Rauner Discussing Property Taxes in Springfield

Bruce Rauner

Bruce Rauner

Here’s part of what Governor Bruce Rauner is doing today:

What: Governor Holds Roundtable to Discuss Lowering Property Taxes and Reforming Illinois with Taxpayers

Where: Wiley Office Furniture, 301 E. Laurel St., Springfield

Date: Thursday, May 26, 2016

Time: 10:30 a.m.

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It would be nice if he would do come to McHenry County and discuss property taxes.

And making a pitch to freeze real estate taxes probably won’t be good enough.


Rauner Discussing Property Taxes in Springfield — 10 Comments

  1. yea we certainly cant afford to take time off work to go to springfield!

  2. And we can thank Jack Franks for helping establish the Madigan machine in Springfield.

    A machine which constantly approves the spending of more tax dollars than the residents can afford.

    Thank you, liar Jack Franks!!

    BTW What time does the movie start?

  3. I’m confused, does Rauner have anything to do with property taxes?

    Isn’t it our local, all republican, county board, school board, township board, etc, that determines property taxes.

    Shouldn’t Rauner be worrying about the state of Illinois mess?

  4. Dentbla…you are absolutely correct…

    Rauner has NO CONTROL…

    its just election talking points that resonate with low information voters.

    You know what Springfield can do????

    Update and simplify the Illinois State Property Tax Code.

    In the meantime each and every property tax payer should vote in Consolidated Elections (like in April of 2017) and start engaging local taxing entities.

  5. Dentbla, as has been stated many times before, Look At You Property Tax Bill.

    The largest part of that bill, by a large percentage, goes to MCC and your local schools.

    The Boards which approve those taxes do not serve as Republicans or Democrats.

    If you want your taxes lowered, step forward and run for the Board of one of your locals schools. T

    hen we may listen to you.

  6. Is it too late to save Illinois from itself, or is it just
    a fools errand to believe that it is worth saving ?

    All the “home for sale ” signs that you have been seeing
    over the past few years are a sobering answer to that conundrum.

  7. Sure- it is all the Democrats fault-

    your 100% Republican County Board and Townships have nothing to do with my property taxes.

  8. Most taxes are paid to school districts, which are non-partisan.

  9. Inish

    Read Cal’s comments. Do you know anything about your property tax bill?

    School districts are the great majority of the tax bill.

    For your edification, school districts have no reporting relationship to the county board.

    The county board has no influence over the school districts.

    Jacko talks about impacting the property tax should he be elected, but that is just more of his empty promises and smoke and mirrors.

    Are you one of the lemmings that believes his baloney?

  10. Cal…we all know that while Consolidated Elections are non-partisan, the vast majority of local officials pull Republican ballots in the General elections.

    The data is easily obtained by the County Clerk.

    R R R R R R R R R R voting record.

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