Jack Franks Set to be Double Dipper

Newly elected McHenry County Board Chairman is sworn in.

Newly elected McHenry County Board Chairman was sworn in on December 6, 2014.

“I think people are sick of double-dipping politicians,” State Rep. Jack Franks told “Big” John Howell in a WLS interview.

He also said that he would serve out his term.

Could it be that the Marengo Democrat knows so little about County government that he does not know that County Board members get sworn in the first week of December?

Certainly, Franks knows that Illinois General Assembly members get sworn in after the first of January.

Retiring members get no pay for that month, but they are paid for December.

And, so are County Board members.

So, if Franks is determined to serve out his term, he will be dipping from both the state treasurer and the county bank account during December.

That’s called “double-dipping.

Franks undoubtedly is getting ready to label his Republican opponent Mike Walkup a “double-dipper.”

Mike Walkup

Mike Walkup

True Walkup is on the ballot twice.

He is running for the countywide office and a district seat.

He is seeking both because the County Board Chairman has no vote on the Board floor.

Walkup wants to be able to vote the same way that Joe Gottemoller now can.

Walkup got the compensation ordinance changed so that someone winning both a district seat and the County Board Chairmanship would not receive two separate salaries.

Now, he would only receive the County Board Chairman’s salary.


Jack Franks Set to be Double Dipper — 11 Comments

  1. The question remains, will Franks REALLY WITHDRAW from
    The state Rep. race ?

    We haven’t seen it yet .

    The political maneuvering continues & therefore will
    Jack Franks show yet even more hypocrisy than he already has?

    Send Jack Franks that withdrawal form.


  2. lolololikok

    Is this easily the largest editorial reach in McHenry county journalism in possibly the last decade.

    Jack Franks will be a double dipper FOR ONE MONTH!!!!


    Nick Provenzano – where you at on advice to be a permenant double dipper?!

  3. Joe is the Dec 2014 thru Dec 2016 County Board Chair.

    Tina before him.

  4. You write about one month?

    What about those who serve as Township Officials and legislators, or generations of family on the tax payer dole in local government.

    Husband and wives collecting taxpayer funded salaries and benefits.

    There is a guy and his girlfriend in Wauconda who collect nearly 150K a year plus bennies in township government.

    Broaden the net Cal.

    Jack Franks is old news that is getting stale.

  5. Jack is very much a clear and present danger to this county and her tax paying citizens.

    Not out of any particular malice or even personal knowledge of how his political behavior endangers his neighbors but because he is an unthinking Madigan slave.

    For a great many years there has been a plan in Illinois to choke more taxpayer dollars out of the collar counties to feed the Chicago beast.

    It has been a fairly nuanced plan with many different avenues of attack with varying degrees of success.

    Madigan understands Chicago is absolutely key to Democratic power in Illinois.

    He also understands if he can underwrite keeping minorities on the Democratic plantation with collar county tax dollars they will be a rock solid voting block for their slavemasters/benefactors.

    McHenry County became a collar county target over 30 years ago as its success grew and people sought relief from traffic/tax woes in the nearer counties.

    Jack was not yet sold by his father to Madigan yet but plans were formulated to get McHenry County to pay its “fair share” from its supposed Chicago largesse coming its way (arguing how Chicago benefits Illinois is another argument for another day).

    Fast forward to Jack’s recent moves to use weapons of mass distraction to keep the locals hopping while he works a very old Democratic plan to extract more tax dollars from McHenry County to prop up a failing Chicago and an utterly failed Illinois.

    Know the goal.

    Know the strategy to defeat it.

    Jack is a nothing.

    He is a means to a much larger end.

    Vote for him and sell yourselves and your neighbors into slavery.

    Vote against him and five more will jump into his place to reach in your pocket for your money.

    Jack is a rich campaign target with fantastic weaknesses.

    But know Jack only represents the latest Madigan salvo into our county in a long standing political war which has devastated our area and state.

    Work to defeat Madigan’s latest chess move but know Jack is but a pawn.

    More moves are coming.

  6. I would add that Dee Beaubien’s “Independent” State Rep. campaign against Republican David McSweeney was a rather obvious Madigan salvo against McHenry County.

  7. Your bias is showing- this is the exact reason the general public does not view you as a journalist-

    Are you going to do a 6 part expose on Mr. Walk up- highlight is voting background?

    explore why people are picketing his house?

    cover the whole story or give it a break

  8. Just did some homework on Big Daddy Franks

    From Marengo he wields power.

    Very scary, who Daddy Franks hangs out with.

    Voters just HAVE to DIG BELOW the SURFACE &
    See what is REALLY going on .

    We really have no idea how we are slaves to the few,
    As you said Priest .

  9. Watchdog 2, what did you even dig up?

    Judging by the precedent set by Lou, you could get sued for defamation.

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