BGA Continues Push for Pension Tax

BGA Pension Tax S-T 5-16-16In Monday’s Chicago Sun-Times Better Government Association President Andy Shaw continues his campaign to convince the  to pass a tax on retirement income in Illinois.

When a similar pitch was made on the BGA website, I left the following comment:

“Illinois starts taxing pensions, Florida here I come.”

Other comments were similar.


BGA Continues Push for Pension Tax — 5 Comments

  1. If Governor Rauner were really smart, he’d propose a Constitutional Amendment that would

    (1) pay all retirees what they were promised;

    (2) pay all non-retirees the present value of benefits earned to date;

    (3) eliminate all pensions going forward and substitute a 401(k) plan for all employees.

    Such an amendment would fix Illinois’ pension problems once and for all.

    And it would really put the Democrats in the trick box because any state legislator who voted against putting that amendment on the ballot would surely face a potential winner in the next election.

  2. Illinois doesn’t have the money to pay all the money back to employees.

    Also under SURS if you have 5 years and are vested and take your money out it is doubled.

    In my opinion anyone receiving benefits under $50,000 should keep it but no colas and everyone who made more than that should be cut as that is unsustainable and is mostly administrators who received large salaries anyway or very long tenured employees.

  3. With each passing week, I see more “for sale” signs sprouting like weeds on the front lawns of home owners.

    Why is that ?

    Farewell Illinois.

    Destroyed by the tax and spend power mad greed of the Democrat machine, never to return to it’s once great place in history.

  4. Honest Abe I agree that I am seeing many more people moving out of the state, but it’s Republicans too.

    Property taxes in McHenry county are insane and there are a lot of Republicans here that “complain” about it, but don’t do a damn thing.

  5. Agree with Steve W. on this one.

    We have to get away from this gravy train that public employees somehow think they deserve.

    Pay them off and end this madness!

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