Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s Comments for the Republican Party Meeting on Nepotism

Larry Emery

Larry Emery

Bob Miller

Bob Miller

Here are the comments of Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller that Township Trustee Larry Emery read at Miller’s request to the the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee meeting Tuesday night.

Afterward, the Committee extensively debated a resolution opposing nepotism and voted unanimously to approve it.

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Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s Comments for the Republican Party Meeting on Nepotism — 63 Comments

  1. The voters will decide next year.

    That said, I request that Mr. Miller come forward with some examples of other Township employees who work as “administrative assistant” in the state and are paid a salary plus benefits similar to those the taxpayers fund for his spouse.

  2. Mr. Miller, I am not in your district and therefore have no dog in this hunt.

    Yet, I’m sure you can appreciate the perception of nepotism the situation presents.

    Optics, if you will.

    The history is a nice bit of information to have, though you should understand that a tiny percent will ever take the time to learn it, and only now have a place to find it.

    Everyone has blind spots, yourself included.

    A legitimate question a constituent may ask is how can performance be measured objectively?

    What happens when performance dips and the awkward or uncomfortable conversation must take place?

    It would be naive to think it never has or will happened, as we are all prone to performance dips.

    As an elected official you are held to a different standard, to a different form of scrutiny that comes with the job.

    Moreover, your employees are not in the same category of firefighters and police officers, because they must undergo tests to qualify and training to certify they are the best for the job.

    Thus, the issue of nepotism in our many local governments remains a valid issue for us in the citizenry to be concerned about and within our rights to question.

  3. This letter should be used as a case study at Universities offering Government courses on what not to do in public office.

    Miller’s sense of entitlement is appalling.

    We have all these Township guys throwing out all these saving and improvements that they accomplished I think it’s time we make them prove what they spew.

    Show me the numbers?

    Show me the proof with data and reports?

  4. heh, heh ….. there he is, His Royal Majesty Bob ‘taxpayers-be-damned’ Miller, the Emperor of McHenry County Nepotism, bawling about how bloody efficient his family-hirelings are.

    He even stoops to play Jesee Jackson’s ad hominem card …… that the taxpayer watchdogs and ‘disgruntled Republicans’ criticizing him use ‘hateful and defamatory’ words against him.

    If they truly were so defamatory, Bobby Boy would have gotten one of the kept lawyers of the dying Old Guard of Rats and sued the traducer.

    But guess what?

    Truth is a defense to a defamation action.

    If it’s such a terrible job, Mr. Miller, then quit!

    Then the suffering taxpayers can start paying your plush pension.

  5. Algonquin Township residents have been fortunate to have the Dvorak/Miller families working for them for the past 6 or more decades.

    Compare the services provided to Algonquin residents to any other Township in this or any other County.

    Wonderful recycling facilities for paint, oil, electronics, mulch, paper and other tangibles.

    All free for the asking.

    On site building heated with recycled oil.

    Where else?

    The employees are available 24/7/365.

    Township roads have been well maintained.

    A small group of relative new comers looking for attention can always find something to cry about.

    Those complaining should just take a look at Grafton, Nunda and some of the other Townships and their problems over the years.

    Great job Miller clan.

  6. You could wipe your behind on that note from Miller, but would end up with more $#!7 on your backside then when you started.

  7. Um, Jim? Nunda has all those “wonderful” and “free” things, too.

    Yet, Nunda voters chose to go with Iron Mike as the highway commissioner to achieve this to rather than continue nepotism.

    Those achievements are good, but Algonquin isn’t special.

  8. First off Mr. Miller needs to look up the definition of what Nepotism is.

    Your Wife and your 2 son-in-laws are family!

    The son-in-laws may not have been when you first hired them but they are now.

    Maybe you are hard on them but you won’t fire them if needed.

    Why because they are family!

    Successful Businesses that have family members is private!

    They put up their own money and risks so maybe the family should benefit in that success but this is a public sector elected position that hired his family.

    What your telling me is that there are no other qualified people in the area that can do the same job?

