Jack Franks – Doing What He Does Best

Jack Franks wasn't promoting the Term Limits he didn't follow on the House floor today.

Jack Franks wasn’t promoting the Term Limits he didn’t follow on the House floor today.

During debate on this last day before Illinois would enter its second year without a budget, State Rep. Jack Franks took the floor.

Doing what he does best, Franks caught the attention of three reporters.

What Mike Flannery heard.

What Mike Flannery heard.

Here's what Mary Ann Ahern heard.

Here’s what Mary Ann Ahern heard.

Here's what David Ormsby heard.

Here’s what David Ormsby heard.

It is pretty obvious that Franks has nothing to do with the budgetary process.

He could have been positioned by now to have some influence, if he had stayed on one of the House Appropriations Committees.

Maybe avoiding the taint of such a tax hike next year is why Franks wants out of Springfield.

Now, if he would only file his Statement of Withdrawal, he could fulfill that wish.


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  1. What is Jack’s plan for the budget?

    After almost 18 years ya think he may have something in writing about the budget, some kind of plan?

  2. Jack Franks and most the rest of the Illinois General Assembly (State Representatives and Senators) unnecessarily cause high taxes.

    Pension benefit hikes, retiree healthcare benefit hikes, current salary and benefit hikes, union hiking legislation.

    Most of the pension and retiree healthcare hikes underfunded or unfunded.

    At a time when the pension and retiree healthcare systems were already underfunded.

    The hikes enjoying a state constitution stating the hikes are contractual and cannot be diminished or impaired.

    Then Jack Franks claims he has never voted for a tax hike.

    That is Jack Franks math.

    If you care about taxes you have to understand pensions and retiree healthcare in Illinois.

    You cannot understand taxes unless you understand that mess.

    The Illinois pensions and retiree healthcare systems were grossly mismanaged by the Illinois General Assembly and Governors.

    Read the Illinois Pension code.

    Legal but immoral and it has created chaos.

    One has to think the puppeteers do not mind chaos.

    If there is chaos, there will be campaign contributions to solve the chaos.

    The layman’s glimpse into the madness is The Illinois Pension Scam.

    Has Jack Franks read the Illinois Pension Scam.

    Does Jack Franks explain pensions to taxpayers?

    Pension benefits and retiree healthcare benefits should have been frozen, not hiked, until the pendions and retiree healthcare was fully funded.

    That did not happen.

    If Jack Franks was fighting for the taxpayer, why did he not propose that legislation in 1999.

    Or 2000.

    Or 2001.

    Or 2002.

    Or 2003.

    Or 2004.

    Or 2005.

    Or 2006.

    Or 2007.

    Or 2008.

    Or 2009.

    Or 2010.

    Or 2011.

    Or 2012.

    Or 2013.

    Or 2014.

    Or 2015.

    Or 2016.

    Now is this an advanced tricky concept to comprehend?

    Do not increase something that is underfunded.


    Instead we heard “no appreciable” impact or something similar, if we heard anything at all, at the time of the hikes.

    Republican Governor Bruce Rauner has a comprehensive plan called the Turnarund Agenda.

    Democrat State Representative 63rd Distric Jack Franks called Bruce Rauner a union buster.

    Before voting for Jack Franks, read the Turnaround Agenda.

    What is the Democrat Turnaround Agenda?

    Tax hikes.

  3. Did you see what Mark did there listing each year followed by a period.

    Yes, he made a bunch of incomplete sentences.

    Anyway, why don’t we just pass a 50% pension tax and end this folly?

  4. Those are complete sentences.

    The problem is they are not declarative because there is no exclamation point.

    Thus they are interogative and should be followed by question marks, not periods.

    Where did you go to school?

  5. Cal says, “Now, if he would only file his Statement of Withdrawal, he could fulfill that wish.”

    is this the place where I say I told you so?

    Of course it’s not.

    Oh, and “Or 2012.”

  6. It took seven weeks, during which a Democratic candidate for State Rep. could have been campaigning.

  7. I don’t have a clue what the Hell Watching is even talking about. (I don’t suppose they do, either.)

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