Dems Set Meeting at MCC to Name State Rep. Candidate

The Democratic Party of McHenry County has scheduled a meeting to caucus in a candidate to replace Jack Franks on the State Rep. ballot this fall.  [Oops.  They didn’t post a notice for the caucus anywhere but the Northwest Herald, which was SaturdayJuly 9th, morning at the Woodstock Library.]

The meeting, as you can see below, will be held at 7 PM on July 20th at McHenry County College in rooms next to the cafeteria.

Dem meeting 7-20-16

The meeting is a result of State Rep. Jack Franks finally making good on his May 15th promise not to run for re-election.

He apparently filed a Statement of Withdrawal on July 7th.


Dems Set Meeting at MCC to Name State Rep. Candidate — 36 Comments

  1. Huh?

    Did you mean to post this, with the mostly unrelated headline?

  2. Welp, we know Cal Skinner officially FOIAed for Franks’ pension info

  3. Are the Dems paying for the use of a tax payer funded site?

    Who pays for security?

  4. If you think the ‘hit pieces’ against Reick were nasty, wait until you see what Franks tries to do to Walkup!!

    Dems play dirty and they have the media plus apparently the courts on their side!!

    County Republicans need to wake up and fight back!

    Mark has published plenty of sordid detail about the conduct of Jack in Springfield and how he ‘plays’ the so-called ‘game’ of fighting against taxes while voting to squander pension funds and approval of new social welfare programs.

    Who knows what the future holds?

    What will be the long term implications of the shootings in Texas last night be?

  5. Cautious?

    Black Lives Matters is a Soros funded bravo sierra organization.

    Attacks were well coordinated SWAT style.

    Do you really think run of the mill protestors pulled that off?

    The people are being scammed once again.

  6. Cindy,

    Black Lives Matter is decentralized – similar to Occupy or Anonymous.

  7. It will never cease to amaze me how many people in the United States of America refuse to take their heads out of that ‘dark’ place.

  8. With the opening of “Are you ready to rumble” creates a very sinister image.

    “In informal contexts, the word rumble is used to mean to fight. When you say that you are ready to rumble, you mean you are ready to fight fire with fire.”

    Is this what the Democrat Party represents? What happened to bi-partisanship and ‘co-exist’?

  9. Ok- so you got what you wanted- he has withdrew his candidacy and now there is a another greater conspiracy?

    And you are tying in Black lives matter in a county that is 90% white?

    Off your rockers.

  10. Inish?

    Nobody was tying in anything.

    Cautious was worried about a bit of news and I clarified.

    What is your problem?

  11. Maybe Democrat Jeffery Lichte, who ran as a Republican against Steve Reick in the 63rd District State Representative primary held March 15, 2016, will be at the July 20, 2016 McHenry County Democrat party meeting at McHenry County College.

    Mr. Lichte’s petition gatherers to get him on that ballot probably will not be at that meeting, since they all resided outside of McHenry County.

    Union leader Ron Eck who challenged the petitions of Steve Reick might be at that meeting.

    The only name that has surfaced to date on the blog (none has surfaced in the media) as a possible replacement for Jack Franks is John Bartman.

    As former head of the McHenry County Democrats, former IDOT employee, and current union prevailing wage monitor, it seems to be a good possibility he would be at the meeting.


    The issue with the pension and retiree healthcare hikes is as follows.

    Most public sector pension and retiree healthcare systems have always been underfunded in this state.

    Some retiree healthcare is not funded, rather pay as you go.

    Rather than first fully fund the pensions and retiree healthcare, all sorts of games were played.

    Pension benefits were hiked.

    Retiree healthcare benefits were hiked.

    Pension and retiree healthcare funding was diverted to salary hikes.

    The salary hikes in turn hike the pension payout and further worsen the underfunding problem.

    Next, one sentence added to the Illinois State Constitution puts a gun to the head of taxpayers to pay those pensions.

    Here is the sentence.

    “Membership in any pension or retirement system of the State, any unit of local government or school district, or any agency or instrumentality thereof, shall be an enforceable contractual relationship, the benefits of which shall not be diminished or impaired.”

