Push to Merge Cook County Recorder and Clerk’s Offices

The Cook County Board is considering putting a question on the ballot asking if voters want to merged the Cook County Recorder’s and Clerk’s Offices.

The Chicago Tribune pushed the Cook County Board to put a question on the ballot to allow voters to decide if the offices of the Cook County Recorder and Cook County Clerk should be merged.

The Chicago Tribune pushed the Cook County Board to put a question on the ballot to allow voters to decide if the offices of the Cook County Recorder and Cook County Clerk should be merged.

One of Joe Tirio's web site. (The other is IWontHireMyWife.com.)

One of Joe Tirio’s web site. (The other is IWontHireMyWife.com.)

That’s what Republican candidate for McHenry County Recorder Joe Tirio has made the capstone of his campaign for the office.

The last time a Cook County Office was eliminated was when Republican Don Mulak ran for the office on the platform of replacing it with a Medical Examiner.

Mulak lost, but the County Board made the change.


Push to Merge Cook County Recorder and Clerk’s Offices — 21 Comments

  1. Yea But Joe Tirio is just another political Hack with a good sound bite.

    My money is on Lynn Gray for New McHenry County Recorder.


  2. Joe and Andrew leading the pack.

    Will the old partisan dudes follow the scent or keep trying to be the Fox?

  3. Yea but McHenry County was not willing to put on the Ballot Tirio can do this it requires the County Board.

    So sit and shut up and watch this Tirio imposter loose this race.

  4. Hmmm, the term ‘political hack’, what does
    That really mean ?

    Well, that isn’t Joe Tirio in any way or shape .

    If you go to Joe’s website ‘iwonthiremy wife.com’.
    You would see he has NEVER held a political office.

    Has only worked in the private sector, primarily in
    Managerial roles for some fairly impressive companies.

    Also, Joe STARTED a group called ‘Voters in Action’
    in Mchenry county to look into political transparency etc..

    Don’t see how any of this would give credence to
    Using the term ‘political hack’.

    LOVE the FACT that Joe has the very creative BIG IDEA
    Of trying to do away with a tax paid government
    Office !

    Based on Joe’s solid work credentials, civic mindedness
    & creative BIG IDEA, he has my vote & should have
    EVERYONE elses.

    Go Joe Tirio go !

  5. Joe is just the kind of person we need as our next Recorder.

    Smart and resourceful, Joe will bring an entirely new level of energy and professionalism to McHenry County Government. Go Joe!

  6. Joseywhales and stand4truth ( what a misnomer! )

    Joe Tirio is a bright businessman with a detailed plan.

    He is no political hack.

    Nor is he an imposter.

    Quite the contrary.

    He has a long list of accomplishments and high end results in difficult turnaround situations.

    He is articulate and an excellent communicator.

    Joe fully understands the human dynamics involved in implementing big changes, and he has a very successful record in doing so.

    Joe also has a detailed plan that sets him apart from almost all candidates regardless of the position they are seeking.

    You have clearly, as usual, done zero research.

    Joe Tirio is a class act and a consummate gentleman.

    It is one thing to attack differences in approach to a position, but to attack a person as a political hack or imposter is described as an adhominem attack.

    You have nothing to back up your infantile statements, therefore, they are absent any value.

    It is experientially based common knowledge that such personal attacks always demonstrate that the people perpetrating the attack have no logical argument available to them.

    Thus they, in this case, you, are left with nothing but childish schoolyard behavior, which you have demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    You may think that your boorish comments have scored some points, but that would only be in the minds of children or adults who have never matured beyond the age of 13.

    Grow up.

    Oh, you might consider a new financial advisor if that is where you are placing your life savings.

  7. Say what you will but that doesn’t make Joe Tirio The right candidate for the Recorders office.

    I’m Not buying the Joe good guy sound bite and willing to bet the accomplishments you stated here are over exaggerated at best.

    What kind of gut sends a fruit basket to the office he’s running for while bragging about putting all these employs out of work?

    No Class!

