CL High School District 155 Board Saves Taxpayers $758,000 a Year…Forever

Ted Wagner

Ted Wagner

Ran into Crystal Lake High School District 155 Board President Ted Wagner and he told me something I did not know before.

The High School Board “left $758,000 on the table.”

Those were his words.

What’s that mean?

It means that the Property Tax Cap would have allowed the school district to pull %758,000 more out of our pockets this year that it did.

And because District 155 did not tax to the max, it means that future school boards can’t get the money back.


CL High School District 155 Board Saves Taxpayers $758,000 a Year…Forever — 11 Comments

  1. What ever happened to the $78,000,000 slush fund money they were hoarding?

  2. it is a disgusting state of affairs when public officials want credit for not max-taxing us every year to the extend of the law.

  3. On one hand u r right Allen, but because Mchenry
    County has the 29th highest property taxes in the
    United States, it just isn’t enough.

    EVERY taxing area needs to dial spending back and get
    On a DIET !

    Pressure on the school boards needs to be RELENTLESS.

  4. Allen, it is a first step, but come on… he still deserves much criticism.

    And for him to say “left on the table”, he’s acting like he was entitled to it.

    We’ve been max-taxed to death and now our property taxes are some of the highest in the nation.

    Class sizes are going way down and administrator and teacher salaries are still so much higher than districts around us.

    There is just no reason for it.

  5. I would say that Wagner had nothing to do with this ” first step “. Most likely the 3 new board members were responsible. Wagner just tries to take credit for it.

    Anybody else hear the rumors that South will be closing in a few years due to low enrollment?

  6. Central is the smallest and oldest, it should go first.

    Also since Central is the closest to Metra, the property value should be the highest.

    Ted, it’s time to pass on the job to others.

    Burn out is real, I am the picture child of burn out as you well know.

  7. Jgkm6, I’ve heard the same, except it was Central that was going to get shut down.

  8. I think Prairie Ridge will be closed

    Their is 40 percent less grade school in 60012 that feed into that high school

  9. Close down Prairie Ridge and turn into a McHenry County Tech school for all of the students who dont wish to pursue a college degree.

    The economy wins because kids are getting out of school skilled to start a job.

    Many other counties have Career Centers for juniors and seniors.

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