Chris Covelli Writes Letter of Support of Patrick Kenneally

With permission of author Chris Covelli, McHenry County Blog published the following letter from Chris Covelli in support of Patrick Kenneally for McHenry County State’s Attorney:

Chris Covelli on ABC News.

Chris Covelli on ABC News.

To the Editor:

McHenry County needs a State’s Attorney who will stand up for the McHenry County Community, not one who personally sues us.

Patrick Kenneally defends our Constitution, including free speech.

This is one of the many reasons I support him and will be casting a vote for Kenneally in November.

Patrick Kenneally

Patrick Kenneally

There is no doubt Kenneally is the perfect choice for State’s Attorney.

He is an experienced trial attorney with extensive background in our criminal and civil legal system.

Kenneally is fair, while being tough on crime.

He is an engaged member of our community, who has a consistent record of fighting for victims and doing the right thing.

He is a true leader.

Kenneally is honest, ethical and genuine.

Please join me in supporting Patrick Kenneally for our next State’s Attorney.


Chris Covelli Writes Letter of Support of Patrick Kenneally — 28 Comments

  1. Patrick has my full support.

    He is, by far, the best candidate.

    The other guy is not in the same league with Patrick.

  2. Thanks, Cal.

    I question why the NWH published it in the print paper but it never showed up online.

  3. and can you guarantee this one won’t sue us the “people”?

    in some form or fashion?

  4. I Too was in full support of Patrick Kenneally until now I see he’s surrounding himself with people like
    Chris Covelli.

    He’s decided to align himself with Andrew Gasser who I Do Not Support, Nor his Bully tactics that are Tearing Down the Republican Party.

  5. Patrick has my support.

    The other guys well what can I say………… I think the other guy is stand4truth

    Wherever stand4truth(aka potty mouth) came from, they can go back to wherever they came from.

  6. This race is a classic case of one candidate not being quite as bad as the other one.

    I’m not the least bit impressed with Kenneally, but there is no way I can vote for Harrison.

    It’s pretty much the same way I feel about the race between Walkup and Franks.

  7. “Fighting corruption” land records are public.

    You can’t transfer land in a vacuum.

    Go to the recorder’s office and please tell us what you think is the big secret!

  8. Jim Harrison is the only sensible option for McHenry County States Attorney,

    Jim has my full support.

    He is, by far, the best candidate.

    The other guy is not in the same league with Jim.

    You see how this works now?

    Just because you say it doesn’t make it true.

  9. This Chris Covelli thing and his affiliation with Andrew Gabber has sleaze written all over Patrick and the office.

  10. Stand4 truth (the ultimate misnomer)

    Isn’t Harrison the genius that is suing someone who wrote some things against him?

    He is seeking the State’s Attorney position, where one needs to excercise judgement and seek justice.

    His actions raise serious concerns about his thin skin and his ability to see the big picture.

    Look at Patrick’s record and compare it to your guy.

    Patrick has experience in this role.

    He has a proven track record of prosecuting violent criminals, and he has a proven track record of excellent judgement.

    See how this works? Facts beat your uninformed opinion all day every day.

  11. stand4truth how low can you go by even thinking Harrison is the only sensible option for States Attorney.


    You are right about Kenneally not being in the same league with Jim. Patrick is so beyond what Harrison is.

    Remember ” Raise the bar” Kenneally is over the bar and Harrison couldn’t even get the bar off the ground in the Sheriff’s race.

    Now we know where you come from stand4truth. l.o.l.

  12. Jim is “NOT” the sensible choice for McHenry County States Attorney.

    Jim has yet to release the land records from that famous land deal, that by the way I was informed there was a kickback and a bribe involved.

    Prove the information wrong and produce the land records Jim Harrison.

    Jim is not by far the best candidate, he is by far the worst option of McHenry County States Attorney and has long ties to the Nygren, Zinke and the Regime.

    Harrison is in a league of his own, he was part of a land deal that he has not fully disclosed to the public, which tells me he is hiding the information .

    It is is Jim Harrison’s responsibility to disclose the land records, not mine.

    And, I never said you could transfer land records in a vacuum. However, land records can be transferred on paper and via bank accounts.

    Now that you mention it, a complete audit of Harrison’s tax records for the last 20 years is in order.

  13. Once again, stand4bs demonstrates he has no logical honest viable argument so he/she resorts to the only thing he/she knows, personal attacks.

    Intelligent people know better.

    He/she has no intelligent argument for any issue he/she raises. Just personal attacks.

    Such noise proves he/she has nothing but weak and meaningless arguments to support his/her weak candidates.

    Perhaps you should wait to spew your uninformed opinion until you actually have something to say that is fact based.

    What exactly, are the qualifications of your candidate that are superior to Patrick’s?

  14. Gasser and Covelli are men of action.

    They are not only working hard, they are getting results that will do everything to improve The Republican Party and local governance.

    Both are men of integrity and insight.

    They have and demonstrate the courage to challenge the status quo, which is desperately needed in this county, state and nation.

    They are leaders.

    People who attempt to throw them under the bus lack vision and the courage to make a difference, and they fear the removal of their gravy train.

    Get used to it.

    This is the direction of the future.

    It is a return to values and accountability.

  15. John, when you say “He has a proven track record of prosecuting violent criminals, and he has a proven track record of excellent judgment” are you referring to the Mario Casciaro case where he wrongfully convicted an innocent man?

    again, see how This works?

    just because you say it, doesn’t make it true.

  16. Gosh, who was the person that made the phone call to Harrison?

    Was it Nygren or Pack or both?

    Come on down Jimmie Harrison AKA Mr Jerry Springer Shock Jock, tell us about those famous land records!

  17. stand4?

    I don’t find Keaneally’s name anywhere in connection to the bogus Casciaro trial.

  18. That was Regna, that was involved in that Cassario trial wasn’t it?

    Geez, getting the candidates mixed up??

    Stand4Truth is Brent Smith. (and Stand4Truth is a gay website!)

    Put no credence to the Smith family comments!

  19. No one listens to stand4truth and they also lie and that is why you can’t find his name on the Casciaro trial.

    Give up stand4truth

  20. Really, Patrick K is “perfect” Hmmmm, mmkay.

    He is probably the better candidate and choice here, but watching someone blow his load in adoration is a little embarrassing to read.

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