What’s New on the Township “Reform” Front in Springfield?

The only bill still alive that seems to have any substance is Senate Bill 388, sponsored by Deb Conway and Carol Sente in the House and Melinda Bush, Julie A. Morrison, Steven M. Landek and Heather A. Steans in the Senate.

Here’s a summary of how it amends the Township Code:

Provides that a county may restructure from a county board into a commission form of government after discontinuing township organization (currently, a county is required reorganize into a commission form of government).

Provides that 2 or more townships which share a boundary may consolidate into one township after a referendum is approved by a majority of voters in both townships.

Provides for the merging of one township into 2 other townships.

Provides that all townships (currently, only allowed in specified townships) within a coterminous, or substantially coterminous, municipality may dissolve into the municipality.

Provides that when township organization ceases, the county board may by ordinance or resolution restructure into a commission form of government on or before 180 days after a township organization ceases.

Amends the Election Code to provide that referenda submitted under Articles 22, 23, and 29 of the Township Code may be submitted for a vote at an election regardless of the number of other referenda on the ballot.

Specifies procedures for dissolution referenda.

The bill is in the House Rules Committee, from which many bills never emerge.

The full text is here.

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