    To make matters worse, on sentence added to the Illinois State Constitution has been interpreted by the Illinois Supreme Court in the Kanerva v Weems case to include retiree healthcare as a retirement system that shall be a contractual relationship, the benefits of which shall not be diminished or impaired.

    So that taxpayers had a gun to their head to pay underfunded pensions.

    Then legislators and Governors of both parties hiked the benefits, and pension and retiree healthcare funding was diverted to salary hikes, both of which made the problem worse.

    It is a system that was and is totally out of control and massively mismanaged.

    An analogy would be to charge more to the same credit card on which you have always been carrying a balance, thus racking up more interest payments.

    In the case of pensions and retiree healthcare, the taxpayers are the bottom line to pay that credit card bill and all the interest (the employee contribution and employee contribution is fixed, the taxpayer contribution is variable).

    These are in most cases more generous retirement benefits than occurs in the private sector.

    There are all sorts of twists and turns to understand what transpired.

    There are 20 public sector pension systems in Illinois.

    There are 3 big state retiree healthcare systems.

    Some of the pension systems have retiree healthcare benefits.

    Heaven knows how many other retirement healthcare systems and benefits exist elsewhere at the state, county, and local level.

    The Illinois Pension Code is about 1,500 pages.

    Almost every year pension or retiree healthcare benefits were hiked after the pension sentence was added to the Illinois State Constitution.

    Michael Madigan was an elected delegate to the 1970 Constitutional Convention which produced the pension sentence and other changes to the constitution that were approved by voters at the special election held on December 15, 1970 which was for the sole purpose of voting on the proposed rewritten state constitution.

    Pensions are the single largest fiscal problem in the state of Illinois.

    Yet little is being done to create sustainable pension systems that are acceptable to taxpayers, government employees, and government retirees.

    Instead a gun is being held to the heads of taxpayers.

    Who has done some analyses of this problem?

    Bill Zettler in Illinois Pension Scam to a look at this fiasco.

    Some of his analysis of benefits went back to 1970, especially for TRS.

    COGFA, in the legislative branch of Illinois State government, did not go back to 1970 in their analysis of the impact of legislative pension benefit hikes on pensions.

    A lawyer who previously worked for John Cullerton and is now a lobbyist, Eric Madiar, did not go back to 1970.

    The compounding effect of legislative benefit hikes and salary hikes, and the double whammy of diverting pension funding to salary hikes, have hiked the pensions past a level that is acceptable to taxpayers.

    Yet all we hear is the taxpayers made pension promises to government employees and the taxpayers must live up to their end of the bargain.

    Illinois Policy Institute found the state retiree healthcare unfunded liability is about 1/2 that of the state pension unfunded liability.

    The state pension unfunded liability is over $100 Billion, and that’s just 5 of the 20 public sector pension systems in Illinois.

  12. Little Lying Jack Franks the DEMOCRATs chances of winning public office this November have just been reduced by 50%.

    Does this mean our little girls are now safe to use their washrooms unmolested by DEMOCRATIC inspired TRANSSEXUAL monstrosities?

    Probably not, but it’s a good start.

  13. Hey Mark,

    Can I use (verbatim) the info u posted above
    On my facebook page & to print out to give
    People when I talk to people about voting
    AGAINST FRANKS since he directly helped
    Create the pension mess in Ilinois.

    The IMRF pensions effect all Illinois

    Jack has made an issue of this
    With the county board & his constant
    Hypocrisy needs to be pointed out.

  14. Feel free to use the comments.

    Reporters use the comments sometimes, at least they learn from somewhere.

    There’s some typos.

    Another problem is Social Security, which is far less generous than Illinois public sector pensions (some of which, such as IMRF and SERS also receive Social Security) is unsustainable at current taxation.

    So Illinois taxpayers faced higher taxes for less Social Security and higher taxes for Illinois public sector pensions which are far more generous than Social Security.

    Ditto Medicare.

    All those are liabilities.

    The politicians played games with liabilities because it’s inexpensive to grant benefits and the bill comes due in increments in ensuing years and decades.

