Steve Reick Reacts to Jack Franks Running for County Board Chairman

From Republican State Rep. candidate Steve Reick’s web page:

The Political Landscape Has Just Changed

State SealAfter weeks of speculation, it’s official. Jack Franks has been slated by the Democrats to run for Chairman of the McHenry County Board and will not seek re-election to his legislative seat here in the 63rd District.

First off, I wish to thank Jack for his 18 years of service to McHenry County.

Public service requires personal sacrifice, and we should acknowledge the sacrifices Jack and his family made in furtherance of that service.

I wish him and his family well.

Though I lost to him in 2014 and was prepared to go toe-to-toe with him in the fall, I was never running “against” Jack Franks. I was, and still am running for the things that I believe will make Illinois and McHenry County a better place to live, open a business and raise a family.

Those things include:

  • Lowering property taxes. Until we see a reduction in local property taxes, we will continue to lose businesses and population to states with lower taxes. Property tax reform can only come about if we:
  • Change the way we pay for education. The state constitution puts the primary responsibility for funding education on the state. The only way to enact true education funding reform is to put that responsibility where it belongs and to expand parents’ role in determining where and how their children are educated.
  • Pension reform: So long as 25% of our general revenue budget goes to pay our underfunded pensions, we’re never going to get a budget that meets the legitimate needs of those who rely on the State for their funding.
  • Regulatory relief: Illinois’ businesses are burdened with out of control workers’ compensation costs, an unrealistic prevailing wage system and other regulatory burdens which make it almost impossible to compete. Governor Rauner carried this District by 36% in 2014, and he did so by promising to enact those reforms. I pledge to help him fulfill that mandate.

It’s time to get serious about the future of this State and McHenry County. I pledge to the people of the 63rd District that I’m committed to representing you and no other, and that I’ll carry on the tradition of having a strong, independent voice for you in Springfield. I ask for your support.


Steve Reick Reacts to Jack Franks Running for County Board Chairman — 16 Comments

  1. Uhhhhh….Steve….. He hasn’t officially dropped out chief…..

    I think you know that though, otherwise you wouldn’t be asking for support

  2. Who else can run for this spot beside Steve Reick the democrats can slate anyone who would be able to beat this guy.

  3. Now the new Republican leadership doesn’t look so smart.

    Jack in a landslide.

  4. State law would not allow phantom Republican candidate Jeffrey Litche to run this fall.

  5. Love watching people try to second guess Jack….

    This should be good.

  6. Well, we libtards only come out for Presidential elections.

    Btw, that downballot is looking PRETTY strong for Dems in Illinois.








  7. If Steve wins, the power dynamic in Springfield will be different.

    A YUGE blow to Madigan.

  8. OK people WAKE UP !

    Jack Frank’s is a career politician nightmare.

    Just happened to look at wikipedia for Jack Frank’s,
    And found this statement (feel free to check)

    “When Franks initially ran for office, he pledged to serve only three terms, however as of 2015 he is serving his ninth.”

    That SCREAMS,I’ll say one thing & then do what I want, because NO ONE is paying attention !

    As reported on this blog,he had said he WOULD NOT run for the Mchenry County Board & is doing it NOW !

    We don’t need a Mike Madigan crony politician as head of the Mchenry County Board.

    Franks is going for more taxpayer money, healthcare benefits, & PENSION.

    McHenry County citizens, please STOP voting for career politicians that are double & triple dipping & saying one thing & doing whatever they want.

    It’s time for Frank’s to retire from politics & earn a living In the private sector like the rest of us .

    Better yet, Mr Frank’s could retire with his ILLINOIS PENSION & move to Arizona.

  9. Has Franks actually filed the necessary papers to withdraw his candidacy w/ the County Clerk?

    If he doesn’t do it today, the questions will mount.

  10. I must admit it is a brilliant strategy to slate lifelong politicians at a time when the tire country is fed up with them.

    Adding to that candidates who many to believe to be self serving and playing fast and loose, just adds to the pure brilliance of the slate

  11. I forgot to add that Dems in McHenry County decided to select their slate behind closed doors with a very few choosing their “candidates”..

    This being done by a party that over the last eight years promised transparency and their presidential candidate says she is the most transparent in history.

    The only transparency here is that it is blatantly obvious to all that promise of transparency has proven to be yet another failure of the party of the jackass.

    Contrast that to Algonquin township Republicans live streaming their most recent meeting.

    If you want to see the difference in the values between the two parties, there is a set of concrete examples.

    One party operates under the cloak of darkness while the other shines a light on what they are doing.

    So voters of McHenry County, do you want to elect people who hide what they are so proud of, or do you want a slate of candidates who are out in the open for all to see?

    Yeah, I agree.

    It is time to elect non career politicians who will be tryly transparent and who proven it by action.

    No More Democrats!

  12. Lest we forget, it’s Jack Franks Democratic Party that fighting for men to pee in the ladies room.

    I’m not so sure we need that kind of leadership.

  13. So, the Dems do not like the constitution, at least the 1st and 2nd amendments.

    They cant even figure out what bathroom to use, and now they are telling us that one of the most pressing issues of our time is allowing men into girls bathrooms and locker rooms.


    They want open borders to allow illegals as a voting block.

    They have no problem letting murderers and rapists cross our borders without being vetted in even the slightest way.

    Once the illegals and foreign criminals are here, they want “Sanctuary Cities” so the law can not deport their newly paid for voters.

    Perhaps it is just me, but I have a hard time understanding how this benefits AMERICANS.

    IMHO, theses issues do not benefit Americans.

    They benefit foreigners.

    They benefit, ILLEGALS and CRIMINALS.

    Is this really what the American people want?

    I think not.

    It is time for the silent majority to stop being silent.

    it is time to send a message to a liberal agenda that is destroying America.

    It is time to vote out career politicians.

    No more socialist leaning liberal democrats in office. No more childish free stuff promoters to buy votes. No more dead and illegals voting.

    If you think HILLARY is good for America, watch 13 Hours, The Secret Sldiers of Benghazi.

    Then contemplate that she is the leader of the liberals, and they believe she is the best they have to offer.

    Ask yourself if her actions were focused on what was in the best interest of the Country, those soldiers, the Ambassador and his staff’s best interest.

    Listen to the comments of the loved ones of those she left to die by ignoring calls for help.

    Then wake up and vote against her, and any candidate who supports her.

    We have had enough and we are not going to take it any more.

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