Jack Franks Still Running for State Rep. – Part 43

While we were on vacation, the McHenry County Board finally reacted to the attack that State Rep. Jack Franks made on the part-time members’ for being in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund pension program.

Without dissent, they voted to abolish their participation in it.

That will start the beginning of December, when the new members take office.

Yesterday, I ran a press release from Jim Tobin comparing the July 3% increase in pension that former Governor Jim Thompson with the teeny increase those on Social Security will receive next year. (My pension also goes up 3% this month. Although I am sure not many will care, I was a full-time, not a pert-time State Representative and County Treasurer.)

In any event, a commenter posted the following about State Rep. and County Board Chairman candidate Jack Franks:

Franks + Franks Pension

I think the point of this panel is that State Rep. Jack Franks is a part-time legislator, part-time banker, part-time attorney who loves to attack pensions of part-time officials, such as RTA and County Board members, but accepts a pension for his part-time legislative service.  

[There are readers who would like instructions of how to post their images on the the comment section of this web site.  If anyone can provide such instructions, I’ll turn them into a stand along article.]

The total taxpayer savings from eliminating County Board IMRF pensions is about the same as Franks will take home every year, assuming he doesn’t run for another term…in which case his pension will be higher than the County Board pension cost.

And, of course, Franks is still on the ballot to run for a tenth term, where, if re-elected, he would be voting for the tenth time to make Mike Madigan House Speaker.

Franks-Madigan-Franks panel

Another series of images that showed up in the comment section of McHenry County Blog features commentary on the independence of Jack Franks from House Speaker Mike Madigan.

Will Franks run?

He told Pete Gonigam, the only reporter to attend the Sunday morning Democratic Party slating caucus on May 15th, the following:

“Franks qualified that saying he’d give up the Rep. race if the Committee can pick another candidate who’s both ‘electable’ and holds a political outlook consistent with his own.”

Maybe Gonigam caught Franks off-guard…before he honed the message he would later give all other reporters.

In any event, if his name isn’t here, Franks is still on the ballot.


Jack Franks Still Running for State Rep. – Part 43 — 15 Comments

  1. When Cal quits attacking Franks about a pension when he had the exact same benefit!

  2. Moderate,

    We know you are intellectually challenged, but as Cal says, he was a FULL TIME legislator.

    Jack, by his own actions, admits he is only a part time legislator.

    By Jacks perspective, part time legislators should not take a pension.

    So his actions communicate he should not take the politicians pension, yet as far as we know, he still plans on keeping the politicians pension that by his views, he should not take.

    What is that behavior called?

    Big difference between the two people.

    Since you are slow on the uptake, Cal was FULL TIME.

    Jack is PART TIME.

    It is Jackie who should be giving up his outrageous politicians part time pension.

    If you think it is just Cal who has that perspective, you are just not paying attention.

    Every time you bring up that nonsense, another Republican PC shares your arrogance and entitlement mindset with their precinct.

    And there are more of us walking every day…

  3. Cal followed the law to get his pension.

    Franks followed the law to get his pension.

    Yet Cal and others want to attack Franks for receiving a pension.

    But are silent about Cal’s pension.

    Hypocrisy at its finest.

  4. Nearly full time is not full time.

    Now you sound like a Clinton.

    If Jack can work two elected positions, he is telling us both are part time.

    Does Jack keep track of his hours to clearly demonstrate he is working full time?

    Isn’t that what he is charging the board to do?

    Jack does not have the best record of doing what he says he is going to do

  5. I didn’t lead a crusade against part-time officials, appointees getting pensions.

    Part-time employee Jack did.

  6. You have a state pension.

    You support and gush over a candidate not taking a pension.

    You have a state pension.

    You criticize those who also have state pensions.

    You have a state pension.

    You lambast “career politicians”

    Your self proclaimed career was as a politician.

    You have a state pension

    And I’m foolish?!


  7. Cal- you can only say you were not part time because you didn’t have another job- that does not mean the job was different, only that you didn’t have a non government job- TO say otherwise is untrue.

    Your pension is for the same work.

    And is paid by the same taxpayers.

    And you far surpassed the amount you contributed.

    @Cindy- you would know about full time nitwits for sure.

  8. Actually state legislators get the same pay and benefits regardless of how much or how little they work.

    I can tell you we handled a good bit of casework from Jack Franks’ district.

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