Message of the Day – A Stairway

Stairway Balgo took to avoid JimRod and Cal Skinner

The stairway on the north side of the Old State Capitol that Rod Blagojevich took to avoid walking past Libertarian Party opponent Cal Skinner, Jr., and the costumed JimRod, the Two-Headed Chicken.  Picture taken during the Old Capitol Art Fair in 2016.

This is the stairway to the garage under the Old State Capitol building.

It is the one that Rod Blagojevich took to avoid walking past me and Jim-Rod, the Two-Headed Chicken.

There are two entrances to the Old State Capitol.

The night the Illinois Radio Broadcasters Association was holding its gubernatorial debate, excluding yours truly, the Libertarian Party candidate, the Republican were on the sidewalk on the front of the building.

The Democrats and Libertarians were at the back.

That’s also where the TV trucks were parked.

We had Jim Rod in costume standing near me.

JimRod, the Two-Headed Chicken was yellow.

JimRod, the Two-Headed Chicken was yellow.

All of a sudden there was a commotion on the street.

The Democrats moved to the street.

Eventually we figured out that Rod Blagojevich had gone down the stairs to the underground garage.

In order to avoid the possibility of someone’s taking a picture of him with JimRod, I’d guess.

Blagojevich just re-enforced his chicken-hearteness, in my view.

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