Looking for the Beef in Jack Franks’ Latest Consolidation Bill

Holcombville Cemetery on Crystal Springs Road in Nunda Township.

Holcombville Cemetery on Crystal Springs Road in Nunda Township where the grass has to be mowed whether it is a separately governed or under the direct supervisor of the Nunda Township Board.

Andy Shaw of the Better Government Association bragged that Jack Franks’ bill that would allow the McHenry County Board to do what the DuPage County Board had done with regard to governmental consolidation deserved “a shout out.”

I remember Franks’ first consolidation bill–one that allowed Richmond and Nunda Townships to abolish their Township Cemetery Districts.

But what money would be saved?

The Cemetery District Trustees appointed by their respective township boards would still have to cut the grass and prune the bushes.

Where's the Beef?

Where’s the Beef?

The only savings would be the Trustees’ salaries.

That totals $1,500.

That’s about 7.5% of the total property tax burden.

When I received an email from the BGA praising Franks’ newest consolidation bill, I replied,

“Name government where savings from Jack’s bill could result in McHenry County.”

No reply arrived.

Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller showed me how the DuPage County Board’s having abolished a fire protection district and replacing its financing with a Special Service Area tax had raised the cost for the affected property owners.

So, as with the proposal to consolidate townships, I ask Andy Shaw and Jack Franks.

“Where’s the beef?”


Looking for the Beef in Jack Franks’ Latest Consolidation Bill — 12 Comments

  1. Has Jackie done anything that is not smoke and mirrors?

    What has he done in his 18 years in office that has actually saved taxpayers real $?

    I really do want to know.

    I hear he talks about tax avoidance, but the taxes still go up.

    That does not count.

  2. As I am walking my precinct, I am taking my tax bill with me to start conversations.

    The county board has about 10% of the tax impact on my bill, and they already reduced their tax impact on the Citizens of McHenry County.

    So I am wondering what impact Jackie will have on his promise to reduce taxes.

    Should the county make the mistake of electing him board chair, he wont even have a vote.

    Since he has so gracefully connected with all the board members with his allegations, I am sure the board members will be excited and willing to work with him (lol).

    So, for those of you who support Jackie, how will he reduce my taxes as county board chair?

    I think the readers of this blog would really like to hear his plan.

    Educate us…

  3. I would vote yes to consolidate townships, for this simple reason:

    I live in Seneca township, houses across the street are in Dorr township.

    When we call Seneca Assessor to ask why our older, smaller homes are assessed higher than newer bigger houses across the street from us (Dorr township), we are told that the County Assessor puts a quota on Seneca Township, and the Seneca assessor must raise our assessments accordingly.


    Who knows.

    But if given a chance to lower my property tax bill I will vote for it.

  4. Susan?

    I don’t follow how that would lower your tax rates.

    Isn’t that like saying we need a minimum wages law and then you priced yourself out of a job?

    Do you think the people that have lower taxes will pick up your slack?

    I don’t see the reasoning behind your statements.

    Don’t your statements just prove that Dorr township is run better than Seneca township?

  5. Jack is an interesting microstudy of why there is world wide concern over how people are being led.

    Jack is an empty vessel.

    An affable doof who is capable of being like able while forwarding and voting for the larger impulses of truly powerful men like Madigan.

    Madigan is an amazing man with a vision and extraordinary ability to enforce his vision.

    He is the Dictator of Illinois and yet has the ability to promote the idea others have some kind of voice or influence.

    Madigan is to be admired inasmuch as he has absolutely enslaved most of the legislators and 50% of the electorate, sold the rest of the legislators and electorate into indentured servitude, enriched his family beyond measure while producing nothing and still remains in office in a leadership position.

    Jack is a symptom.

    Jack is a breath in a whirlwind.

    Jack promotes and does nothing and will be nothing the day he doesn’t fully follow Madigan’s program.

    Should Jack not pick up on his fundraising to kick money upstairs he will lose what little voice he currently has downstate.

    Vote Jack out.


    But mind the overall vision for your continued enslavement and the moves made through the most units of government in the US to make certain you never get out from under the non producing politicians control.

    Mind your neighbors.

    They are your greatest hope for salvation and those who are paid from your sweat will be your immediate and most effective overlords.

    Madigan doesn’t hold the whip.

    Madigan smiles while he orders Jack to put you under the lash.

    Jack pays many to be sure the lash is worked constantly and effectively.

    We continue to work to free you but without your help you will remain enslaved.

  6. The assessed home value is taxed at the going rate in that district .

    Townships is a tiny portion compared to schools, etc.

    So we have Seneca homes overassessed, and Dorr homes underassessed, compared to one another.

    That means we in Seneca are subsidizing Dorr residents.

  7. Property taxes are like sales taxes on your home.

    Every year you go through the checkout.

    We all pay the same sales tax RATE, but that RATE is charged on a subjective evaluation of the value of each individual purchase.

  8. Susan. I know all that.

    Still not explaining how getting rid of townships would lower your taxes.

    Unless you are just hoping.

  9. Excellent analogies, Priest.

    I think you are over everyone’s head, though.

    The rah rah crowd is unable to engage critical thinking.

  10. Always like your posts, Priest.

    However, after 9 terms Jack Franks is not just an
    ‘Empty vessel’.

    Franks is more a creator of chaos than anything else.

    He has ties to all the union contributors he has to
    Make happy & vote as Madigan tells him to, plus
    Coming back to Mchenry county & criticizing the
    County Board.

    Franks is ‘ a symptom’ like other career politicians
    Who believe they have their own mandate to go about
    doing whatever they want .

    Franks helped create the mess/chaos in Springfield & feels

    No responsibility.

    Now he decides to run for Mchenry County Board after
    Criticizing the board for things that were already in the
    Works for being changed.

    Franks is an agent of chaos & let’s not forget self-aggrandizement.

    VOTE Jack Franks OUT !

    VOTE FOR Michael Walkup & Steve Reick !

  11. There is no beef in Jackie’s consolidation bill.

    Show me anything he has done in his 18 disasterous years in office that is important and has helped the tax payers.

    Zero, nada, zilch, zippo, those would be the descriptors of Jacks politician career.

    Although he has been able to put HIMSELF in a situation to be able to collect a pension for HIS part time politician position.

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