Someone Figures Out How to Post Image on Comment Page

I have no idea how “Observer” managed to post a photo in a comment under the story about Democratic Party State’s Attorney candidate Jim Harrison’s suing a woman for writing an uncomplimentary letter to the Northwest Herald, but I hope “Observer” will provide directions under this article.

In any event, here is the posted image of the Democratic Party lawyer team of Jack Franks and Jim Harrison:

An image provided by reader "Observer" of Jack Franks ("I'll tax you!!) and Jim Harrison ("I'll sue you!!").

An image provided by reader “Observer” of Jack Franks (“I’ll tax you!) and Jim Harrison (“I’ll sue you!”).

This wouldn’t make a bad poster to put on a back side window of one’s car (except I’d probably change the type font to make the message easier to read).


Someone Figures Out How to Post Image on Comment Page — 18 Comments

  1. We are not all helpless morons.

    Where there is a will there is a way.

    People have to get creative to survive these days.

    But it’s a nice hack.

    You enjoyed it too, Cal.

  2. wait until you see them out on all the lawns and billboards.

    Well it is the truth.

  3. Cal,

    It really is quite simple.

    It is just a bit of HTML code.

    [img src=”” alt=”” /]

    Use the instead of the [ and the ]

    Hope that helps…

    I am a stay at home mom and do freelance work.

    I am always looking for new clients.

    Just give me some ideas and lets see what we can come up with.

    One thing I would ask that is if you can share this on pintrest, facebook, twitter, and instagram, it will help all of you with the under 30 crowd.

  4. Facebook,pintrest,twitter, wow, I have a feeling this picture will go everywhere.

  5. When I tried your email, it bounced back.

    Would you please email me directly?



  6. img src=”” alt=”” /

  7. [img src=”” alt=”” /]

  8. Cal?

    It may be cute what MC Observer is doing, but, do you really want to turn a basically serious blog into a facebook page?

    What’s next?


  9. I have to agree with Cindy here.

    Once people start hotlinking stuff, you will start to see a large amount of garbage that you don’t want really posted on this site.

    Another thing you have to worry about is a lot of site owners don’t like having their bandwidth stolen by hotlinks, and they sometimes take their revenge by substituting the linked image with something really vile.

    I’ve seen it happen many times.

  10. Thank you for the voice of reason, Billy Bob.

    It has been my experience that Cal is way too trusting.

    (Almost to the point of naïveté.)

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