Jack Franks Still Running for State Rep. – Part 34

Since this 2010 billboard, the numbers have undoubtedly increased.

Since this 2010 billboard, the numbers have undoubtedly increased.

Here we are on almost the longest day of the year and State Rep. Jack Franks is still on the ballot for his 10th election.

Sunday, May 15th, Pete Gonigam reported,

“Franks qualified that saying he’d give up the Rep. race if the Committee can pick another candidate who’s both ‘electable’ and holds a political outlook consistent with his own.”

But Franks hasn’t pulled out of the race.

Franks could accurately be described as a “union Democrat.”

This post details the $25,100 he has received from Fire Fighters PAC (IAFF union) to Illinois State Representative Jack D Franks PACs.

Franks Firefighters PAC contributions
IAFF = International Association of Fire Fighters, state affiliate is Association Fire Fighters of Illinois (AFFI).
Fire Fighters PAC name on ISBE website: Associated Fire Fighters of IL PAC

Illinois State Board of Elections (ISBE) Committee ID: 1107
www.elections.state.il.us > Search Options > Committee Search > Search

Jack Franks PAC #2 (active): Committee Name – Supporters of Jack D Franks, Committee ID 19464

Jack Franks PAC #1 (inactive): Committee Name – Citizens For Jack D Franks, Committee ID 13681

= = = = =
Has Jack Franks filed a Withdrawal of Candidacy statement yet?

Check whether Franks has filed the form yet, by clicking here.


Jack Franks Still Running for State Rep. – Part 34 — 21 Comments

  1. I once knew a politico called Franks,

    Who’s papa owned Wonder Lake Banks.

    In ’91, he was thin,

    But the longer he stayed in,

    He kept sayin’ “Gorging’s no sin!”

    –on the taxpayers’ skin.

    No look at the mess we’re all in!

  2. The unions are primary contributors to the political campaigns of Jack Franks.

    So it is no surprise that Jack Franks accuses Governor Rauner of union busting.

    But Jack Franks claims he has never voted for a tax hike.

    What was the result of all the union friendly legislation on which Jack Franks voted aye?

    Oh, that wasn’t a tax hike, it just resulted in increased taxes?

  3. Between contributions from Franks relatives and the various banks, you can account for about TWO MILLION dollars in his campaign fund.

    McHenry County cannot afford little lyin Jack!

  4. This blog has devolved to a yearly docu-dump of salaries, a regurgitation of Jack Franks stories from the political history stoneage and comments from McHenry County GOP central committee lackies.

    What a truly missed opportunity.

    Cal Skinner needs to resign, he long ago peaked in terms of creativity and newsworthiness.

  5. Moderate,

    Cal is on vacation.

    Give the man a break. At least he hadn’t left Illinios altogether– then McHenry Co residents really wouldn’t have a place to get information.

  6. Moderate?

    You are a nitwit.

    This is Cal’s hobby.

    How dare you come into his living room and accuse him!

    Why don’t you resign your position as town fool?

  7. Moderate,

    I agree that Franks is from the political history stone age.

    We agree with the implication of your statement, that he is a political dinosaur.

    He belongs with all other dinosaurs, off the field and in the history books.

    We just want to speed his entry into those history books. The sooner the better.

    You seem to be in agreement that his time has passed by your word choice.

    I want to personally thank you for providing the dinosaur view of Franks.

    It is altogether fitting and proper.

    I think you will see that pop up in numerous places, and with frequency.

    You provided great political copy.


  8. Cindy- this is Cal’s hobby? you’re kidding right?

    Cal claims to be a journalist you claim its his hobby.

    I say it is how he maintains power.

  9. Spot on Inish – Maybe Cal can point out that Walkup is a career politician who has run for more offices for many more years than Franks.

    The difference is Walkup isn’t good at winning elections or governing.

    Walkup is the career politician in this race and this election is a referendum on him and the Cal Skinner/Mike Walkup coalition.