    3 people in the Algonquin, C.L., L.I.T.H. or Huntley area can’t do what your family members do?

    I find that very hard to believe!

    This shows your blinders because you have been doing this for to long.

    Maybe there is someone out there that is actually even better but the public won’t know that because you hired your family.

    And isn’t there a law that a woman gets paternity leave.

    Sounds like you didn’t like that at all.

    It sounds like you didn’t even do interviews when you hired your wife.

    And for the record I don’t like Firefighters and Law Enforcement hiring there family as well.

    In the public sector you should never be in charge of hiring and having a family member work under a position that oversees them.

    Once that happens someone needs to leave.

    Go to a different police station, fire station, or in this case a different township.

    There are so many things that are wrong with your letter.

    I don’t live in your area but I could not support your position.

  9. Show me a township anywhere, especially one with so little roadway to administer, that has a $96k/year administrative assistant for the Highway Commissioner.

    Nonetheless, with one who is that commissioners wife.

    Or, two son-in-laws that make 92k each.

    Bob, you can dance and justify all you want, but this is, and has been, wrong all along.

    You should have known it was unethical and never considered such an unprincipled and dishonorable arrangement which is a charade and insult to all of your constituents.

    I have faith in the the voters.

    They have become aware of your transgressions, and as they did to Anna May, they will also rebuff you in the next election.

    I’m sure that you and Anna May have a basement full of wine to help you enjoy your retirements.

  10. The comment:

    “All free for the asking. “

    describes exactly what is wrong in America!


  11. Mr. Miller’s explanation on salary (salary vs. total costs) is reasonable.

    I’m sure that he only hires the best person for the job and the fact that those people are related by marriage or gene pool is just mere coincidence.

    Since he’s willing to open the books (not his books, the township road district’s books which are public record anyway), how about he takes a documented stroll down memory lane and show everyone the salary paid to the woman that Anna May replaced?

    Show the annual increases in that salary.

    Same thing with his sons in law.

    If the positions were not created for those men (and I’m not saying that they were) then we should see a similar track record for their predecessors.

    Won’t bother me if Foreman Jones retired after 20 years with a final salary of $60K and S-I-L #1 took over at something like that.

    I may get some gas if Jones left at $50K and S-I-L#1 replaced him at $70K and a new truck.

    Easy enough to do, Mr. Miller, just pull out the W-2’s and redact the SSAN’s and home addresses.

    Everything else, as you know from your transparency, is fair game and public record information!

    Be sure to include a couple of years in any case.

    You argue that these figures are being taken out of context and they may well be.

    It’s easy enough for you to prove that with a little show and tell.

    We’re waiting

  12. Invest in a dictionary Mr. Miller!

    Live is right; as is Drake.

    Miller is tap dancing as fast as he can but the committee saw through it.

  13. At Jim – I think you need to look into an ethics course.

    There are many free ones online.


    That being said, no-one, not one person, is saying anything about Algonquin Township in any negative sense.

    Good job.

    Bad job.

    It doesn’t matter what kind of job a paid politician is doing.

    If it is being done in the shadow of nepotism, it is wrong.


    “Any public officer or employee in this state who by virtue of his office or employment names or appoints to public office or employment any relative within the fourth degree, by consanguinity or affinity, shall thereby forfeit his office or employment.”


    The article goes on to say:

    • Nepotism includes many of the basic government ethics issues: conflict of interest, misuse of office, preferential treatment, and patronage.

    • Nepotism undermines public trust by making government look like a family business run not for the community, but for the families in power.

    • Nepotism is bad for morale within the government organization. It goes far beyond hiring. It remains a problem every time raises and promotions occur.

    • Nepotism and its cousin, hiring friends, are the leading methods of keeping other ethnic and racial groups out of
    local government.

    • Nepotism puts officials in an awkward position when they don’t want to hire a relative, but feel it’s expected of them. Nepotism laws protect officials as well as the public.


  14. Miller neglected to say who hired him initially.

    Could it have been his father who hired him and promoted him??

    Miller speaks of why so many family businesses prosper.

