Randy Hultgren Promoting Extension of Metra Service to Kendall County & Discovering He Has Moved There

When Randy Hultgren ran for Congress after reapportionment which brought his representation to McHenry County, he lived in DuPage County’s Winfield.

Now he lives in Plano I discovered when reading the following part of his “Hultgren Huddle” newsletter:

Metra Extension Back on Track

Metra train at Crystal Lake.

Metra train at Crystal Lake.

As a resident of Kendall County, I understand the importance of having transportation options readily available in our region. Improving transportation alternatives throughout the 14th Congressional District that use taxpayer dollars effectively is a consistent goal of mine.

In March, I convened local elected officials from Kendall County and Metra in a stakeholder meeting to discuss the future of expanding Metra service in our communities.

I wanted to ensure everyone was working together toward what’s best for Kendall County, and I was greatly encouraged by the openness of the discussion.

Because the continuation of a possible extension project of Metra through Kendall County depends on earmarks that preceded me in office, through a questionnaire I enlisted the opinions of local elected officials for their expertise.

They overwhelmingly confirmed they would like to see the process move forward and called for Metra to release the funds to complete the remaining Preliminary Engineering and Environmental studies aimed at resolving whether Metra can proceed with a county-wide extension. Please click here for more on my letter and the response from local elected officials.

In response to my letter, Metra announced they will remove the suspension on the environmental studies and allow the preliminary work on a possible Metra extension move forward. Click here for more on their response and the potential costs and future of the project.

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As one who has been involved with the Regional Transportation Authority since before its passage in 1974, let me add one element not mentioned by Hultgren in the above communication or any of the linked documents.

In all of the counties in the RTA, except Kenosha County, Wisconsin, an RTA sales tax is imposed.

Will the residents of Kendall County be willing to have the same level of sales tax imposed upon them as was imposed upon McHenry and the other collar counties by the Illinois General Assembly?


Randy Hultgren Promoting Extension of Metra Service to Kendall County & Discovering He Has Moved There — 1 Comment

  1. Drive through the Harvard, Woodstock, McHenry Metra parking lots and note the number of Wisconsin license plates.

    Many northern Illinois residents drive to Wisconsin to buy their fuel and groceries (lower sales tax and gas price) while Wisconsin residents drive to Illinois to use transit services subsidized by Illinois taxpayers.

    Great system!!!!

    Don’t you just love regional taxation?

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