Sexual Harrassment Complaint Filed Against McHenry County Clerk’s Husband

Ed Gil and Mary McClellan in 2011.

Ed Gil and Mary McClellan in 2011.

A complaint has been filed by Mrs. Karen Felske with the Illinois Department of Human Rights  against McHenry County Clerk Ed Gil.

The complaint is dated March 3, 2016.

Felske contends sexual harassment resulting in

  • a hostile work environment and
  • a retaliatory discharge

Gil is the husband of McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan.

Here are the guts of what was filed with the Human Rights Department:

Gils detail p1 without page numberGils detail p2.without page numberGils detail p3

From the body of the complaint one can conclude that a similar complaint could be filed with the Federal government.


Sexual Harrassment Complaint Filed Against McHenry County Clerk’s Husband — 29 Comments

  1. I couldn’t even read the whole complaint.

    That person is a pig.

    Who talks like this?

    Those aren’t even good pick-up lines!

    Who does he think he is?

    I am outraged that we pay a salary to someone so embarassingly stupid.

  2. If he is still an employee in the County Clerks office, she needs to resign. Immediately.

  3. Yet another product of NEPOTISM.

    If Mary had hired someone qualified for the job rather than someone that likely believed that they could not be fired from the job, then maybe we would have had a reasonable election and this poor woman would not have had to endure such treatment.

  4. In order for this to be a valid complaint, she would have had to tell him the comments made her uncomfortable and ask him to stop.

  5. Geez, where is Anita Hill, when you need advice?

    Ed Gill, was given way too much power and that enabled and empowered him.

    Wait and see if more people come out of the woodwork.

  6. Not defending anyone here, but it’s imperative to keep in mind that, at this point, these are still merely ALLEGATIONS.

    Anyone can file suit, against anyone, alleging just about anything.

    Until testimonies are given and rebutted, witnesses called and evidence presented – no matter how much you may dislike someone – they can not be presumed guilty.

    How about we allow this guy his day in court before burning him at the stake…

  7. Any witnesses to any or all of these alleged events when they took place ?

    None were mentioned in the complaint.

    Working in an office environment there should be plenty of people around to substantiate these allegations.

  8. These are allegations to event(s) that happened within the Clerk’s Office.

    There will be discoveries, witnesses(possibly), and rebuttals.

    Yes I agree with Mr. Serwatka that this must be played out.

    Don’t jump to conclusions of what one person said even if it is true.

    Remember what happened in so many cases where people jump the gun and the facts come out and it is totally different.

    If he did say those things then he will be fired and the County(taxpayers) will have to pay a large sum for that.

    But let things play out first.

  9. A few years ago an MCSO jailer was fired after some of his co-workers and a Sgt trumped up sexual harassment charges against him.

    They did this after he complained that the Sgt in question was giving all overtime to these particular officers.

    After 2 years, he was re-instated as ordered by a judge.

    Sexual harassment complaints were handled differently after that.

    However, I’m sure dirty politics and corruption still stink up the government center.

  10. The Human Rights Department is an investigative agency.

    They have the time and money to investigate allegations that a Lawyer or police agency does not.

    If there is a story to tell believe me they will tell it.

  11. Paul,

    Thanks for the voice of reason.

    We need to let this play out through the investigative process and if necessary through whatever judicial process may be taken.

    At this point it is an allegation.

    Nothing more and nothing less.

  12. There is one detail that raises questions in my mind.

    Mr. Gil has his last name spelled incorrectly in this complaint.

    Anyone putting forth such an allegation certainly should know how to spell the name of the supervisor they are making the allegation against.

  13. Is the guy’s last name Gil? Gills? Gils? or McClellan? The County payroll listing shows him as Gil. Is he actually the guy in the complaint?

    If it is Mr. Gil McClellan, think the County Board rapid cave in to a non-lawsuit by Local 150 may have “enabled and empowered ” the complainant?

    It would appear that Jack F—-s was involved in the IMRF County Board witch hunt.

    It would appear that Jack F—-s was involved in the primary ‘hit pieces’ against Reick.

    Any indication of a Jack F—-s involvement in the filing of the complaint?

    Although the performance of the current County Clerk is less than acceptable, I do agree with Paul. That said, the least she could do is place her husband on leave w/o pay until the complaint has been processed.

  14. Of course we have to see how this plays out. That goes without saying, Duh!
    A pattern of incompetence, arrogance not to mention nepotism strikes A G A I N.

    How much is THIS (and the other legal complaints against this Clerk) going to cost our county taxpayers?

  15. Innocent or guilty this is why nepotism should NOT be a practice in McHenry County.

    This very well could be a “Trumped/Franked up” (pun intended) charge.

    But however the Clerk deals with this and how ever this matter in the end shakes out, the cloud of favoritism and/or vindictiveness will haunt her office forever.

    My best advice, immediate suspension without pay, for the accused until the matter is resolved; but of course that will never happen, at least the without pay part.

    Oh yes, and she should resign as well for poor judgement in hiring her husband.

  16. I’m leaning to the County Board will have to vote on paying a settlement or fighting it.

  17. Now that IS sad, the Nob.

    No matter what happens and who is guilty or not, the taxpayers are always on the hook.

  18. This was the vote equipment technician!!!

    Why was the County Clerk’s HUSBAND working for her? Why is he harassing a person in charge of securing and maintaining the machines that count our votes?

    This is a scandal and if true, they should both resign.

    Stop the shenanigans!

  19. Political horseplay at work here.

    Why wait 6 months to file?

    This seems like a pretty poor case of she said he said.

  20. the complaints were taken to a lawyer very shortly after the last incident.

    the filing process took many months, including gathering enough evidence to determine there is a substantial case.

    this couple is scum in every sense of the word.

  21. Seems I heard somebody just the other day saying ‘Drain the Swamp’, it might be just about time.

    Just saying.

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