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  1. If I based my entire existence around the impotent fantasy of gunning someone down if they’d just give me a reason, I’d engage in some serious introspection before calling people douches.

  2. Mickey is one of the best trainers in the area….his videos are common sense videos with a little humor thrown in……….

    I have been shooting since I was 9 years old….at age 80 Mickey taught me a few things…………….

    whats that they say about old Dogs?….

  3. A few thoughts after watching the entire video.

    1. Safety always trumps realism: if your work shoes have slippery soles, wear ones that provide safe, slip-free footing.

    2. Safety always trumps realism: most indoor ranges don’t permit holster draws as one of their standing range safety

    3. Safety always trumps realism: most indoor ranges don’t permit rapid fire as one of their standing range safety rules.

    4. Safety always trumps realism: there’s a lot lead on your clothing after a range session. Unless you own a dry-cleaner, wear clothes you can immediately wash at home.

    5. The best non-legal advice I can provide is never go hunting in your home especially at night. Take a defensive position in your safe room, call the police and wait for them.

    For those interested in learning safe use of weapons leading to confidence inside and outside the home, please visit our web site:

  4. Mr Zielinski,

    I appreciate you viewing our work.

    There is always more than one way to skin a cat but when it comes to using weapons to stop violence you had better get over the cute stuff.

    Our training is based on real world data. Hear is what is real.

    1.Over 50 percent of violent criminal attacks are penetrated by 2 or more aggressors.

    2.Yes many ranges have rules. This is serious business. If someone is carrying a sidearm in public and has not made countless draw strokes and engaged targets with live rounds they are a danger to them self and to the populace. Find a place to train. There are thousands of classes by experienced trainers all over the country. Its not cheap but neither is life. Take it seriously or leave the gun in the safe.

    3.Over 70 percent of violent attacks in the home take place seconds from entry by felonious aggressors. Read that again. 70 percent and only seconds. The victim is behind the curve as he or she was unaware and unready yet the bad guy knows the exact time of attack.

    Yes you hide if you can and wait 7 to 20 minutes for help. I will never train my family, friends or students to become helpless victims such as this.

    If you were learning to race a car you go to a race track and learn from pros. To fly a plane you leave the ground.

    This is not play time it is the study of martial skills to protect and preserve life. You would not fly a plane or race a car with having flown or sped on a track. Don’t inform people to arm themselves but not learn as they should.
    You get dirty yes. Deal with it.

    Normally I would not use this forum to argue but your notions are the type that kill people.

    Sorry for my bluntness. I cannot have this on my conscience.

  5. Mickey is one of the best trainers in the area because he’s been on both sides of the law. If Mickey from 2000, who attempted a home invasion with his gang, while wearing a mask, after dark, and carrying two knives, broke in to today’s Mickey’s house, boom, boom,boom and boom! Old Mickey would never had a chance to plead down a Class X Felony to a misdemeanor. Until our state makes home invasion a capitol offense, we need guys like Captain Mickey to execute guys like scumbag Mickey.

    More lead equals less crime! I use a double barrel 12 ga, because of my double vision.

  6. Drunken McHenry facts are facts.

    Just because you read it in the paper it must be true.

    I appreciate people like you.

    Thank you for the reminder that regardless of all else, I/we need to strive daily to do right.

    Life is short and can be bitter or sweet.

    I pray yours is filled with love and happiness.

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