Algonquin Township Republicans Denounce Nepotism

A quorum was present at the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee meeting.

A quorum was present at the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee meeting.

The Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee unanimously approved a resolution against nepotism in its Tuesday night meeting at Crystal Lake’s McHenry County Republican Party Headquarters.

The anti-nepotism resolution was projected onto a screen.

The anti-nepotism resolution was projected onto a screen from Chairman Andrew Gassrer’s computer.  To his left is Vice Chairman Chris Covelli and to his right is Secretary Scott Vetter.

You can read the language pf the resolution below:


WHEREAS, public confidence in government is eroded when elected and appointed officials and public employees make decisions based on familial relationships rather than merit; and

WHEREAS, local government bodies are currently practicing nepotism; and

WHEREAS, the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee recognizes that nepotism exists in all levels government; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that “nepotism” shall be defined as “patronage involving receiving a job, contracting, or monetary benefit of any sort bestowed or favoritism shown on the basis of family relationship, as in business and politics”.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the members of the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee do hereby declare a formal objection to the practice of nepotism in government dealings; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that nepotism undercuts the transparency of government; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that nepotism shall be eliminated from the governmental hiring and contracting processes; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the members of the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee shall support candidates and officials dedicated to the elimination of nepotism;

DATED at Crystal Lake, Illinois by the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee this 10th day of May, A.D., 2016.

Before discussion of the resolution, Township Trustee Larry Emery read a statement from Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller.  It discussed his wife and sons-in-law and the timing of their hiring.  (When I’m sent a copy, you’ll see it on McHenry County Blog.)

“It’s a great place to start,” said Algonquin Township Precinct 27 Republican Committeeman Lino deCristofano.

Party Vice Chairman Chris Covelli stated, “There’s no doubt about it.  Nepotism diminishes public trust.

“It reduces the morale internally.

“This is a starting point.”

Party Secretary Scott Vetter observed that the statement showed “how we want to react in the future.”

Courting the committeemen were Recorder of Deeds candidate Joe Tirio, County Board Chairman candidate Mike Walkup, State Rep. candidate Allen Skillicorn and McHenry County State’s Attorney candidate Patrick Kenneally.

Committeemen eat slightly warm pizza after the meeting.

Committeemen eat slightly warm pizza after the meeting.

Congressman Peter Roskam, who represents all of Algonquin Township, provided pizza for the night, most of which was consumed after the meeting adjourned.


Algonquin Township Republicans Denounce Nepotism — 34 Comments

  1. Will we be able to hear the letter that Bob Miller & Family sent a township lackey to read at public comment on the Millers’ behalf, where he defends his uncontrollable addiction to Nepotism?

    Thanks to the many instances he admits to in this letter (while trying to defend his actions) we all found out something important!

    It’s actually worse than we thought!

    And Thanks to that letter, a unanimous vote to rid local politics of nepotism was cast.

    Bob Miller is obviously a guy that just doesn’t seem to understand when “Less is More!”

  2. Love the heightened sense of comedy, Defacto.

    Can’t wait for Cal to publish that tidbit.

  3. So, is Larry Emery now Bob Miller’s errand boy?

    What’s going on there?

  4. Nepotism from family (Bloodline or by, marriage or current courtship ) influence is the best safely expressed as a result of poor judgement in favoritism by a lesser qualified person. The person best fit for a job should be the most qualified candidate, who is more ethically alined to the postion, as either the most an educated applicant candidate in a certain time frame or by best proven by past experience alone. Our right to hire qualified descendants should be proven and backed, by a second party of no family relationship. With a sign off of 2 person integrity in hiring anyone we wish.

  5. Nepotism from family (Bloodline, marriage, or current courtship ) influence is best expressed, as a result of poor judgement in favoritism who may choose a lesser qualified person for any given job.

    The person, who best fits a postion should be the most qualified candidate.

    Whover is the more ethically alined to the postion, as either the most an educated applicant candidate in a certain time frame or by best proven ablities by either past experience or relevancy lone.

    Our right to hire qualified descendants, should be proven and/or backed, by a second party of no family relationship. With the sign off of 2 person integrity in hiring anyone we wish.

    We can do no wrong aND be ino cent in the process of hiring.

  6. Please erase my 7:23 am comment… As it is properly and more clearly expressed in the 7:31 edited version…Thank you.

  7. So who is the party going to run against Bob Miller?

    Is that person going to be a last minute deal so he or she can’t properly vetted by the public?

