforts to balance professional and personal lives.

    Hiring family members can also provide benefits to companies, for example by reducing their health insurance costs.

    It seems to suggest that only hiring unqualified persons is nepotism as well.

    What happens when a person dates a person at work and than marries is this nepotism.

    Should the wife or husband have to resign when do you drawn the line.

  16. “Pacco” in the private sector you can do whatever you want.

    The Government is the Taxpayers Business paid for with the taxpayers hard earned dollars.

    Nepotism is not acceptable.

    The county has plenty of qualified employees, we don’t need to go all incestuous !

    And if we need to import talent, that’s fine too.

    Its all about accountability!

    If you’re a family member chances are you’re not going to be held accountable like everyone else.

    SAY NO TO NEPOTISM, and like Scott Vetter said


  17. Has anyone produced:

    1. Job posting protocols and procedures for unrelated applicants?

    2. Are related/unrelated applicants treated to the same standards?

    3. Are unrelated applicants discouraged from even applying?

    The government industry can tolerate some percentage of nepotism and patronage hiring, perhaps, when property tax rate are “WNR” (within normal ranges).

    McHenry County is at a critical tax rate, so far above WNR , that normal tolerances do not apply.

  18. Hopefully people see Dirty Gasser for the tea bagger that he is.

    Huge test for gas bag – will he get a quorum of Republicans?

    Dirty Gasser sure has made a lot of enemies.

    My guess is hardly anyone shows up but Dirty Gasser minions.

    Cosler, Weinhammer, Vetter, and Covelli.

    They have no idea how to govern… they only cause chaos when we had order.

    Dirty Gasser wants to be clerk.


  19. Gasser: Quote me the statute where it says that municipal, school board, and park districts must be non-partisan.

  20. Reguardless, nepotism existence has hindered morality of law in having a relincentive effective, posturing our National Government effectiveness.

    We as a whole body, believe the best man or woman for the job.

    T.P.I. signoff ruling of a non-family member, ajacent to the hiring process, could allow for a innocent and true hiring process.

    Definitive, enough for actuality of innocence of bloodline or by marriage, or courtship.

  21. “Someone” needs to find out who poser is an (Dirty) throw out the bum.

    Oh by the way… and future reference, I am a proud: So-Called: Tea Bagger!

    And everything the represent is all American.

    So, whatever…Dirty.

    We will find out who you are…That is for certian.

  22. Nepotism and patronage in Illinois politics has rough-rided the state into unaccountable spending.

    The action, while new is a step in the right direction. Having a spouse as a secretary to their spouse is unacceptable.

    It comes into play when a person is managed by family.

    It’s just not healthy and preferential treatment is always questioned.

    Nothing is perfect in today’s world, but a stance needs to be started.

    Nepotism and patronage is not just about hiring practices, it’s also about hiring contractors.

    Opposing bidders overshadowed by accepting patronage contracts opposed to quality and insider information on bids.

    Illinois has lived on Nepotism and patronage that the players worry about only their vested interests.

    Conflict of interests are a huge concern with voters on Nepotism and Patronage when family members are both involved in approved spending taxpayer money on pet projects.

    It appears the biggest complaint about the stance, is by people using the system in their best interests.

    Pointing fingers is their way of continuing their ways.

    Instead of fixing the system, Illinois is broken), they object.

    If they don’t want to fix the problem, then they must be part of the problem.

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