Comparing School Tax Totals – 2015 and 2016 Collections

Tax House + DollarsSchools are the tax districts that take most money in every part of McHenry County.

Below is a comparison of what was levied last year for collection this year and what was asked for the year before.

Thanks again to the Friend of McHenry County Blog who did the calculations.

2015 – 2014 2014 – 2013
Tax dollars are for McHenry County only – overlaps excluded
SCHOOL DIST 220 BRGTN ($315,786.36) $981,396.33
SCHOOL DIST 158 $2,234,695.24 $728,545.87
SCHOOL DIST 46 $111,801.99 $261,705.10
SCHOOL DIST 19 $45,297.05 $141,663.84
SCHOOL DIST 50 $248,685.99 $460,630.67
SCHOOL DIST 2 $14.25 $429,575.50
SCHOOL DIST 157 $11.85 $892,158.76
SCHOOL DIST 3 ($186.78) $75,720.88
SCHOOL DIST 155 $36,376.32 $499,171.66
SCHOOL DIST 300 ($558,592.34) $286,131.45
SCHOOL DIST 47 ($65,386.64) $1,469,285.45
SCHOOL DIST 200 $44.33 $393,688.92
SCHOOL DIST 18 $66,866.13 $65,799.02
SCHOOL DIST 26 $210,987.16 $459,258.35
SCHOOL DIST 12 ($43,374.89) $390,911.95
SCHOOL DIST 118 WCDA $397,062.96 $101,521.31
SCHOOL DIST 156 $678,650.26 $544,626.44
SCHOOL DIST 165 $59,543.32 $123,180.43
SCHOOL DIST 154 $196,185.10 $95,009.02
SCHOOL DIST 100 BVDR $834.11 $9.63
SCHOOL DIST 36 ($832,092.59) $65,836.86
SCHOOL DIST 15 $1,167,033.90 $1,478,521.71
SCHOOL DISTRICTS $3,638,670.36 $9,944,349.15


Comparing School Tax Totals – 2015 and 2016 Collections — 1 Comment

  1. No study of Boards by McSweeny and the State Legislature nor study on consolidation by Jack Franks and the State

    Legislature will resolve our spending problem in Illinois.
    We have five major problems:

    1. Power of the public sector unions – we need right to work legislation or at the least, cease and desist from government unit collection of union dues – let the union members pay directly to the union.

    2. Prevailing wage laws which inflate the cost of taxpayer funded projects – eliminate prevailing wage laws. Yes, I know there is veteran group which is going to advertise that prevailing wage laws help veterans. But those prevailing wage laws are forcing thousands of other veterans into untenable living conditions. That group, btw is primarily supported by an avowed socialist.

    3. Public sector pension Constitutional guarantee – we need a referendum this November to eliminate it.

    4. Right to strike by teachers – we need to end the practice of holding our children hostage to achieve ridiculous pay levels for teachers. Along with this, school districts should be restricted as to how much they can spend on administration.

    5. Government has grown totally out of control. McHenry County is a classic example.

    Background: The increase in regulatory costs to build an average single-family home in 2016 compared to 2011 has risen 29.8 %.

    National Home Builders have placed a price tag of $84,671 on the cost of regulations to develop a lot and build a home.

    A new NAHB study shows that, on average, government regulations account for 24.3% of the final price of a new single-family home.
    The consequence of that and some other factors in McHenry

    County has all but eliminated single family home construction in McHenry County.

    As a consequence, P and D does not have much work.

    What does P and D management do? Work on convincing the Board members that it should take over the handling of homeless people!!

    Current Board membership is so foolish and irresponsible, I would not be surprised to see it happen!!

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