Algonquin Township GOP Rolls Out Anti-Nepotism Campaign

Following up on its resolution condemning nepotism, the Algonquin Township Republican Party has produced a handout, which you can see below:

The front of the Algonquin Township Republican Party's handout on nepotism.

The front of the Algonquin Township Republican Party’s handout on nepotism.

The back of the Algonquin Township Republican Party's literature on nepotism.

The back of the Algonquin Township Republican Party’s literature on nepotism.

One of the potential targets, Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller was at the group’s meeting on June 7th.

He replied to the resolution here.


Algonquin Township GOP Rolls Out Anti-Nepotism Campaign — 15 Comments

  1. They say:

    “We have real solutions to high property taxes”

    What are those solutions, I’d like to see them in print form.

  2. To follow up on the Nob’s comment:

    “They say: “We have real solutions to high property taxes””

    I agree.

    To date the County has kind of frozen its levy but they keep approving wage increases.

    They are working on a capital plan which appears to be how Mr. Austin plans to use up the Valley Hi slush fund.

    The County just approved a new Water Resource Manager and they keep accepting federal government bribe money (grants) which all come with various ‘strings’ attached.

    I have not seen ONE item at the County, City, School Board District, Fire District, Library District, Park Board units of government in McHenry County which will lower my property taxes.

    I have seen where little lying Jack Franks mentor Mike Madigan wants a budget approved which will increase my taxes!

    I have seen a few Townships which have reduced my property taxes.

    It’s the union control of this County stupid!!

    Before you vote for any candidate, check to see where their campaign money comes from.

    The ‘hit’ pieces on Steve Reick were all funded with union dues (mostly taxpayer funded).

    Can you trace those dollars to little lying Jack Franks?

  3. The resolution is nice but it really accomplishes nothing.

    There is no law being violated.

    Want to get rid of someone who holds elected office?

    Vote him or her out.

    In a country where immigration laws are a joke and zoning laws are easily avoided (you just need the money), women cannot be assured their bathroom is only for women, resolutions such as this may gain some political capital but really accomplish nothing.

    BTW the outrageous salary being paid to the spouse of the Alg. Road Commissioner, is nothing compared to what you will see County Board members paid if the size of the County Board is reduced.

    Reduce the Board size and those elected will demand their own office space and staff.

    They will simply approve it!

    There is no law to stop them!!

  4. The practical way to discourage nepotism and awarding of patronage positions is to enforce standard hiring protocols.

    Jobs must be posted , with job description and necessary qualifications.

    Job must be rewarded to most qualified applicant.

    After the position is awarded,

    Applications can be scrutinized to determine if qualified applicants were passed over in favor of friends of insider.

    Applicants who have been discriminated against in favor of insiders have no way to determine that their failure to be hired was not based on race, religion, or sexual orientation.

    So nepotism and patronage job awards places the additional risk burden on taxpayers: inevitable discrimination civil lawsuits.

    This risk ought to persuade hiring manager that public positions be filled by non-insiders whenever possible.

  5. Cautious, it does accomplish something.

    It says that Precinct Committeemen will not support you if you’re involved in nepotism, or don’t denounce nepotism!

    Nepotism is the gateway to fraud and corruption.

    This is a good start and it took guts to do!

    Praise goes to this band of new leadership in Algonquin Township, Tirio for Recorder and any of the townships that follow!



  7. These are small thinkers who have no grand plan for redefining County Government with a focus on bringing down costs substantially.

    Their solution to Valley Hi financial exploitation of the taxpayers they serve is a prime example of their small thinking.

    They think they did a good job and for them, they did.

    These elected officials are not visionaries but are plodders.

    As such, all you can expect is saving a penny here or there while losing a penny or more elsewhere.

    This is all they are capable of doing and quite frankly what the electorate chooses to elect.

    This is why it will never change and you will be having the same discussion 10 years from now.

  8. D. Steiper: the efficient solution is installment of systematic protocol which is immune to human operator interference.

    That can work in this case:

    protocol for hiring practices which makes any public job widely available to all applicants.

    When a patronage applicant is hired, rejected applicants have the opportunity of civil litigation based upon discriminatory practices.

    Specific individual doing the hiring may be personally liable, if protocols were violated.

  9. Thanks for the comments.

    There is a lot more work to be done as we walk through the summer.

    We, the precinct committeemen, cannot do this alone.

    Any of us would love to sit down and talk about the things we want to accomplish and how to do them.

    Honest Abe – yes term limits.

    However, we want to make sure we build the bench so when we term out there is not a vacuum in the party.

    Truthfully, this is why McHenry County is so screwed up.

    You had a bunch of power brokers cutting deals and staying in power for decades.

    We, as a team, will change this.

    We will identify and develop new party leaders and candidates.

