Kim Zinke Indicted on Three Counts of Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance

Kane County Deputy Sheriff Kim Zinke has been indicted on three counts of unlawful possession of a controlled substance, according to the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Kim Zinke

Kim Zinke

The indictment was filed yesterday in the McHenry County Circuit Clerk’s Office.

McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi, who strongly supported Bill Prim in his campaign to win the Republican nomination for Sheriff over Andy Zinke, did not think it proper for his office to handle the investigation of Kim Zinke.

His Lake County counterpart agreed to handle the investigation and prosecution, which will take place in Woodstock, where the Zinke’s reside.

Kim Zinke has been on paid leave from the Kane County Sheriff’s Department since the investigation began over a year ago.

The charges are Class 4 felonies carrying possible sentences of 1 to 3 years in state prison.

Prior to working for the Kane County Sheriff’s Department, Kim Zinke worked for the McHenry County Sheriff.


Kim Zinke Indicted on Three Counts of Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance — 39 Comments

  1. Maybe, when this is all done, Andy and Kim will have to find jobs working in a factory.

    Perhaps, they will finally realize what it means to lose their livelihood and their life savings like so many others have had to do, because of the lasting effects of corruption in their lives.

  2. Come on Cal…put the picture up of Undersheriff Zinke giving you the finger….it’s a fitting addition.😂😂😂😂😂

  3. A sad tragedy, but she’s still innocent ’till proven guilty.

  4. Plenty of good news today – local, national and international !

  5. God bless you Zane.

    You were right all along when the newspaper went after you.

    You were telling the truth.

  6. This sure made my day.

    Zinke’s, both of them are pure corruption.

    Nice to see the law will prevail.

    Maybe she can get Jim Harrison as her attorney.

  7. So, Andy Zinke uses the FBI to investigate me which turned up nothing.

    Now this!

    How are you enjoying life now Zinke?

  8. David?

    Please email me.

    I’d like to collaborate on some of your knowledge.

  9. Sure it was not a basket of peaches, Nob.

    3 counts means 3 different types.

  10. I’m sure now that things were filed and it becomes public there will be more information on what each of the counts were.

  11. I hope the Lake County SA doesn’t let her cop to a misdemeanor.

    I believe that she would be able to keep her pension in that case.

    It’s already a disgrace that she was able to draw her salary on suspension for so long.

  12. I actually feel bad for her children.

    Both parents started as law enforcement and mom is now arrested for 3 felonies.

    How short sighted she was.

    Andy fell into the crosshairs when he made certain associations.

    He will be a single Dad for a while.

    If only he had the character to work with Bill Prim, he might have avoided the unemployment line.

    Now with his wife’s arrest he likely needs to consider putting his MBA (he talked about it much) to practical use.

  13. The States atty should make no deal at all.

    Wait and see if she is dumb enough to hire the remnants of Gummerson’s firm to defend herself.

    Of course her husband fired them.

    When law enforcement breaks the rules there should be limited concessions for felonious conduct.

  14. She turned herself in and got a $10,000 bond so she only needs a $1,000.00 to get out.

    She is most likely home right now.

    It is a shame that when things like this happen it’s the kids that suffer.

    She worked in an evidence room where there are drugs but they say no cases were compromised;

    She collected drugs that people turned in to have them disposed of properly

    Guess someone had sticky fingers.

  15. If she in fact “liberated” drugs while on the clock as a deputy, it would seem to be a slam dunk official misconduct charge.

    Perhaps they just charged her with possession so she could do drug court and avoid a felony conviction.

    If she gets to keep her pension after already getting paid for doing nothing for over a year, I’m going to be seriously po’d.

  16. If she really was on paid leave for a year then someone should be held accountable as that is outrageous!

  17. Billy Bob I think the allegations are that she was responsible for the receipt of pharmaceutical drugs that citizens dropped off to the Kane County drug drop off.

    After the dropped off drugs were deposited with the Kane Co. Sheriff she was supposed to log them in and dispose of them.

    The allegation is that she retrieved these same drugs and was using them for her personal consumption.

    I was told that the Illinois State Police were notified of her behavior and set up a sting whereby the ISP placed specific drugs into the depository and waited until Kim recorded the deposits which omitted certain drugs.

    Thereafter the search warrant was issued and served.

    The same drugs deposited by the State Police were recovered at her home.

    It may be because of the sting that the prosecution advanced charges for possession alone.

    When she fights this she will go down.

    Her best result will be a negotiated guilty plea on one felony.

  18. This has the potential to screw up a lot of cases.

    Even if there is no proof that she took anything from the evidence room, a defense lawyer in a case that depends upon evidence held in that room will be able to bring up the fact that a less than trustworthy person had access to the evidence.

  19. @CP,pretty sure she was on paid leave for a year.

    If we need to take someone to task, let’s get the legislators who approved the law.

    That’s the law.

    It’s not Zinke’s fault nor is it the Kane County Sheriff’s fault.

    There’s this bit about innocent until proven guilty that a lot of folks just don’t get.

    @Observer, I question the accuracy of your information.

    She’s been suspended for well over a year, right?

    You say you have information that it was a sting set up by the ISP.

    Well, maybe.

    How do you explain that she was caught in the act way back then and only now just charged?

    Granted there can be some lag time between a sting going down and charging but rarely is there any need or excuse for it to go this long, especially when it’s as clear cut as you (or your source) would believe.

    This sounds like a hail mary pass that is doomed to failure.

    What if it turns out the only drugs found are something like diet pills or sleep aids for which she has a prescription?

    @Billy Bob.

    I’m just down the road from your crappy bar in Fort Worth but even here in Texas we don’t call somebody untrustworthy until they’ve been convicted.

    You have publicly inferred that Zinke is untrustworthy which asserts that the allegations against her are true.

    How much money do you have in your piggy bank if she’s not convicted?

    Probably not all that much.

    Slack jaws are rarely wealthy!

    Why don’t we all wait for the trial before we get out the rope?

  20. Does anyone know why the NW Herald has NOTHING on their website about this?

  21. Because they are totally clueless, superfly.

    Have you tried to read that paper?

    None of it makes any sense and most articles are from AP.

    An old-fashioned school newspaper would be more informative.

  22. The pension is at stake only if she is convicted of a felony.

  23. Nygren fired many people prior to their trials.

    The only person i can recall that was paid gor an extended period was that exemplorary citizen Greg Pyle.

  24. My guess is that this case has moved so slowly because Kane County had to speak with a bunch of defense lawyers about potential chain of custody problems with evidence.

    It’s not good when someone who works in your evidence room is charged with three felonies for drug possession.


    Is that you, Andy?

  25. Any gamblers here? The result will be either Probation, First Offender Probation, or Not Guilty. You can have Conditional Discharge and Prison. I can’t lose here, ever.

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