Jack Franks Still Running for State Rep. – Part 48

Readers like to connect dots.

Those who take part in the comment section of McHenry County Blog know that.

One has emailed me pointing out right after people started posting negative comments about Jack Franks and anti Franks memes on the Northwest Herald comment section under the letters and stories, the NWH has decided to no longer allow comments unless the person has a Facebook page or posts them on Facebook.

Could there be a connection?

Certainly, the NWH has acted to protect Jack Franks’ reputation in the past.

Let me cite specifically the mid-October article about the Johnsburg State Bank having not lived up to its commitment to Whispering Ridge subdivision residents with regard to infrastructure improvements,  It didn’t mention Jack Franks’ name, even though a press release from the Village of Johnsburg does.

About the same time the NWH endorsed Franks over Republican challenger Steve Reick for a ninth term  No mention was made of Franks having pledged to term limit himself after three terms.

In other dot connection, Franks still has not filed (at least as of when I wrote this yesterday afternoon) a Statement of Withdrawal with the Illinois State Board of Elections.

Will he, given the reply he gave to Pete Gonigam on May 15th?

“Franks qualified that saying he’d give up the Rep. race if the Committee can pick another candidate who’s both ‘electable’ and holds a political outlook consistent with his own.”

We know he is still telling people he is going to withdraw, but after almost two months, he still has not come up with signs saying he is running for McHenry County Board Chairman.

Note the July 3rd Crystal Lake Parade sign Jack Franks used promoted his campaign for State Representative.

Note the July 3rd Crystal Lake Parade sign Jack Franks used promoted his campaign for State Representative.  If you look closely, something is covered in black tape, but it’s not the words “State Representative.”

You’d think he have one at least for parades with all the money he has in the bank.


Jack Franks Still Running for State Rep. – Part 48 — 10 Comments

  1. its all about Big Brother over there now, this to me is a form of discrimination as MOST do not Twit, FB, or IM, so this is just another way for subscribers to bend over, well this may be the nose that cuts their face off.

    Very Wrong on so many levels…

    They try to blame one person so all must suffer…. sickening…

  2. Much of the mainstream media no longer allows anonymous comments.

    One aspect of having an organized group of people is they can relentlessly pound the press on issues they deem important.

    The 2016 63rd District election cycle features:

    – Incumbent Democrat State Representative Jack Franks with no competition in the primary,

    – Democrat Jeffery Lichte, a previous Jack Franks supporter, running as a Republican in the Primary

    – Democrat Union leader Ron Eck challenging Reick petitions,

    – 100% of Lichte petition gatherers from outside McHenry County

    – Republican Steve Reick.

    – A heavy smear campaign against Steve Reick in the primary operated by Democrats.

    – Jack Franks notifying the press he will drop out of the State Rep race to run as McHenry County Board Chair in May 2016.

    – Jack Franks telling one reporter at one newspaper that he’ll drop out of the State Rep race if the Democrat Committee can pick a candidate who Jack Franks deems is electable and holds a political outlook consistent with his (Jack Franks) own.

    – Jack Franks can legally be elected both McHenry County Board Chair and State Representative 63rd District, and can legally serve both offices.

    – Jack Franks claiming that Governor Bruce Rauner is a union buster.

    – Jack Franks saying he has never voted for a tax hike.

    – Jack Franks math somehow calculates that his votes for legislative pension and retiree healthcare benefit hikes, plus his votes on past budgets including salary hikes (which hikes pension payout) will not result in tax hikes.

    – So he votes for things that will require tax hikes, but does not vote for the tax hikes to fund the resulting obligations?

    – How does Jack Franks think the pensions and retiree healthcare hikes will be funded, if he does not vote for tax hikes to fund the benefit hikes and hiked pensions resulting from hiked salaries?

    – So Jack Franks votes to hike benefits but not taxes to fund the benefits?

    – How does Jack Franks plan to pay for the pension and retiree healthcare benefit hikes he voted for his union supporters?

    – His plan is to bail and leave the Illinois General Assembly (ILGA) holding the IOU bag?

    – His plan is to stay in the ILGA for another term to maximize his pension?

    – How does Jack Franks plan to fund all these pension and retiree healthcare obligations without tax hikes?

    – Jack Franks does not support the Turnaround Agenda from the Rauner Administration? – So what is the Franks Agenda to fund pensions, retiree healthcare, and other obligations for his union supporters without tax hikes?

  3. GREAT & appropriate comments & link for
    The serial 9 term mess creator Franks,

    Old man winter !

    Keep em coming 🙂

  4. The covered up words are “Reelect”

    Cal, you should require facebook logins.

    That’s a great idea.

  5. This is a far stretch- how about the fact they want civil discourse?

    Have you read the vile comments?

    If you are a suspicious mind, you see conspiracy in everything.

    One might justifiably complain about the amount of space you are giving to Jack when there is another candidate in the race.

    Is this the tail wagging the dog, Cal?

  6. You are right about one thing Inish,
    Franks IS the DOG .

    Steve Reick IS the only true & respectable
    Candidate for State Rep. !

  7. Hey that redhead is Franks wife? Did she find a job yet??

    I know Jack wrote to Blago asking him to give her a job (along with his other relatives and friends.

    A whole long list of demands for nepotism and patronage hires so Jack could pad his own household income!)


    Or did Jacks buddy Blago go to jail too soon to fulfill Jacks demands?

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