    It seems he doesn’t realize this is not his family business even though he treats it like his own, as did his father before him.

    Nothing has been said about the conflict of interest of his wife’s county board decisions made while she is employed there.

    The millers have sucked algonquin township dry for years and made the most of her county board position.

    They will collect from mchenry county tax payers for many years to come.

    Millers, why don’t you take the money and run.

    We’ll pick up the pieces and you won’t be missed.

  15. There is plenty of corruption and nepotism/cronyism in Illinois Government, however the Miller family is not part of it.

    This is yet another witch hunt for the nutty right wing in McHenry County.

    Bob’s role has not been challenged in many years.

    When a politician does not have an opponent in many years, it lends credence to the fact that voters believe the person is doing an adequate job.

    Did you vote for him?


    Did you recruit a candidate against him?

    Till now, probably not.

    Did you meet with him or pull him aside to discuss your concerns?


    This is the pitchfork mentality of the lunatics with nothing better to do in this county then railroad a public representative based on some loose with the facts talking points propagated by a handful of people with a personal ax to grind.

    These are the same people that blindly tried to eliminate townships under the guise of fiscal savings and less government, which was proven to be a cost increase not decrease and removes more power from the voters rather than gives it.

    As well as the same people who backed Walkup for County Chair. (A documented Democrat who ran as a Republican, needs a suit bought within the decade, and new stick of deodorant)

    Proof of this is further reinforced by these people throwing Bob’s brother Dave under the bus, HE’S (Dave) NEVER EVEN BEEN PAID BY TAXPAYER DOLLARS!

    These people just blindly point their finger at the Millers and spew talking points from ignorant perspectives.

    Bob Miller has done an exceptional job.

    If you want a new Highway Commissioner, then so be it, but do it with class and integrity.

    He has served with distinguished service.

    This crap is the reason good people do not run for office, because the job does not pay enough to put up with it.

    Do not make good the enemy of perfect.


  16. Hey Bob Miller, F you.

    Your excuses demonstrate your willingness to screw the taxpayer!

    And Hillary dodged sniper fire in Benghazi the same as your BS in your letter.

    Your letter shows that your not man enough to deliver your own message.

    The people of Algonquin township deserves someone that isn’t going to rip off the taxpayers with over paid jobs for family members.

    Honestly, Bob, do you think your wife can secure employment in the private sector for the same compensation and hours she has with you?

    I think not, please understand that even if you get re-elected we know what a piece of work your really are. F U

  17. John Galt when you pay $97,000 to your wife for a part time job you suck as a steward of the people’s money.

    When you pay your two don in laws $92,000 each more or less to do virtually nothing all day, you debase your elected office!

  18. I just read comments from previous post Gasser wants to be our County Clerk what a joke he does not have the skill set to get the job done well at least we now know his agenda

  19. I have posted on this forum for several days this is the first time the moderator has let me say my peace.

    I did not realize this was such a moderator forum.

    So If the person moderating does not like your position it will not be accepted. Reader beware

  20. Its fine to air the dirty laundry, but without good candidates to beat Bob Miller in the next election, none of this matters.

  21. If Bob Miller didn’t hire his wife and pay her $97,000 yr to pump up her pension, there would be less outrage here.

    If Bob Miller didn’t hire his son in law, Derrick Lee (married to wonder lawyer Rebecca Miller Lee ) there would be less outrage.

    If he didn’t hire his other son in law there would be less outrage.

    If he treated his office as a responsibility to the public there would be less outrage.

    If Bob Miller didn’t suggest his position was like a family business there would be less outrage.

    If Bob Miller paid Anna Mae market wages and required her to punch a clock, there would less outrage.

    If Bob Miller didn’t pay his daughters husbands $92,000/yr ish there would be less outrage!

    The problem is Bob Miller did all of those things and we the people are pissed.

    The worst part is by inflating Anna May Miller’s pay she will receive an enhanced pension off the backs of the public.

    Bob Miller has no problem pumping up his retirement calling it taking the high road.

