Dan McConchie Draws Democrat Opponent–Kelly Mazeski

Kelly Mazeski

Dan McConchie

Dan McConchie

Appointed State Senator Dan McConchie has attracted a fall opponent.

She is Kelly Mazeski, a Sierra Club volunteer, who worked for Barack Obama’s Presidential election

Kelly Mazeski lives west of Barrington in Barrington Hills on County Line Road.

Before moving there, she lived in North Barrington, which is also in the 26th State Senate District.

There she served as an appointed Village Trustee.

After winning the Primary, incumbent State Senate Dan Duffy resigned and McConchie was appointed to take his place.

Mazeski ran for the Barrington Hills Village Board in 2013, but was unsuccessful.

This was found on the 2013 Women Institute for Leadership web site:

Kelly Chambers Mazeski has been involved in municipal government and grass roots leadership for nearly twenty years. Currently, she is a member of the Plan Commission for Barrington Hills and is running for a position on the Board of Trustees. She has also served on the Zoning Board of Appeals and Board of Trustees for North Barrington.

Additionally, Kelly has been active in politics at the national level.

For two years she worked at the Chicago headquarters of the 2008 Obama For America campaign as a member of the Energy and Environment Outreach Team during the primary election, and as Co-Chairman of the Key States Team for Energy and Environment Policy for the general election.

She also assisted former Congresswoman Melissa Bean as Outreach Coordinator on her campaign staff.

During the last two years, Kelly created and directed a grass roots coalition to address a community issue in Wisconsin where her family spends their free time.

She was recently elected president of the Northern Door Neighbors Association, which is dedicated to the preservation of historic character and scenic beauty of northern Door County, Wisconsin.

Kelly graduated from Saint Mary’s College with a BS in Biology and minors in Chemistry and Business. S

he worked as a Product Development Chemist for Stepan Company and Financial Consultant for Shearson Lehman Hutton.

She has two children in college and has been married to her husband, Conrad, for 26 years.


Dan McConchie Draws Democrat Opponent–Kelly Mazeski — 5 Comments

  1. Bald Eagle – this woman has no experience with kids soccer or parent/teacher groups.. hardly seems nearly as qualified as Schofield.

  2. Kelly is an excellent choice for this position.

    She is smart, dedicated, and on the right side of many important issues for forward thinking residents of the Barrington area.

  3. Kelly is a hard working well qualified candidate for public office.

    She works consistently to improve the environment and provides leadership in the community.

    She gets the job done on any project requiring strength and leadership.

    Kelly listens to people and she will speak well for the values we all hold dear regardless of our political persuasions.

    She values lower cost of government, acknowledges the need for jobs in Illinois and will support us at the state level.

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