Jack Franks about to Break Second Big Pledge

Franks NWH 5-13-16 Thinks Franks May Run for Co Bd

Northwest Herald Editorial Director Dan McCaleb hints that State Rep. Jack Franks may run for McHenry County Board Chairman.

McHenry County Blog has been suggesting that State Rep. Jack Franks might run for County Board Chairman for a long time.

Jack Franks debated Mike Tryon on the county executive referendum three and a half years ago.


Because of what Franks said he wouldn’t, but his actions speak louder than his words.  (His big survey, for instance.)

In his October, 2012, debate with State Rep. Mike Tryon on the subject, Franks was asked whether he would run for the office, if the County Board Chairman referendum passed.

Let me quote directly from my article of October, 17, 2012:

He (Franks) defanged that issue by declaring,

“I will neither seek nor accept the nomination for this office.” [Emphasis added.]

Previously, Franks gave the same message to the Northwest Herald.

The Northwest Herald headline about Jack Franks' promise not to run for McHenry County Board Chairman.

The Northwest Herald headline about Jack Franks’ promise not to run for McHenry County Board Chairman.

So much for Jack Franks’ truthfulness.

If he runs, this will be the second big promise he has broken.

The first was that he would limit his number of terms in Springfield to three.

Franks is now in his ninth term.


Jack Franks about to Break Second Big Pledge — 38 Comments

  1. Surely he did not know then what he knows now, the Repubs would pick someone as inept and lackadaisical as Walkup!

    He is forgiven.

  2. Who is/was “State Rep. Mike Chairman”? I assume you are referring to State Rep. Mike Tryon.

    Apart from again changing his mind and doing other than what he has represented, it important to focus on the way Jumpin’ Jack Franks will run for Chairman.

    Just watch, I predict Jumpin’ Jack will actively run — and perhaps seek to serve? — both offices simultaneously!

    At a minimum he plans to run and win his current State Rep. seat to pay back his many debts to Mike Madigan.

    Jumpin’ Jack needs to keep that seat Blue and hand it to King Madigan.

  3. Socialist, Dan McCaleb is champing at the bit to get Democrat Jack Franks or any other Democrat on the County Board .

    In the interest of transparency why does Dan McCaleb never mention that he sits on the Board of Directors for Pioneer Center and the Greater McHenry County United Way.

    Wonder why Democrats and social service agencies get top billing in the NWH?

    McCaleb may have done more than anyone else to cause our property taxes to be as high as they are!

  4. That was 2012 and it is 2016 a lot has changed especially if Walkup were to get the position.

    I would think Jack Franks is the better candidate for McHenry County

  5. Total shame that in these days people cannot tell when they have been lied to – even when it is clearly shown to them – they still can’t grasp the fact that they have been lied to.

    I hold no hope for the future when people are this dumb.

  6. Jack Frank’s is a ‘career politician’ we don’t need in our county !

    He will create chaos & smile all the way to the bank with his salary, Medical benefits & pension .

    Wake up people, we need to stop all the serial double & triple dippers.

    He needs to go into the private sector when he is done & make a living Like a regular citizen.

    Please retire & move to somewhere like Arizona,please Mr Frank’s !

  7. How can a guy who breaks his promise continue their political career?

    Stupid voters…

  8. Cal, you have your facts wrong.

    The 2012 referendum was for county executive, not chairman.

  9. So, your direct quote is quoting he won’t run for county executive.

    And he isn’t.

    No promise broken.

  10. Apparently Moderate can’t even read the NW Herald headline. Not good at this subversiveness, are you?

  11. Moderate?

    I take issue that you throw red herrings into every item that you comment on.

    You may think that you are co-intel pro but you are just not believable.

  12. Franks will crush Walkup and be better for our County.

    Nothing to do with his being a Dem, just far better qualified and able to deal with Cook and other County executives than Walkup ever could be.

  13. Q: How can a constituent ever know when Jack “Jacko” Franks is lying?

    A: He’s lying whenever he opens his mouth.

  14. Cindy remember that one time you believed in blogs that say Martin Luther King Je was the anti-Christ?

    And I’m the one that’s unbelievable?

    Them medicine – take it.

  15. No, I don’t, Moderate.

    That never happened except in your mind.

    You make so much stuff up that it’s no wonder you can’t keep track of all the baloney you’ve streamed.

    You are NOT funny and you are NOT very smart.

    What I believe, is you are a maroon.

  16. Not likely because he could not have run that year.

    This is the first time the office of County Board Chairman will be filled by the voters.

  17. The County Executive office that he was supporting is the County Board Chairman for which Mike Walkup won the GOP primary.