  8. The Team Andrew talking points have always been both Nepotism and Patronage.

    Why was the scope of the denouncement narrowed to just Nepotism, since that is just a small part of Patronage?

    Selective political game playing perhaps?

  9. Nob, you have earned your monicker.

    Please get a new hobby.

  10. Please, Nob, attend our meetings.

    If you did, you would have heard our discussion and subsequent unanimous vote on splitting the resolution.

    I will look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

  11. Scott, just let the cat out of the bag and tell us who is running for Highway and Assessor since both are violating according to the denouncement?

  12. Nob,

    You seem to be very interested in these issues.

    Are you throwing your hat into the ring for either of these positions?

  13. Many many large, medium and small Corporations have a

    “No hire family member policy”.

    Why or why was this ever allowed in public tax payer funded positions?

    Patronage is going to be interesting because that includes the guy friend thing..

    The buddy buddy, I will hate who you hate, scratch my back I scratch yours behavior.

    A far more complicated but even more devastating behavior for the Tax payer.

    Nothing wrong with selecting who you would like to work with, and they are the most qualified, but quite another when you are premeditated and forming a group to harm others in order to get your “own” people in.

    A great deal of Ethics training is needed.

  14. NOB! How bout you?

    Sorry sir, we support and campaign for candidates!

    We do not appoint.

    Do you have any suggestions, or will you continue to just stir the piss pot?

  15. Nepotism is unethical.


    Across the board.

    ANYONE and EVERYONE who participates in this unethical practice will be checked by this Committee.

    Not one individual can cry foul and claim this resolution was “about him and his family” only!

    If the shoe fits….

    The ATRCC has made the decision to step up and battle corruption.

    God Bless.

  16. Nob,

    I want to thank you for bringing up the assessor.

    I had no idea about the assessor.

    But moreover, and more importantly, thank you for validating why this resolution is so important.

    At no time was anyone’s name brought up as to why we are doing this.

    It was all about the public perception of how nepotism negatively impacts the public’s good faith and confidence in government – specifically local government.

    For anyone who has questions about our intent or deliberations – we in good faith and confidence – live streamed the meeting – and you can watch it here:

    You will see this was very open and free flowing meeting.

    Not only were all of our good ideas on display for the public, but the serious moments too.

    I am very proud of all of our precinct committeemen who showed up and added to the conversation.

    I know many more wanted to be there!

    I hope you like our facebook page.

    It would be appreciated.

    Andrew Gasser
    Chairman, Algonquin Township Republican Party

  17. Last night we had a great meeting of the ATRCC.

    Many issues were covered, not the least of which was the issues of nepotism and patronage.

    There was much vigorous, yet respectful and thoughtful conversation on both issues.

    I believe it is a very significant accomplishment that a mere 34 days after the ATRCC convention, this group established a formal resolution and statement denouncing nepotism.

    My understanding is the ATRCC is the FIRST political organization in the State of Illinois to do so.

    The group has been criticized on this blog for not including the all encompassing issue of patronage and only dealing with nepotism.

    But the reality is there is much more work to be done to deal with the larger issue of all forms of patronage.

    With that in mind, the group made a decision to focus on what could be accomplished last night and issue the statement on nepotism, while we continue to research and refine our approach and statement on patronage.

    It was an excellent decision that allowed us to take the first step and set the set the stage for continuous improvement going forward.

    There was much discussion about the need for political parties and government agencies, organizations and departments to work diligently to bring back a level of trust to government in Illinois.

    These issues are a significant part of the Illinois Republican Party Platform of 2012.

    Unfortunately, up until last night little has been done to support that part of the platform with action.

    Last night was a first step in that direction.

    Certainly, much more work is ahead of us to make that resolution a reality. As the old adage states,

    ” The journey of a thousand miles begins with but one small step.”

    Last night was that one small step.

  18. Congratulations to the committee for drafting and adopting this resolution to fight against signs and symptoms of corruption in politics.

    Some governmental bodies, I have found have anti-nepotism policies in place but simply do not always enforce them.

    It is the duty of citizens to provide proper oversight of these policies, resolutions and laws.

    Recently I read about our Secretary of State Jesse White and the dozens of his relatives employed by his office.

    The book is Corrupt Illinois: Patronage, Cronyism, and Criminality by Thomas J. Gradel and Dick Simpson.

    Also includes the best re-telling I have ever read of the

    “we don’t want nobody nobody sent”


  19. Andrew read this:

    This part is what I’m always talking about: According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 19 state legislatures have found the practice of nepotism troubling enough to enact laws against it.