    Maybe Bob Miller is right, he took the whole road all 12 miles in Algonquin Township.

    Since Bob Miller did those things the people have every right to kick him out of office.

  22. Observer is correct.

    Unfortunately, so is resident.

    Who runs against Bob Miller in the next election?

  23. Miller is a windbag.

    Talks a lot, never really says anything.

    The message he gives is one of obliviousness, arrogance, or both.

  24. Gas bag is now openly targeting the clerk’s race to spike his own pension. Gas bag even talked about it last night at the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee meeting.

    How can you idiots follow gas bag?

    Gas bag is a sloppy fat ass. Gas bag is hated by everyone! Idiots! Majewski hates gas bag. SalGado hates gas bag. Millers hate gas bag. McClellan hates gas bag.

    What the hell is wrong with you people?

  25. Algonquin’s Spending per road mile is $43K (excluding MFT funds.

    Grafton is $25K, Nunda is $31K and McHenry is $25K.

    why is Algonquin as much as 42% higher?

    family salaries?


    or is it because Lord Miller deems it so.

    Don’t fall for the hohum act from uncle Bobby.

  26. “Dirty Gasser” is an ex- jilted lover. Believe just the opposite of what she says about Andrew Gasser.

    She says “Millers hate gas bag. McClellan hates gas bag.”

    As if that’s a bad thing???





  27. I wonder how long it will take those currently in power at the county party level to realize they are now the establishment they have been railing against…

  28. gives you a salary comparison- NO where would you find that level of compensation.

    That is the issue.

    I would n’t care if she worked for you if she was paid a market wage- but as a business owner, it infuriates me that you pay a part time employee 500% what the market would bear.

    How do you know she is best qualified- you never posted the job.

    There is NO job in your department that commands over $90K a year.


    Sure- Bob Miller does a good job- that is what he is elected to do- but to pay employees what you pay- and have them be related- you are digging your own hole.

  29. Inish is absolutely right, with the exception of the part about doing a good job.

    I’m not sure that is correct.

  30. So Mr Miller, you have quite a conundrum on your hands.

    You are hearing from people here that know what you are about.

    They have done their research and find you contemptible.

    You get re-elected because most voters simply don’t know any better and because no one (until recently) had the balls and /or money to run against you.

    It looks like that might be changing.

    You took a little, and we looked away.

    You took some more, and we let it ride.

    Now, you’ve taken too much, and we’re here to take it back.

    Do the people of the township a favor, announce today that you will not run for reelection but will work toward an uneventful transition to the new leadership.

  31. Making a donation to Bob Miller asap.

    So many cult like comments here making me sick.

    You’re all drinking the Kool-Aid while your hero Lou is planning to expand the courthouse.

  32. Miller says ‘he was raised to turn the other cheek and take the high road and has always run his campaign on accomplishments”

    God, does this guy have a clue or a shred of decency?

    He was born into that job, hired by Daddy and continues to draw from the shallow gene pool that IS his family!

    His accomplishments?

    He spends more money than any other township, uses that township property to store his friends recreational vehicles, uses his position for his own family’s personal monetary gain, abuses his authority by using township equipment for personal use and the township budget for your personal bank account boosting your families income for decades on end.

    Guess what Miller, the taxpayers have turned the other cheek for far too long.

  33. Mr Miller’s statement needs a public response.

    Having lived in Algonquin Township for 33 years puts me in a position to comment.

    The Miller’s have done a good job in many ways & that should be noted.

    HOWEVER, Mr Miller is taking some of this too personally.

    One upon a time, people weren’t paying attention to a lot
    of the ways business was being conducted in Mchenry County.

    They are now !

    It isn’t just a small group of people with malicious intent.

    Algonquin Township does stand out in the area of Nepotism.

    They also aren’t showing the transparency that other townships (like Nunda) make available to us taxpayers on it’s website.

    As an elected official Mr Miller needs to realize that Algonquin Township is not a family business & understand
    that change needs to happen with several areas he administrates, instead of digging in his heals & being angry.

