Scott Vetter’s Comments to District 155 High School Board

Comments as read by Scott C. Vetter to the D155 Board of Education on May 17th, 2016:

Scott Vetter

Scott Vetter

After serving in the United States Navy, I decided to transfer my newly acquired leadership skills to the manufacturing world.

I am, today, considered, what is called a “professional manager.”I can walk into any situation, any industry and bring about any level of balance or improvement needed.

After 35 years of making good and bad decisions, I have honed my expertise into a very successful career.

While I have a strong reputation as an efficient manager, I am not without my mistakes.

One of these mistakes cost me my job.

I quote from my own, one and only resignation letter:

“Monetary mistakes that are made because of a manager’s inability to see the need for robust and in-depth research or ignoring the possibilities of that decision based on research or the lack thereof, is a devastating mistake by even the best of managers.”

“And to think otherwise is nothing short of defying an organization of its possible potential for greatness.”

These business ethics are very comparable to what we are discussing here.

Johnnie Thomas

Johnnie Thomas

In the real world, Mr. Superintendent, you would be fired because of your gross incompetence that, as any CEO would agree, is likely to recur.A mistake of this magnitude could not go overlooked in a corporate setting.

So why is it being overlooked now?

This is our money, they, the Board, are mismanaging.

We, the citizens of D155, are the CEO.

This board should be talking about demanding a letter of resignation not ponderinga likely multi-year accord that would obligate impending boards and newly elected board members to have to persist and endure the employment of Dr. Thomas and any benefits.

In my Precinct walking, I have heard from the taxpayers.

They are disgusted that the board wants to possibly tie future board members hands and force them to keep on a Superintendent that was directly responsible for a multi-million dollar mistake.

Some quotes from concerned taxpayers are as follows–

  • “That school board is duty-bound to hold this superintendent accountable for costing D155 millions.”
  • “Dr. Thomas should at least not get a bonus, no raise or any extension. His should be an employment with probation, at least, in case, this happens again.”
Bleachers at South High School's football field.

Bleachers at South High School’s football field.

I even had a resident bring me his property taxes, wave them in my face and proceeded to tell me, in a language I cannot and will not reproduce here, that the District 155 Board Members had better manage MY money.

President Wagner, Vice President Oberg, Board Members, and Superintendent Thomas:

No pruning or “fertilizer” can help this dying money tree you believe you have.

The taxpayers of McHenry County are waiting for a fiscally sound and honest decision.

We, the taxpayers, hope you are listening.


Scott Vetter’s Comments to District 155 High School Board — 20 Comments

  1. Directly responsible?

    Not only should he be fired, but he should be held liable.

  2. No bonus, raise, or contract extension at this time, but the dude who should be fired is the person in charge of buildings and grounds.

  3. The “dude” who was in charge left the district a year after this happened.

    Rumor has it he thought that the district would fire him over this and so he resigned.

    The guy in charge now is actually trying to fix it and work with everyone.

    Mr. Vetter is actually right in that Mr. Thomas is the one directly responsible.

    Everything started and ends with him.

    To listen to Wagner praise him on a job well done is sickening.

    Thomas and the 4 remaining original board members (wagner, Oberg, somers, secrest)should resign.

    They were all asked to resign several times by taxpayers at meetings but of course never took them seriously.

    Big Red Flag there!!

    They do not take taxpayers seriously!

    Get rid of them before they continue to drag OUR district down!

  4. The term for these elected officials is “trustee”.

    That means there is a trust, assets of the trust, and beneficiaries.

    The current trustees — Rosemary Kurtz excepted — believe the GOVERNMENT is the beneficiary of the trust, that it is their job to defend it and make it as big as possible, because more school is always better.

    They are wrong. The taxpayers are the beneficiaries of the trust. The job of the trustees is NOT to advocate on behalf of the bureaucracy, but to be a CHECK on the bureaucracy. They should be skeptics, not true believers.

  5. Just one more reason why people are fleeing Illinois.

    They dare not touch one of the “untouchables”.

  6. I am no fan of either Mr. Wagner or Dr. Thomas.

    However, I do know that the obligatory practice when doing any capital project on a public school/property that the District is to seek all approvals from the Regional Office of Education, and its appropriate employees.

    These are the same people who inspect school buildings for life safety compliance.

    So, District 155 followed the appropriate processes, as outline in school code.

    However, the need to work with cities and villages is just “good stewardship”.

    Was this a mistake?


    Was it corruption or mismanagement?


    Scott Vetter seems to think very highly of both himself and his work experiences based on his comments.

    It seems that he is all about himself.

    Sure not the leadership skills that most folks I know would want displayed by anyone that they work around.

    Just another “look at me” and how hard I work compared to everyone around me.

  7. It was “ARROGANCE” and I know one of those people has a direction connection to a family member who was accepting kickbacks and bribes.

