Message of the Day – A Billboard

This is a billboard from Kentucky.

It was put up by the Cuba Church of Christ located ten miles South of Mayfield, Kentucky.

It urges Christians to stop being silent about the Devil.

"Satan Loves Silence." That's the message of

“Satan Loves Silence.” That’s the message of the Cuba Church of Christ on this billboard ten miles south of Mayfield, Kentucky.


Message of the Day – A Billboard — 5 Comments

  1. Yes, this billboard delivers a very powerful and timely message – the Hildabeast must be defeated.

    Send Satan’s daughter back to Hades once and for all.

  2. Splendid.

    But a scant few will feel so ‘threatened’ … better take it down.

    It could lead to a something. Something unpleasant to Hollweirdos, Banksters, LGBT, the people misrunning our public schools.

    George Clooney and Boy George had to take the vapors after they glimpsed he the sign. ex-Gov.

    Quinn actually went into a swoon of rage.

  3. Which Christians have been silent. I do not know of any. Suggestion for next billboard: Christians persecuted!!!
    Both signs would be just as true.

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