What You Can Do to Stop Higher School Taxes TODAY

Woodstock resident Susan Handlesman offers the following good advice of how you might influence Governor Bruce Rauner to veto a bill that is, if signed, is bound to increase local school taxes:

Contact Rauner: Stop schools’ tax cap evasion loophole, veto HB 5529

Bruce Rauner promised many times to rein in real estate taxes. This is his first chance to do so.

Bruce Rauner promised many times to rein in real estate taxes. This is his first chance to do so.

Schools have specific tax caps in discrete Funds. For example, 4% of EAV is maximum allowable rate in Education Fund.

One way schools evade these maximum rates allowed by law is to deliberately over-levy in another Fund (like Transportation Fund), then transfer excess accumulation of tax money into the tax capped Funds (like Education Fund).

This tax cap evasion loophole, which destroys the only real protection property taxpayers have left, is on Rauner’s desk to be signed .

The Governor has the power to STOP this House Bill 5529.

HB 5529 provides perversion of the spirit of the school code, which seeks to restrain school spending within (generous) limits relative to the means of the taxed community.

Link to email Rauner:


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You can read about the most recent attempt, an illegal one, to over levy in the Transportation Fund by linking to the article below:


What You Can Do to Stop Higher School Taxes TODAY — 6 Comments

  1. Jack Franks will tell you that he voted against HB5529, but since 2003 he’s voted 5 times to extend that very same bill and in 2013 was the bill’s co-sponsor.

    He’ll tell you he’s never voted for a tax increase (which isn’t true), but in all those years, he’s done little to nothing to lower your property taxes.

    This is a glaring example.


  2. All throughout this blog people complain about real estate taxes, and yet few understand that this bill, HB 5529, allows each school district to add levy funds in the millions of dollars through its transportation and working cash funds to circumvent the statutory caps within the School Code.

    The impact of the Valley Hi levy is MARGINAL compared to this.

    The school districts account for roughly two-thirds of your tax bill.

    If you want to see your tax bill reduced, contact the Governor.

    As a case in point, Taxpayers challenged District 36 last year with regard to an excess Transportation Levy.

    Taxpayers prevailed, and the bills in District 36 were reduced by approximately 20% this year.

    Call, write or otherwise contact the Governor.

    Do it today.

  3. How much could it hurt to click on Cal’s link and tell the governor that you back his Veto?

    Sad that it is so easy; and yet how many will actually click on the link?

  4. Schools have ALREADY been doing this and getting away with it for years, this bill continues more of the same.

    Anyone still wondering how the schools get SEVENTY-FOUR PERCENT of our property taxes annually..?

  5. This is expiring, so here is a chance for Governor to prove he isn’t a hypocrite when talking about helping taxpayers.

    Veto hb 5529

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