    Leaving the guilty unidentified – at the Lincoln Day Dinner in 2013 an elected official and I had a very candid conversation.

    This person told me to “wait my turn” and that the party “did not want to build the bench”.

    When I as why they simply said,

    “we like power”.

    This was a Republican.

    Personally, what I am saying only as me, is that this is BS and you are NOT a Republican.

    You are a self serving POS politician.

    So this means building the Republican party with the grassroots playing the primary roll.

    This means doing meaningful activities when elections really are not on the mind.

    That is why this summer walk program is so important.

    Together, we need to build our bench of new candidates.

    We need to realize that en-grained nepotism and crony capitalism is not good for the Republican Party our our county.

    We need everyone involved in the party.

    If you want to be involved feel free to to send me an email at

    There is a plan – some of which we talk about openly and other parts not so much.

    I do believe in the tenants of warfare and surprise is important.

    David give me a call sometime…

    I have had some say in McHenry County that the summer walk program is visionary.

    We are not having the same discussion now.

    Now we have the discussion on Nepotism inside our party.

    Now we can talk openly about how expensive our county is.

    Now we can talk about how to fix some of the problems we have.

    I am looking forward to hearing your ideas.

    Be Blessed,
    Andrew Gasser
    McHenry County Board
    Overall Nice Guy

  10. proposed solution:

    1. Establish a human resources hiring protocol which adheres to Federal anti-discriminatory hiring practices.

    2. Establish specific descriptions which breach such protocols.

    3. Establish specific hold-harmless policies which indemnify office and taxpayer from liability when individual (rogue) officeholders ignore protocols in order to award nepotism/patronage positions…making the individual political personally liable for his/her action.

  11. Andrew – boloney! You and your guys effectively told Marty McLaughlin to “wait his turn” as McConchie was already slated to run for any position opening up.

    You don’t open doors to new and deserving candidates this way.

    Your group is now just a different set of insiders that replaced the old set of insiders, and all you want to do is pre-select your candidates before even hearing the new guys out!

    You had a chance to do great things, but you blew it.

    Maybe the next set of “reformers” will get it right!

  12. Jonathan:

    In fact, it was Dan Duffy himself who personally contacted Marty McLaughlin and advised Marty to run as the best qualified candidate for IL State Senate.

    When Marty committed Duffy inexplicably shoved the political shiv into Marty’s back and ran to the arms of McChonchie who was already receiving support from Dan Proft, Joe Walsh and his walkers, including Gasser.

    Walsh, Proft and Gasser never even bothered to vet Marty or other candidates for that matter.

    You are correct, Gasser et al represent just a differnt set of insiders who are not interested in vetting candidates to find the best qualified but rather choose candidates Joe Walsh and Dan Proft tell him to choose at least on the State level.

    Let me say, i think Joe Walsh does a lot of good with his radio show but don’t believe for a minute that candidates he endorses are the best qualified based upon some objective criteria or based upon the fact that other candidates have been vetted by him or his organization.

    I think this is where Joe hurts himself with other Republicans!

    Like Pres. O’Bama, Gasser seems to excel at agitating the opposition and community organization and messaging but has not yet learned how to govern.

    Jon, you are correct, the new boss appears to be the same as the old boss!

  13. The hiring practices for government positions should follow the same protocols that are followed in the public corporation portion of the private sector.

    Yes, well written job descriptions

    A minimum of three candidates interviewed for every position
    Hiring decisions can not be made by the hiring manager alone, other oversight is imperative.

    Minimally two people interviewing each candidate, three is better

    Each candidate must be rated by each interviewer

    All interviews and ratings must be documented and appropriately filed for subsequent review

    The candidate chosen must be the highest rated

    Have the HR function of the county oversee and review each hire and pass judgement on the process and the quality of the decisions

  14. Stieper,

    I am one of the et al you through under the bus.

    When, exactly did you discuss these issues with us unwashed et al?

    I don’t even know who you are.

    Please share with us how you come to the conclusion that we are not interested in properly vetting candidates.

    Do you have the capability to see into our hearts and minds absent even the most minute contact?

    You, like all other critics without knowledge, have an opinion based on assumptions made from thin air.

    You don’t know what you are talking about. Get some facts about the people you so easily dismiss with an air of arrogance and self importance.

    Your attitude is exactly what is wrong today.

    We the unwashed et al, WILL properly vette candidates.

    We take this very seriously.

    We are a new group.

    Do you understand the stages groups go through?

    Do you need to have it explained to you?

    How about trying to help rather than firing missiles from your place of ignorance

  15. The only term limits possible now are voluntary ones.

    Even when a politician pledges to served only so many years–as State Rep. Jack Franks did–there is not sanction other than defeat at the polls when they break such a pledge, as Franks did.

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