    We still have not seen a full financial disclosure.

    Bank accounts and all transactions related to this fiasco should be investigated.

    In fact, for all of those involved in this decision, their bank accounts should be reviewed right down to the last penny.

    No, Scott Vetter is not out for himself, he is out to tell the truth so the public knows the facts.

  8. Scott is doing an excellent job.

    We need more people like Scott Vetter attending meetings at all levels and forms of government.

    Especially local boards.

    Scott is a team player who has posted his personal email and phone number on this blog several times.

    Tom why don’t you give him a call or shoot him an email?

    Algonquin Township and McHenry County are lucky to have someone like Scott out there… and we need more of them.

    Andrew Gasser

  9. “good Stewardship” was not at issue….

    155 IGNORED rules that protect every citizen from ABUSE…

    and guess what…

    they took it to the Supremem Court…

    and THEY LOST…

    Tom you are not in possession of the FACTS…..

    There was some gray area as you seem to identify…

    it has been there for years..

    it took arrogance on the part of the old 155 BOT that finaly forsced the State Supreme Court to clarify the fact that no matter how big or popular or tough your neighbor is…

    you are going to have protection from their bullying attitude to your rights…

  10. Thank you Scott for attending the meeting.

    I believe the board at that time, should be released as they knew darn well what the rules were.

    They did not communicate to the communities, nor the people of the district.

    Interesting that there were not many people at the meetings.

    We can not put our heads in the sand.

    We are luck that we have strong voices, but the old board members need a 2 x 4.

    Concern to The new board members- fight hard, speak up, speak and listen to the people.

  11. Has the District Superintendent of Schools, Leslie Schermerhorn been let off the hook completely relative to the bleacher fiasco?

    The number one job responsibility listed on her website:

    “To exercise supervision and control over all school districts in the County and advise in controversies under law “

    Want to reduce some taxpayer expense?

    Eliminate the office!!

  12. Tom on,
    You are very wrong with your views of Scott Vetter.

    Scott is a hard working leader.

    He is not a person who “thanks highly of himself”.

    Do you know Scott?

    Have you ever met him or talked to him?

    I doubt it.

    It appears you may be the one who thinks highly of yourself.

    I do not share your perspective on Scott.

    From what I have seen, everyone who meets Scott and works with him, thinks very highly of him.

    You may count me in that group.

    You are WAY off base.

  13. John Radke,

    I have never met Scott, but his public comments to a school superintendent were out-of- line.

    An individual who frames a discourse around himself is no leader, in my view.

    Additionally, his comments regarding the Board of Education meeting (the first several that he attended) were somewhat silly.

    All school districts and other public bodies should honor students and others during their meetings.

    Parents and others should be invited to leave, if they choose, after the recognition.

    There is no desire to keep folks away from the business of the board.

    So many assumptions in his comments that he exposes his self-centered agenda.

    All superintendents work in the “real world”, Scott.

    The real world is not limited to your world.

  14. Tom,

    I was only making a comparison to the fact that I am a strong and prosperous, shareholder obligated, Manufacturing manager, and that if I am to be held to my duties in my job, then so should Mr. Thomas.

    If this school board were to ethically manage OUR money like I am obligated to manage my shareholders monies, this would have played out MUCH differently.

    That is a fact.

    I in no way was fluffing my own feathers.

    I was only proving that even a good manager, like Dr. Thomas, must be held accountable.

    That listening to it’s shareholders, the taxpayers, IS THEIR DUTY.

    Instead they, the board, decided to extend a contract and take away any future board member’s decisions on Dr. Thomas.

    They obviously know that their jobs are NOT guaranteed in the future because of this fiasco, but why save Dr. Thomas? something isn’t adding up here, but it WILL come to light, I promise that.

    You obviously have a stake in this deal also.

    Or you wouldn’t be throwing out inuendos and loose facts to try and make my statements, that were fueled by taxpayers in 3 different precincts, look bad.

    I have done nothing but BEG the taxpayers to start attending these meetings.

    That has always been my goal.

    What I post here, on the PC pages and on my own webpage (set up only for my precinct residents), is only an account of what I see and hear.

    I tape these meetings, I can always replay them for you, but you were there, so you know.

    I will not ever apologize for being active and involved, especially when I can inform.

    “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”

    ― Aldous Huxley

    “Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.”

    – Thomas Jefferson

    And as always, this cyber communication is too limited and allows for no true social interaction.

    Contact me,
    (847) 445-2927

    Coffee and good discussion , face to face, is quite preferable!

  15. Tom seems to be laboring under the imprudent assumption that inspectors and school districts are all honest and filled with good intentions toward all taxpayers.


    People like that try to run off people with real integrity like Scott with their mythical thinking.

    Ignore the trolls, Scott.

    Astute taxpayers really appreciate the uphill battle you are waging.

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