Jack Franks Still Running for State Rep. – Part 30

State Rep. Jack Franks is after more Chicago money.

You might think he is running for State Representative.

Wait a minute.

He is.

Of course, all the reporters covering the McHenry County Board chairmanship announcement said that Franks was leaving the Illinois General Assembly, that he was not running for re-election…except Pete Gonigam who reported,

“Franks qualified that saying he’d give up the Rep. race if the Committee can pick another candidate who’s both ‘electable’ and holds a political outlook consistent with his own.”

You will remember that Gonigam was the only reporter in the room when the local Democratic Party slated Franks for the county office.

So far Franks hasn’t pulled out of the race.

Has Jack Franks filed a Withdrawal of Candidacy statement yet?

Check whether Franks has filed the form yet, by clicking here.

On Monday night he is asking folks to join him at Harry Carey’s to add to his already overflowing campaign war chest.

Jack Franks doesn't have Mike Madigan as a headliner on this year's Chicago fundraiser.

Jack Franks doesn’t have Mike Madigan as a headliner on this year’s Chicago fundraiser.

Missing from this year’s fundraising invitation is House Speaker Mike Madigan’s name.

It was there in

In 2016, Mike Madigan’s name went missing from Frank’s invitation.


Jack Franks Still Running for State Rep. – Part 30 — 6 Comments

  1. Heh, heh ….Madigan’s name wasn’t removed because of any falling out between Jacko-boy and his puppet-master.

    Madigan’s name is P O I S O N in McHenry Co. ….and so has Franks’!!

    Jacko need not double the toxicity for his upcoming McHenry Co. campaigns ….yes, campaigns!

    County Commissar and State rep in Madiganistan

  2. Illinois Democrat Secretary of State Jesse White, Chicago Alderman Ed Burke, and Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart are listed on State Representative Jack Franks campaign fundraiser flyer.

    The fundraiser is to be held June 20, 2016 at Harry Carry’s Restaurant in Chicago.

    But the press thinks Jack Franks is not running for State Representative 63rd District representing western McHenry County.

    And no one can name a viable Democrat candidate other than Jack Franks for State Representative 63rd District representing western McHenry County.

    Jack Franks is in with the Chicago Cook County Democrat Machine.

    Yet we there are Republicans for Jack Franks bumper stickers in western McHenry County.

  3. Using you network to fundraise does not disqualify you from running for local office. It’s smart.

  4. Why would Chicago and Cook County Democrats fundraise in Chicago for McHenry County Board Chair.

    Maybe because they are really fundraising for State Representative 63rd District.

    The fundraising flyer says nothing about McHenry County Board Chair.

    The flyer does state that Jack Franks is State Representative.

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