    In the case of Illinois public sector pensions, often the politicians would just make a new 30 or 40 or 50 year payment plan to bring the unfunded liability to 90% funded, after 10 or 20 or 30 years.

    The problem with that is ever increasing amounts of money going to pensions over the lifetime of the funding plan.

    The problem with 90% funding goal is the taxpayers make up the 10% difference.

    90% funding goal is just used to keep the current year payment lower.

    If 90% funding goal is used, then the pensioners should get 90% of their pension.

    There are so many different games that are played one has to educate themselves over time.

  15. Here are some good links for Facebook articles.

    Illinois Policy Institute (have economists on staff).

    Batter Government Association.

    Open the Books / For the Good of Illinois.

    Upstream Ideas / Against the Current / Illinois Rising.

    Heartland Institute.


    Edgar County Watchdogs (they publish about several counties and local, not just Edgar County)


    Another big liability of Jack Franks is he voted to retain Michael Madigan as Speaker of the House.

    The House Speaker has far too much power through the evolution of the power of that position, the 4 PACs he heads, his position as leader of the Democrat Party, and it’s not good long term for rank and file Democrats, Republicans, or anyone but Michael Madigan and those benefiting short to intermediate term.

  16. Uh oh, Mark.

    Those look like conspiracy tin foil hat wearing sites.

    (Excuse me I thought I was Moderate for a minute there.)

  17. As always Mark, thanks for more info.

    I do go to ‘open the books’, it’s great.

    Will check out the other ones too.

    Cindy, was almost howling with your last post
    About Moderate 🙂

  18. NW Herald is reporting it will happen tomorrow:

    “The Democratic Party of McHenry County will meet Saturday morning to elect a replacement candidate for 63rd Illinois House Rep. Jack Franks.

    Precinct committeemen from the 63rd District will vote at Woodstock Public Library to officially choose the candidate, party Chairman Michael Bissett said.

    Franks, of Marengo, is running for McHenry County Board chairman instead after serving nine two-year terms in Springfield.

    He officially withdrew from the race Thursday by filing the required form with the Illinois State Board of Elections.

    Under the law, the Democratic Party has eight days from the filing to select a replacement.”

  19. You may find that several of them support Franks.

    And Cindy- read the content I was responding to- there is NO REASON to think the events in Dallas will have any impact on a party vote in McHenry.

    It is ludicrous to think so.

    Why would they need security?

    As taxpayers- they pay for the site just like you do.

    Hey Mark- are you going to provide the links to all the other people responsible for the fiasco- like Althoff, and Tryon, and Duffy, et all.

    How about Gov. Thompson who began the shift of funds> Or Gov. Edgar who continued it?

    My point has always been your arguments lose weight when they are used to support a biased agenda.

  20. Franks is the one making the ludicrous claim he has never voted for a tax hike.

    Duffy is responsible for what?

    Thompson began the shift of what funds?

  21. Every legislator is responsible for this pension debacle- where was the conversation about this 10 years ago?

    Governor Thompson started shifted the funds from the pensions to the general fund.

    I realize it doesn’t fit your agenda- but they are ALL responsible for this mess.

  22. Mark: Do not fall for the Alinskyite’s attempt to deflect attention.

    The topic is little liar Jack Franks and his Democrat buddies – not Republicans.

  23. Bottom line, the voters are responsible – they continued to elect and re-elect the little liar.

    Those who claimed to be Republicans and voted for the little lying Democrat are included in those responsible.

    Do the correct thing, vote for Reick and Walkup.

    Help end the communist dictatorship of Madigan.

  24. Yes, you are absolutely right, the voters are responsible.

    The people need to be at the polls in large numbers on election day, electing the reformers.

    It will take all of us to end the rampant corruption, and high taxes.

    So for all those that with white horses park them.

  25. This November sure will be interesting!

    Reick definitely has a higher probability of winning now.

    I’m mostly interested in who will win County board chair now.

    Walkup isn’t well know out in the western part of the county.

    Franks isn’t as well known on the east side.

    Let’s see how the GOP tackles this…..

  26. Every legislator is not responsible for this pension debacle.

    There have been conversations about this for 40 years.

    Thompson was the first to shift funds from pensions to the general fund?