    Since the practice will never be stopped without State legislation, why haven’t you moved in that direction yet?

    Maybe a search of those 19 state laws would help, a meeting with all the local state reps to get legislation moving, but just these political games not so much.

  20. Algonquin’s Spending per road mile is $43K (excluding MFT funds.

    Grafton is $25K, Nunda is $31K and McHenry is $25K.

    why is Algonquin as much as 42% higher?

    family salaries?


    or is it because Lord Miller deems it so.

    Don’t fall for the hohum act from uncle Bobby.

    Question for andrew..

    why did it cost you $76 to print meeting notices?

  21. Scott, while I’m qualified, no thanks.

    I can’t handle the daily BS the elected have to handle anymore.

    Call it burned out on the game, at least daily deal.

    As a Alg Twh resident, I will be interested in who you’ll pick to run though.

    God help that person, since the economic turn down the political landscape has changed.

  22. You need to come out and get involve Nob!

    We need someone as passionate as you!

  23. Scott, here my rant, adopt that into your agenda and I’ll think you aren’t just another normal Rep but some one who wants real change for a change:

    We need some government, how much will be debated till the end of the earth.

    As tax payers we must take away some of the power/decision making away from our elected officials, spending, setting tax rates, and borrowing.

    These three issues were problems that were never addressed properly when the country was formed and Constitution was written.

    They should have been, but the partisan nonsense started already way back then with over spending and borrowing to buy votes.

    Spending must always match actual revenue available at the time, ie what we are willing to give in the form of taxation.

    Borrowing should only be allowed with voter approval.

    Individual Income tax rates and Property tax rates should not be roller coasters of ever changing rates, which just leads to insecurity for the tax payer not knowing what is coming next from the elected to buy votes.

    That is called: As the wind blows nonsense.

    I would propose we force our elected by Petition, which is allowed in the constitution, to enact a Balanced Budget Amendment that has the income tax rate and/or property tax rate control tied to it.

    The Congress, State, and Local government agencies will only be allowed to adjust the income or property tax rates after a 2/3 approval vote within its legal boundary.

    Our choice, the citizens of the country, state, county, and local government, with a strong majority vote behind changes, not the Pacs controlling the over the top partisan as the wind blows hacks.

    Government agencies that use Property taxes should have no levy power or equalizer or ability to raise taxes because of inflation, whatever the home value, up or down, the rate we voted on determines what is paid in taxes.

    Not enough as most elected seem to keep saying, then come to us with your yearly or two year budget recommendations and let us vote 2/3 for any change from the year before.

    No more passing on our debt to future generations should be allowed.

    We borrow almost 40% for the Fed Gov now that must stop ASAP.

    We can budget a pay back of our various government debts, it’s time we correct our mistakes as lazy sleeping citizens and move on as a country with fiscally responsible government.

    I listening for other suggestions, got one?

  24. While I do not agree with nepotism I find it interesting that you have elected and chose to follow Andrew Gasser.

    Gasser is not the person who can lead you to anything other than like Obama a community organizer with his own agenda.

    You that follow him are no different than sheep.

  25. ANDY, If you really want to strike a blow against nepotism, identify the candidate to oppose Bob Miller in the next primary election.


    To the ones that will do the right thing and follow Alg. Twnshp’s lead-

    Thank you too!

  27. Thank you Andrew Gasser, Chris Covelli, Scott Vetter, Jenn Weinhammer, Demetri Tsilimigras, (and to those who helped author this resolution) and to EVERY COMMITTEEMAN THERE who voted UNANIMOUSLY to rid their township of insidious Nepotism!

    I am aware this is only the beginning and I for one, applaud you!

  28. So proud of Algonquin Township for setting precedence for something great and sending the message loudly and clearly that “We the People” aren’t going to take it anymore!

    Alg. Twnshp PCs and its Leadership are saying that
    ~Only Ethical Candidates Need Apply!~ and once in, you’re going to be held accountable!

  29. Aren’t there protocols in place for hiring practice for government positions?

    If (non-related) applicants are discriminated against, wouldn’t they have cause of action against the public employer?

  30. Josey

    Do you have any intelligent information to back up your statement about Andrew Gasser, or do you just like to see your cowardly screen name show up on the blog?

    What have YOU done to try to improve our government?

    Why do you hide behind a screen name?

    You are either a coward or you do not have the truth to back up your whiny comments.

    Which is it?

    My guess is both

  31. It’s hilarious how you all pat yourself on the back on the issue of transparency and meanwhile you take to thuggery behind alias’s to attack each other.

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