    All of the commentors or observers on this blog need a real gut check because Cal/Walkup spend more time ingratiating themselves on the taxpayers’ dime or this blog than they do effectively governing or informing the GOP caucus.

    Instead, they lead you as fools while Cal endorses failed candidates like Joe Walsh, John O’Neil, Steve Reick, Tonya Franklin and Mike Walkup.

    That’s not leadership.

  10. Has there ever been a disclosure of any outside funding sources for Cal and the blog?

  11. Pension benefit hiking Jack Franks.

    And thus tax hiking Jack Franks.

    Guess who funds pension benefit hikes…taxpayers.

    The worst type of benefit and tax hikes since the resulting hiked benefits have a constitutional protection not to be diminished or impaired.

  12. Jack Franks is a key for the Democrats to maintain supermajority in the Illinois State House of Representatives.

    Many Jack Franks organized labor campaign contributions are from Cook County labor unions.

    The Democrats will do anything to keep the 63rd State Representative District currently held by Jack Franks as a Democrat seat.

    Including running Democrat Jeffery Lichte as Republican in the Republican primary for 63rd State Representative District, with heavy campaign contributions running a smear campaign against his opponent, Steve Reick.

    But Reick prevailed.

    Including having Democrat union leader Ron Eck challenge the nominating petitions of Steve Reick.

    But Reick prevailed.

    And now it’s Jack Franks announcing he will not seek re-election as Democrat candidate for 63rd State Representative District.

    But Franks has not withdrawn.

    Franks is still in that race, and the race for McHenry County Board Chair.

    He can legally stay in both races, win both races, and serve both positions.

    Or there are a lot of other possibilities.

    The Democrats are attempting to make further inroads into McHenry County, by maintaining 63rd District State Representative, and picking up McHenry County Board Chair.

  13. Mark,

    Mike Walkup is a failed Democratoc candidate who switched to the GOP because it was convenient.

    That’s who you are supporting

  14. So a Republican should vote for:

    – public sector pension benefit hiking,

    – public sector retiree healthcare benefit hiking,

    – Rauner is a union buster,

    – I vote to keep Michael Madigan as Speaker of the House

    – as State Rep I helped Michael Madigan achieve a super majority in the State House

    – I hold a big annual fundraiser in Chicago (not McHenry County) to get loads of union and other contributions outside McHenry County

    – my State Rep primary opponents (Steve Reick) nominating petitions miraculously get challenged by a
    Democrat union leader

    – my State Rep primary opponent (Steve Reick) miraculously has a Democrat challenger (Jeffery Lichte) running in a Republican Primary (tried and true Cook County Democrat machine technique).

    Jack Franks,

    instead of Republican Mike Walkup.

    The number one fiscal problem in the State of Illinois is pensions.

    Is Jack Franks calling to scale back the pension benefit hikes he voted for, hikes that were for the most part underfunded, hikes that were done while most the pensions were underfunded?


    Jack Franks voted to make the #1 fiscal problem in the state worst.

    Jack Franks the pension benefit hiker goes after McHenry County Board pensions instead of much more significant pension reform, because McHenry County Board members are his Republican opponents and not in a union.

    Jack Franks had since 1999 to go after pensions, call attention to all the problems, but he did not.

    Does Jack Franks recommend everyone read the book Illinois Pension Scam?

    If you are concerned about taxes, you should be concerned about pensions, because the biggest taxpayer problem is pensions.

  15. Jack Franks is a failed Democrat tax hiker who convinces Republicans he is not a tax hiker.

    That is who you are supporting.

  16. They support liars, Mark.

    Baby killers and liars.

    Some of them admit to not understanding the English language.

    Inish for example has no idea what a journal is.

    What would you expect from them?

  17. McHenry County Blog welcomes contributions to pay for the internet access, photo costs, tech guy’s help, etc.

    Make checks payable to McHenry County Blog and mail them to

    c/o Cal Skinner
    275 Meridian St.
    Crystal Lake, IL 60014

  18. Tonya Franklin, of course, was not allowed by the GOP Central Committee to give Jack Franks fits.

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