  18. Cal, the county executive referendum was an advisory referendum that forced the county board’s hand in enacting a measure that made is so the chair was popularly elected rather than election by committee.

    It is similar but the way your headline of this post makes it seem like the chairman = county executive and this post outlines why that’s not true.


    You can hate Franks.

    That’s fine.

    You can hate he’s going to win the chair.

    That’s fine.

    But your timeline and quote in this post are mischaracterizing two totally separate political fights and you are misquoting Franks on what the debate with Tryon was about.

  19. Cal?

    Don’t waste your time trying to talk to stupid.

    Stupid people never realize just how stupid they are.

    AND the even dumber and more willfully ignorant try to bolster their egos with their cheering the woefully dumb on.

  20. the dems will be nominating Mr. Franks at today’s caucus.

    get over it.

    actually, the dems will probably sweep the county board, state senate and congressional races.

    you neo-feudal clowns have ruled by decree way too long.

    government is for the people, not private enterprises like Uber.

  21. Well we have confirmation Jack Franks is running for County Chair I could not be happier that we have competition against Walkup

  22. **actionable**

    Once again, I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

  23. The elected County Board Executive was to elect the top county executive in McHenry County, but that measure failed.

    The elected County Board Chair is to elect the top county executive in McHenry County.

    Both were/are to elect the top county executive in McHenry County.

    So while technically they are not identical, they are the same in that they are both to elect the top county executive in McHenry County.


    The larger issue though is Jack Franks claims he has never voted for a tax hike.

    He is playing with words.

    Voting for unfunded and underfunded legislative pension and retiree healthcare benefit hikes, to pension funds that were already unfunded or underfunded, resulted in hiked taxes.

    Furthermore, most of the benefit hikes were unfunded or underfunded mandates on state and / or local governments.

    Furthermore, the benefit hikes, per the pension sentence added to the Illinois State Constitution on December 15, 1970, cannot be diminished or impaired, and are contractual.

    Thus those benefit hikes were and are the worst type of tax hikes, that being, unfunded and underfunded mandates with a constitutional protection.

    It is government at its worst.

  24. So now, thanks to Jack Franks and most the rest of the Illinois General Assembly (State Representatives and Senators) that served since he has been in office, and their predecessors since the pension sentence was added to the Illinois State Constitution, we have a bunch of Illinois government workers and retirees repeatedly saying,

    “A pension is a promise,”


    “the state / employer didn’t live up to their end of the bargain.”

    What a joke.

    For the most part, the pension and retiree healthcare funds were already underfunded or unfunded when the hikes were enacted by thanks to Jack Franks and his compatriots.

    Thus many aspects of the public sector pensions are a scam on the taxpayers, to whom Jack Franks never told the full story, rather, he claims he never voted for a tax hike.

    Talk about playing with words.

    That’s like charging something to your credit card and saying you didn’t vote for higher credit card payments.

    Increased future obligations mean increased future payments, or cutting existing services.

    And to make matters worse, pension funding was diverted to funds that resulted in hiked salaries, which hike pensions, which hike taxes.

  25. You republicans divided the party now you will get your democrats

    Good luck with that one Cal and the Citizens of MCHenry County

  26. Mark,

    Rhetoric matters – especially in lawmaking.

    Your argument about unfunded mandates = tax increases is a bit of a stretch.

    If you had a daughter and she became pregnant but had an abortion, would you have contributed to an increase in abortions by having a daughter?


    Because money was diverted from one project to another and that may have resulted in a higher line item, that does not equal raising taxes.

  27. Jack has bamboozled the voters in his district for 18 years.

    Now that he is up against ALL of the eligible voters in McHenry County, we will find out how popular his socialist leanings really are.

    There was a reason he took part of McHenry Township out of his district.

    Gottemoller found out how popular he is throughout the County.

  28. alabama?

    It means I will sue if I don’t get a retraction.

    Anybody would understand that.

    Even you childlike people can understand libel.

  29. Unfunded and underfunded pension and retiree healthcare benefit hikes are most certainly a tax hike if the retirees want their pensions and retiree healthcare paid in full.

    The money has to come from somewhere.

    Or services could be cut.

    Hide and seek, kick the can, catch me if you can.

    Jack Franks is a tax hiker by voting for unfunded and underfunded benefit hikes to pension and retiree healthcare systems that were already underfunded or unfunded.

    The worst kind of tax hike, since one sentence added to the state constitution on December 15, 1970 states pension and retirement benefits are contractual and cannot be diminished or impaired.

    The Illinois Pension Scam in which Jack Franks participated.

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