    Most the pensions have been underfunded since day 1.

    What is my agenda?

    What is your agenda?

  27. I have an idea,Cindy why don’t you work with Franks on his campaign.

    Then you can drive him nuts and not us.

  28. Now, that’s a proactive solution.

    Cindy, just purchased a flying saucer, with an extended warranty, and a brand new tin foil hat to guide her way.

    The Martians would be so jealous.

  29. All I do is win, win, win, no matter what, what, what …. sigh.

    I told you so.

    And I also predicted that people making a big deal of Franks withdrawing would not figure out that the yellow runny stuff on their faces was egg when he did withdraw.

    Absolutely 2 for 2, do I get any prizes?

    I accurately predicted that JF would run for McHenry County board AND that the commenters here would not figure out how bad they looked after he did.

    Is there anyone who would like to make a prediction of the Presidential Race, the McHenry County Board Race and another top race in the county?

    Please do here, so you can compare,

    I pick Hillary, Franks and not Keneally.

    Easy enough post your guess here and see how you stack up.

    Also, for those of you with the yellow runny stuff on your face please feel free to post that it is all Obama’s fault and other stuff about dying with your gun in your cold dead hands.

  30. Watch the video at this link:

    Jack Franks is a convention delegate for Hilary Clinton.

    What do they have in common other then they are both Progressives?

    They are both liars.

    Watch the video and you will view Hilary’s biggest lies – read this blog and you will read about Franks biggest lies.

    What is very sad is to watch how Jack Franks manipulated Republican elected officials and voters in this County.

    He was successful in getting ‘the Board’ to place a referendum on the ballot to create a new office for him.

    Now they are placing a referendum on the ballot to decrease the size of the Board.


    Jack wants more power.

    He can use his campaign war chest to fund loyal Democrats and Republicans to run for County Board.

    Reduce the size of the Board and he has more control.

    Jack had $523,932 in his campaign war chest at the end of March of this year.

    He has not yet filed his second quarter report but he has filed info which shows that he collected an additional $27,500.

    How many candidates running for a County Board seat spend more then $5,000 to run for office?

    Very few!

    Imagine what the little liar can do with half a million dollars.

    Here are some of the names who have recently DONATED $1,000 or more:

    Alliance Contractors Inc
    American Council of Engineering Companies of IL PAC
    American Heritage Protective Svc, Inc
    Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois
    BNSF Railway Company
    Ed’s Rental
    Gary Lang Auto Group
    Globetrotters Engineering Corp
    Great Lakes Medicaid
    H S Crocker Co Inc
    Ill Union of Operating Engineers Local 150
    Illinois BANKPAC
    Illinois Laborers’ Legislative Comm
    Illinois Pipe Trades PAC
    Intren, Inc.
    Peck Ritchey, LLC
    Realtor Political Action Committee

    Did he hold off announcing his withdrawal from the State race to collect more out of town money?

    I sure will not be buying anything from Gary Lang or renting anything from Ed’s!

  31. Thank you Connect, for the head’s up.

    I too will boycott those places.

  32. Thank u Connect for responding to
    Watching with facts.

    I don’t have any yellow on my face &

    Am just relieved that Jack F has finally
    Stopped looking like he was running for
    2 paid positions.

    Will continue to work HARD against Jack
    Candidate in the county board chair race,
    Who is MIKE WALKUP.

    Your spin & twisting about winning predictions
    Is sad & ridiculous !

    You can PROJECT all the yellow onto our
    Faces that u want, but we will come back
    With FACTS that if u want an award for would
    Be to process the information gjven to u.

    Stirring the pot gives us more opportunities
    To educate & tell people about Franks tricks,
    Misdeeds & manipulations etc etc..

  33. BTW Watching, Connect posted recent campaign
    Contributors for Jack F & one of them was from
    H S Crocker (Huntley).

    Ron Giordano is chief executive officer & probably

    The same person Jack put on the 2003 memo to
    BLAGO requesting a position for Giordano as “position
    On an an advisory comission ‘.

    Refer back to ‘Jack Franks part 47’ to see Giordano’s
    Name on the list, for those interested.

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