  8. The relevant issue is the plan, not the person.

    The plan Tirio described will save McHenry County taxpayers $150,000 annually by eliminating a redundant patronage position, and will presumably also decrease the amount of patronage job hiring available when two public offices are consolidated.

  9. Isn’t it funny how the anonymous cowards hiding behind screen names are the ones who “poo poo” everyone who is bringing new, fresh ideas to government locally?

    If we “stand for truth” then we know Joe Tirio is the right guy for the job.

    Consolidation needs to happen – its a no brainer.

    Joe is the only candidate with a plan to do this.

    Will the clerk buy off on it?

    I do not know.

    Will the County Board buy off on it?

    Maybe the next one.

  10. Just the mention of Joe’s business background and his desire to reduce the cost and size of government is enough to bring the ‘Libtard Trolls’ out to play.

    Joe is one of the leaders of a new breed of Republicans who will reform our County government and reduce our taxes. Joe Tirio has my vote!

  11. Hey Gas Bag why don’t you do something that actually means something rather than fill the room with hot air.

    What have you done that is actually worth while talking about and substantive.

    The reason you have so much time on your hands is because you do not have a day job like the rest of the people so you go around spewing your non sense and you are no better than the claims against Franks where you claim a lot of movement but you are really not moving any where.

  12. Speaking of no class then Andrew gassbaggs shows up, lol.

    Andrew, lets talk about your accomplishments why don’t we?


  13. Is ‘stand4truth’ and “JoseyWhales” the same person?

    Look at their diction and writing style.

    They most certainly seem to be the same person, bitter toward Tirio because he won the Primary.

    Sour grapes makes Joni Smith a very ugly loser.

    Another reason I believe these posters are Joni is because she states the ‘fruit basket’ to the office.

    How would she know that if she weren’t Joni?

    Some people from that office may wonder about their potential new boss.

    If he sent a ‘fruit basket’ that’s a very nice thing to do (that he didn’t have to btw!)

    I’d say he’s a Class Act!

    MOST IMPORTANTLY, Tirio is out to abolish HIS JOB of ‘Elected Recorder’, not the office workers in the Recorders Office (unless they’re redundant patronage hires from the last administration).

    Just the elected office of Recorder.

    A lot of people think that’s great!

    I’m sorry you didn’t win Dear, but Joni, either you’re not smart enough to realize what Joe’s plan is, or you’re spreading lies and propaganda.

    Either way, that certainly makes YOU the one that definitely should NOT have gotten that job!

    Good going McH Co Voters!

  14. No one has ever cared about the Recorders race… until Tirio came along and committed news and became the media ‘darling’!

    The guy’s always in the news for something he’s doing that’s good for the taxpayer, whether it relates to the office he’s running for, or his voter advocacy watchdog group holding local govt accountable to the taxpayer.

    Don’t know when the guy sleeps!

    Geez this has to be my favorite chunk in this article …

    “But don’t take our word for the chronic uselessness of the recorder’s office. Eight years ago, then-Ald. Edsmith ran for recorder with the goal of eliminating the office: “At its best, the current recorder’s office is a visionless public body that merely shuffles paper,”

    “At its worst, the recorder’s office is a patronage job basement warehouse that escapes the spotlight of public scrutiny because it is considered too low-profile to matter.”

    That wasn’t long after Darlena Williams-Burnett, then the chief deputy recorder, told a Tribune reporter:

    “I manage a bunch of knuckleheads on a daily basis.”

    Cook County knows!

    So does Tirio!

    Clean it up, Joe!

  15. No, She only qualifies to be a worker bee there.

    JOE TIRIO is able to LEAD in this merger, abolish His Elected Position and Serve the Taxpayers well by saving County operating costs!

    Leadership, Experience, Knowledge, Courage, and a bonafied Plan.

    No contest.

    Joe wins!

  16. Willis, Joni is not posting here anonymously or otherwise.

    Stupid bully, you must be from Cary

  17. “the Mrs.” you don’t know that!

    Whomever is posting is awfully against anyone for better govt, consolidation and NEPOTISM.

    She is so obviously posting here or some knuckle dragging friend or relative is.


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