Boat Stickers Taking over a Month to Process

A pontoon boat on Wonder Lake.

A pontoon boat on Wonder Lake.

The second week of June I was getting nervous that my boat sticker might not arrived before the old one ran out on June 30th.

I had sent my check to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

First I had to remember I needed a new sticker, since DNR, like the Secretary of State’s Office, is not sending out reminder notices.

My application and check was in the mail on May 18th.

Boat Sticker 2016-19Sometime during the time we were on vacation, the renewal boat stickers arrived.

I could have used a credit card, but that would have cost a couple of dollars more.

Knowing how cheap I am, you will not be surprised that I passed up that opportunity.


Boat Stickers Taking over a Month to Process — 2 Comments

  1. Ya’ll want to starve government.

    This is what you get.

    I love when conservatives complain that something takes a long time to process, yet they also refuse to support adequate funding, and, yes, revenue, to actually address the problem.

  2. Actually, the fee undoubted more than pays for the clerks’ salaries.

    I believe your Governor Blagojevich and his fellow Democrats raised it.

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