Valley Hi Board Meeting Wed. on Future Plans

If you would like to see what those the McHenry County Board has put in charge of the Valley Hi Nursing Home may want to do with its over $41 million bank balance, Wednesday night is the time for a drive in the country.

Valley Hi's location. northwest of Woodstock.

Valley Hi’s location. northwest of Woodstock.

The Operating Board will meet a 7 PM at the nursing home in Hartland, northwest of Woodstock.



Valley Hi Board Meeting Wed. on Future Plans — 2 Comments

  1. All of these meetings will soon be rendered naught when the United States House of Representives (now there’s an oxymoron) votes to enact the AFFH, which just this last weekend failed to be defunded.

    I for one, do not care what the federal government says, none of what they do is even legal.

    But this is bigger and more dangerous than even Obamacare. All of local governance will soon be renderd null and void.

    Meet all you like boards.

    Nothing will come of any of this.

    You have been usurped.

  2. Cindy is correct.

    Governmental units (including schools) which accept money collected by the federal IRS are subject to WHATEVER conditions the federal government places on the receipt of that money.

    This county accepts money relative to Housing ( HOME and CDBG), therefor, the federal government dictates how we develop (or not) the County.

    Schools which accept money collected by the IRS are now subject to the ‘transgender’ dictates of the federal government if they keep accepting those federal dollars – solution?

    Quit accepting the money and eliminate the costs associated with the tracking of those dollars and the requirements that are associated.

    Participate in Medicare and you are subject to the 76 year old end of life rule.

    Build a highway using a few federal tax dollars and you must comply with many ridiculous federal rules (one of the most ridiculous is the display of the billboard which display all the laws that the construction site must comply with).

    Some voters woke up when Trump announced his run for the White House.

    Let us hope these same voters remove Jack Franks from the political scene.

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