  34. OK ‘Dirty Gxxxxr’

    YOU are out of control with your comments on this blog !

    Keep your potty/bodily functions in YOUR bathroom where
    They BELONG .

    Your comments are childish & obnoxious.

    No one wants to read them ! 😡

  35. This is a PUBLIC Position!

    Not your Doctors office, there lies the issue.

    If you had a Private Practice do what you will “Not In Public” !

    this is the sort of thing we are all trying to get rid of even down state ILL.

    This does not make it right no matter How Good SheIs.

  36. Well said Watchdog!

    But Bob Miller needs to understand that his indignant justifications add to voter outrage.

  37. “Gas bag is now openly targeting the clerk’s race to spike his own pension. Gas bag even talked about it last night at the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee meeting.”

    If we all could be so lucky.

    McClellan’s tenure has been an unmitigated disaster.

  38. Dirty Gxxxxr – let’s meet.

    I would love to talk to you face to face.

    There is definitely something bothering you.

    I would love to be privy to what it is and maybe we could work it out.

    You are obviously passionate and we need that right now. Maybe a meeting?


    Coffee at my house?

    I just want to know where your anger is coming from.

    Hopefully we can resolve whatever it is that has you so socially media mad.

    What do you say?

    My number is 8474452927.

    Or email me at

    I look forward to a tête-à-tête!

  39. Yeah, Dirty Gasser, I’ll fight you in real life, too, if you’re man-enough to show up!



    No sarcasm on my part though, just an olive branch!

  41. Bob Miller is a cockroach that has survived prior onslaughts, and he will likely survive this attack because that’s what cockroaches do.

    They survive.

  42. Rawdogger, I was just about to follow up with the same comment from Dirty Gasser, “Gas bag is now openly targeting the clerk’s race to spike his own pension. Gas bag even talked about it last night at the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee meeting.”

    Just curious your name Dirty Gasser.

    Were you at the meeting?

    I sat two seats down from Andrew and never heard him say anything to that sorts.

    Did you realize the meeting was live streamed?

    You can still watch it online.

    Let me know at what point Andrew spoke about running for the Clerk’s position. I’m curious how I missed that one.

  43. Mr Vetter, so nice to extend an olive branch.

    However, based on the comments that ‘Dirty Gxxxxx’ has made on this blog, it is likely that they need to get professional help from Mental Health Professionals.

    They just don’t stop making all these inappropriate remarks despite the number of people that have called them out on it ? ? ?

  44. I see Bob Miller got a shovel out and dug a deep hole.

    Now that’s his nepotism is in the spotlight he keeps digging with that outlandish written statement.

    We need less holes in our township road system Bob!

    So stop digging and get out!

    We can patch up the Township Road Commissioner’s office.

    Oh and another thing Bob, your nepotism empowers the enemies of your arrogant daughter to go after you too.

  45. “They fail to mention that neither of these individuals was married to my daughters when each began his employment with me.”

    Sounds like a half truth.

    Were they dating at the time? Engaged to be married?

  46. With mine only 60 comments?

    Kind of disappointing, not even the record would be my guess.


  47. Nasty, slanderous, libelous, filthy, ignorant, hateful comments here.

    I am more embarrassed by the tone and rancor of these comments then by the subject matter to which they respond.

    Whether or not you like Andrew Gasser, Bob Miller, Anna Miller, Dave Miller, Rebecca Lee, or anyone else who has been inappropriately denigrated, they are people who have cared for and worked for, this county for many years.

    Let us remember they are trying to solve the issues we see wrong with Government, they may have different methods, and different personalities, but they, just as you, deserve respect for their attempts and service.

    I ask for decency and temperance to return to this thread, it’s members, for the future of this election.

    All good things are won through Merit, and Merit alone.

    Sad to see us dividing like this before our GOP candidates have even begun to campaign for General Elections.

    Shame on us.

    We are better, let us demonstrate that.


  48. Hey “John Galt” wake up and smell the coffee!

    Are you an Algonquin Township employee or member of the Miller clan?

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