Andy Zinke Update

The arrest of his wife Kim Zinke, led to a tip that former McHenry County Undersheriff and unsuccessful candidate for the Republican nomination for Sheriff, was working part-time for the Village of Lakemoor’s Police Department.

Oath of Office signed by Andy Zinke on

Oath of Office signed by Andy Zinke on May 26th.

Andy Zinke

Andy Zinke

That turns out to be correct.

Among documents concerning his employment provided pursuant to a Freedom of Information request was one dated March 25, 2016.

On June 10th when he signed a statement saying he had received a copy of the village’s Personnel Policy Manuel.

Asked to list his last three places of employment, Zinke listed

  • OnTarget Range and Tactical Training Center from 2/16 to present
  • McHenry County Sheriff’s Office from 5/89 to 12/1/14

Zinke has yet to have worked long enough to receive his first pay check.


Andy Zinke Update — 28 Comments

  1. How about we leave these people alone.

    They have enough trouble on their plates without workplace stories that are of no news value.

    He is a policeman working for a police department, end of story.

    Let him and his wife get their lives together.

  2. Mike Brown is wrong, everyone should know where he is, especially if he has a badge and Police power .

    Thanks for warning people Cal!

  3. What if there is as a blog that constantly covered Cal Skinner’s alleged pedo charges?

  4. Lets just hope Andy has had treatment for his “scary ladies dressed in black wielding deadly sheets of paper” phobia.

  5. Why don’t you write about guy Seipler?

    Haven’t heard anything from him…don’t want to embarrass your buddy?

  6. Thank you Zgone.

    Everyone has the right to know if the ZInkes are in law enforcement.

    They can find another career as they have proven they should not wear the badge.

  7. Working for OnTarget Range ?

    I would have hoped that the owners of said business would have possessed some degree of ethics, or at least common sense, that would prevent them from employing a person of questionable background such as Mr. Zinke.

    I will be sure to bring this matter up the next time
    I visit their facility.

  8. If Zinke only works as part-time on the range they probably only have to re qualify once a year.

    Not sure how that department works.

    Tactical training could be in service training at different times.

    No big deal.

    Maybe that is why he hasn’t had a paycheck yet.

  9. Taxpayer .

    As a taxpayer you should he outraged about it . If you’re not, you’re uninformed .

  10. Thank you Zgone.

    The people are not aware of all of the unscrupulous behavior by the Zinkes.

    Peoples lives have been turned upside down because of them..

    The Zinkes showed NO MERCY” for the victims and therefore they should not be given any mercy.

    Save the mercy for the people who actually deserve it.

    Perhaps, Taxpayer, should sit under a Birch and allow the Zinkes to extend you a Twigg.

    Believe, me you would not survive what they have dished out to others.

    Or maybe, you should go have a glass of wine with Kim and Melissa.

    Too bad, so sad, they can no longer empower their friends.

    My greatest hope for the Zinkes, is that they become hostages of the courts system for years to come.

  11. Question : Why would Zinke work as a part-time police officer for Lakemoor ?

    Answer : Zinke now would have LEADS access once again.

    Where he could snoop around and run people’s license
    plates, drivers licenses and of course Criminal History checks.

    I’m sure that some of this information would be very helpful to someone involved to suspected in drug activity.

    Does anyone know if Andy hangs around with anyone with a drug history that could benefit by having their pal Andy back with this type of access to information ?

    Just saying………………………..

  12. My understanding is that ISP has really cracked on LEADS abuse.

    I cannot imagine Andy doing something that stupid.

    I would think he would take any police job now to keep everything current.

    There are those, and some comment here, who are vested in Andy becoming Sheriff one day.

  13. iknowwhatnygrendid, you have to understand that you just can’t run what you want on Leads.

    It is against the law to run Leads on someone for your personal interest.

    It is registered with your i.d. number.

    You can’t just snoop around.

    It is not like you googling something on your computer.

    Andy did it in his own department.

    I think he got a job to pay for Kims legal bills.

  14. Looks like Judge Prather recused herself from Kim Zinke’s case Friday.

  15. There is a person on this blog who likes to threaten people.

    Not good and you know who you are.

  16. It is appropriate that Prather recused herself.

    Voter, could it be the same person that kicked in my garage door and left a foot print?

    Not talking about a door that you walk in and out of, it was the big garage door.

  17. Under Federal statute, Zinke can carry a gun concealed any time he wants, almost anywhere, weather you think it’s appropriate or not.

    As a retired officer with a pension it’s called Illinois Retired Officer Concealed Carry permit.

    Statute requires re-qualify once a year. Good for him

  18. BTW; he is also on IMRF pension. IF, and I don’t KNOW this, Lakemoor PD is also IMRF, he is restricted to how many hours per year he can work there, ergo part time, by the IMRF rules.

    Also don’t KNOW if one can refuse to partake in Lakemoor’s pension program- if he can and wanted to, he could then work full time.

  19. For most of you who don’t really know the truth about the abuse that’s been going on throughout the county for decades. Sherrif Keith nygren has been running illegal rackets and doing very shady things towards businesses that compete with family and friends legitimate businesses or vote against his crony colleagues. Andy zinke has been a nygren underling for a very long time and was primed to continue the trend when he got elected. Let me tell you this. A lot of illegal activity that nygren profited from in McHenry county shut down after bill won.

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