Nancy Zettler Calls on Allen Skillicorn to Debate Issues

A press release from Democratic Party State Rep. candidate Nancy Zettler. Zettler is running to replace State Rep. Mike Tryon.

Nancy Zettler Challenges Opponent Allen Skillicorn to Reject PAC’s Negative Campaigning And Debate Her On the Issues

Zettler campaign upper body

Nancy Zettler

In the run up to last March’s 66th House District primary, Allen Skillicorn relied almost exclusively on a PAC funded by a handful of billionaires, to run his campaign.

They spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on TV ads, mailers, robocalls, and even a phony newspaper called the “McHenry Times” that pretended to be “reporting” on the race but instead was just another campaign mailer for Skillicorn.

Skillicorn hid behind the PAC while they did his dirty work.

He stood aside while the PAC personally attacked his opponents (all fellow Republicans) with half-truths and outright lies meant to intimidate them into not challenging him on the facts or his record.

Skillicorn’s dependence on this PAC represents the worst of politics.

Dark and so-called “gray” money from billionaires who want to buy a seat for a candidate that they know will do their bidding once elected, and a candidate pretending not to know about it.

He is now getting ready to hide behind the PAC again in his campaign in the General Election.

The PAC is already spending money, gearing up for another round of false and misleading attacks.

So I have a proposition for Mr. Skillicorn – reject the billionaires’ PAC and the wall-to-wall slash-and-burn campaigning that has plagued politics in this country for far too long.

Instead of launching false attacks against me, let’s talk about the issues, just you and me, in public, in front of an audience. Let’s answer questions from voters, the people that we are really running to represent in Springfield.

The voters deserve the chance to meet us and hear from us in person.

Let’s have a series of real, public debates. 4 to 6 seems reasonable.

We can discuss the issues and debate our records and our plans, if elected.

I am happy to meet with you anytime and any place to work out the details.

Show the people of this district that you are running to represent them and not your financial benefactors.

Nancy Zettler is a candidate in the 66th House District.

She is an accomplished attorney and community activist. For more info about Nancy Zettler, please see


Nancy Zettler Calls on Allen Skillicorn to Debate Issues — 13 Comments

  1. Nancy needs to get Jack Franks to give a donation.

    He is sitting on more campaign money than anyone
    Else & knows plenty of millionaires & billionaires.

  2. I found this interesting on her site:

    “In 2006, under her leadership with Co-Chair Doug Sibery, the community passed not one but two school referenda supporting D300 schools.”

    According to ISBE, in 2006, D300’s Total Expenses (excluding CapEx) was $143 million to serve 19,110 students.

    In 2014, 8 years after the referenda, D300 spent $222 million (excl CapEx) to serve 20,862 students.

    So, in 8 years, the average cost/student has risen by about 42%.

  3. Yep I looked @ her website and wondered if she was
    Another one pushing up the teacher’s salaries &

    It’s good u took it a step further a got some
    Solid info for people.

    Glad I’m not in her district.

    Another BIG SPENDER who apparently
    Doesn’t SEEM to understand how the
    System works.

    On her web page for ISSUES, she put
    Property taxes at the top of the list ?

    Well, if she does debate Skillicorn, he
    Can sure poke a big hole in her platform.

    Ultimately the pensions do effect everyone
    In the state though.

  4. I support actually talking about the issues.

    I also support rejecting the corrupt Dan Proft and his PAC.

    Allen is way too conservative, way too angry, and way to crazy for this District.

    I don’t want someone that will be completely dependent on Dan Proft and Bruce Rauner.

    We need independent voices.

    Mike Tryon was a damn good rep, both for the District and the State.

    Tryon was a Statesman who was interested in actually getting things done.

    Allen Skillicorn is not capable or qualified to step into Tryon’s shoes, with is hyper-right wing partisanship.

    Nancy Zettler actually has a record of working with a very large, diverse, and bipartisan group of people to strengthen D300 and help make sure that Sears didn’t take ALL of the property tax money from D300.

  5. McHenry Times is currently publishing many articles about McHenry County government.

    Upstream-Ideas website and Upstream Ideas YouTube channel have a lot of good content.

    Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson host a radio show called Chicago’s Morning Answer that airs 5AM – 9AM weekdays on AM 560.

    The shows are archived on MorningAnswerChicago.

    AM 560 also has a Sunday 3-4PM show called Illinois Rising; the past episodes of those shows are found on the Upstream Ideas Youtube channel.

    The Upstream Ideas Youtube channel and website also has a weekly show called Against the Current.

    All are associated with Dan Proft.


    What is the Nancy Zettler plan for sustainable pensions and retiree healthcare in Illinois.

    And sustainable government at reasonable taxes in Illinois.

    Presumably she is not on board with the Rauner Administration’s Turnaround Agenda.

  6. **McHenry Times is currently publishing many articles about McHenry County government.**

    LOL – McHenry Times is a Dan Proft funded political tool.

    It isn’t a news site. Its a front for Proft’s political activities.

  7. The McHenry Times is currently publishing many articles about McHenry County government.

    Read the website.

    – Fox River Grove trustees to discuss potable water.

    – Huntley Trustees support plan for self-storage facility.

    – Woodstock environmental commission discusses household hazardous waste pickup.

    – Algonquin Committe of Whole considers seeking grant to build bike path.

    – Huntley Plan Commission to hear on paint store plan.

    – McHenry County Continuum of Care to End Homelessness, Strategic Planning Committee meeting

    – Lakewood Village Board approves police call agreement with Crystal Lake

    – Fox River Grove Village Board slates vote on Northwest Highway business district plan.

    – Cary Village Board to mark police officer’s anniversary.

    – Richmond Village Board approves prevailing wage rule.


  8. **Read the website.**

    I have.

    And I know exactly what it is.

    Its a Proft funded sham newspaper that is just a political front.

  9. And the NWH is the political organ for the Democrats.

    So, Proft is leveling the playing field.

    Kind of like the Citizens United decision which leveled the PAC playing field.

    Prior to the CU decision, the unions had a stranglehood on political funding.

  10. Seriously…anyone that thinks that the NWH is a democratic mouthpiece has never read the NWH.

  11. “McHenry Times” is a fake newspaper funded by the money that Dan Proft passes out of his colon after it is fed to him by Bruce Rauner…

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