Jack Franks Files Statement of Withdrawal for State Rep. Race

For those of you tired of my beating the drum of Jack Franks having said he was going to withdraw, but not filing the necessary paperwork, that series of articles is now over.

This appeared on the Illinois State Board of Elections web site today:

State Board of Elections notice that Jack Franks is not running for re-election.

State Board of Elections notice that Jack Franks is not running for re-election.

I have no idea why today’s date is not used.

Certainly Franks did not withdraw last November 23, as the web site says.

Maybe that’s the date he filed for State Representative.

It was the first date for filing petitions.

So, the Democrats are willing to risk losing the House seat to Republican Steve Reick.

Unless the Democrats have found someone who is “electable.”

And Franks will concentrate on winning the race for McHenry County Board Chairman against Mike Walkup.


Jack Franks Files Statement of Withdrawal for State Rep. Race — 26 Comments

  1. OMG hoping this FOR REAL ! ! !

    Thanks for beating your drum.

    We needed daily opportunities

    To put Franks many issues &
    Misdeeds out there.

  2. Told ya’ll so.

    **Not likely Franks received the warmest reception at the parade and the writing was on the wall.**

    And sure, you can believe that if you want.

  3. He wasn’t winning many points with the people, considering what has been going on in Springfield with Mad Mikey Madigan.

    The people in this Illinois are angry about the rampant corruption, the high taxes and the unscrupulous politicians wasting money.

    The people are angry, and rightfully so

  4. One piece of the 63rd State Representative drama is over, but even it comes with questions.

    When did Jack Franks actually withdraw?

    Who will replace Jack Franks?

    After having spent lots of money on a smear campaign against Steve Reick in the 2016 primary election for the 63rd State Representative District, would the Democrats just throw in the towel and not run a candidate against Steve Reick when holding a slim Super Majority in the Illinois House of Representatives?

    Does not seem likely.

    Now Democrat Jack Franks and Republican Mike Walkup can focus on each other for the inaugural election of the McHenry County Board Chair on November 8, 2016.

    While Republican Steve Reick waits to see who his Democrat opponent will be for 63rd District State Representative.

    Could there possibly be another wrinkle?

    So much has transpired during this race that anything seems possible.

    After withdrawing, is there no possible way for Jack Franks to get back on the ballot as Democrat candidate for 63rd District State Representative?

    Never heard of such a thing, but it seems possible that after withdrawing a candidate could still be elected as a write-in.

  5. July 20th his replacement will be named.

    The NWH, the Democrats favorite medium, might know and publish an article sooner.

  6. Ooh… this should fun.

    Which conspiracy do you have Franks this time?

  7. Cal, I Challenge you to adopt Identification of comments through facebook just as the NWH!

    With all the advertisement such as monarch senior care and scott milliman etc.

    plus Cals full time pension and his desire to be transparent should make him be the first in line to identify anonymity!

    Bring it on!

    I will identify myself as long as Everyone here has to do the same.

    Let’s be real here, You know if you did it this you would loose a lot of your hype

    Let’s Get Real Cal

    This is My Challenge To YOU!

  8. I want to know about Cindy’s tinfoil hat theory on Franks too!

  9. Let us see if anyone else can follow.

    Who has more power than Washington D.C.?

  10. More power than Washington, DC?

    Clearly the McHenry County Board.

  11. Hey Nick Provenzano, Keep up the good work

    Your doing a great job!!

  12. Let’s face it, this isn’t really about Franks inadequacies, its about Walkup and his Short comings.

  13. Cal, hope u COMPLETELY IGNORE Stand for XXXXX’s
    Last post .

  14. Cal, hope u COMPLETELY IGNORE watchdog2’s
    Last post .

    Why not just come out and say, my name is watchdogs and I have nothing to add here.

    How about we just ignore you watchdog, LOL,

  15. There I said it, walkup, walkup walkup, bumbling idiot, bumbling idiot bumbling idiot,

    If your looking for walkup, just look for the free stuff, that’s where your going to find him.

    At a party where the free food is being served.

    Wherever welfare applies.
    free medical, free assistance, disability, Walkups goal is Grow government, see where that’s going to get you.

    For the first time in 25 years of voting republican I will vote for the democrat Jack Franks for McHenry County’s first county board chairman, Elected by The people for the people this next election.

    Sorry Mike, your not worthy to shine my shoes!, LOL!

  16. Now keep following that train of thought up the ladder in what could be undone to remove elected (super powerful according to the Constitution)officials within a county.

  17. @Fighting Corruption

    I never said he would run for state rep dingbat.

  18. NO you are the real dingbat Moderate.

    Jack Franks should leave public office.

    He does not belong in public office and he is no longer welcome in public office.

  19. Little Lying Jack Franks the DEMOCRATs chances of winning public office this November have just been reduced by 50%.

    Does this mean our little girls are now safe to use their washrooms unmolested by DEMOCRATIC inspired TRANSSEXUAL monstrosities? Probably not, but it’s a good start.

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