Could the County 2030 Plan Survey Have Been More Relevant?

Plan 2030 logoTuesday, McHenry County Blog published the survey on which the County is requesting input that will be used in preparing the 2030 Plan.

Reader Steve Willson took exception.

You can read what he said below:

What an incredibly vapid document.

“Wouldn’t you like everything to be wonderful, Little Tommy, with pretty houses on big lots and lots of jobs?”

Who would say no to any of these platitudinous questions?

The key questions are

  1. how much of this is the business of the County to seek to legislate? and
  2. how EXACTLY will they try to accomplish these goals?

Without asking what government SHOULD be doing AND THEN comparing costs and benefits, documents such as this simply become excuses for any huge pie-in-the-sky project anyone wants to push?

“The people said they like open space. That means we should buy more land!”

“The people said they don’t like traffic congestion. That means we should build more/bigger roads.”

How about adding the following questions:

“The County should raise/keep the same/cut property taxes”.

“Please rank order the following goals for the County:”

  1. Cutting taxes.
  2. Buying more property for open space.
  3. Building more roads.

If they asked questions like that, I’ll bet they’d get entirely different feedback from the community.


Could the County 2030 Plan Survey Have Been More Relevant? — 5 Comments

  1. I’d be happy as anybody could be if they would just stop every raising taxes.

    Cutting taxes is just a dream that will most likely never come true.

  2. Don’t think we need any more “open space” or any more bike paths or lots of other stuff! If you need more “open space”….go West young man, go West!

  3. Interesting. It let me post that so I will try again to post what I actually wanted:

    We, the taxpayers, sent $2,552 to the American Planning Association to ensure the continued indoctrination of the McHenry County P and D employees (including Director Sandquist) relative to Agenda 21.

    Here is an excerpt from the APA website:

    “The Planning and Community Health Center advances practices that improve human environments to promote public health through active living, healthy eating, and health in all planning policies.”

    Tom DeWeese spends most awake hours attempting to educate the public relative to Agenda 21.

    He explains things a lot better than I can.

    You can click on this link to get started:

    I took out the link.

    From the Planners network of which APA is a member:

    “We believe planning should be a tool for allocating resources…and eliminating the great inequalities of wealth and power in our society … because the free market has proven incapable of doing this.”

    Wake up folks!

  4. Here are some other ideas for questions in their next survey:

    1) Please raise my property taxes by $____ for more roads/open space/General Government.

    2) I think I have the right to force every family in the County to pay $____ more in property taxes for more roads/open space/General Government.

    3) We should pay five to ten times the Illinois average to build more roads. Yes/No (Circle one).

    4) We should spend close to $100 million in tax money so the average trip on Randall Road might be one or two minutes faster during rush hour. Yes/No (Circle one).

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