Democrat John Bartman Running for Jack Franks’ Seat

Seneca Township Democratic Precinct Committeeman and former Democratic Party Chairman John Bartman was selected Saturday to run for State Representative in Jack Franks’ place.

Democratic Party Chairman Mike Bissell closes the door of the basement Woodstock Library meeting room.

Democratic Party Chairman Mike Bissell closes the door of the basement Woodstock Library meeting room.

In a closed door meeting of Democratic Precinct Committeemen from the 63rd State Rep. District, Bartman was slated for the office.

John Bartman

John Bartman

After more than an hour, Bartman emerged alone and told me why he is seeking to replace Franks:

“I’m running to make Springfield work again.

“It’s an absolute travesty.

“I’m running to bring tax relief to the middle class of McHenry County.”

About an hour later, Bissett turned the lights out in the room.

Asked to comment, he said,

“I think John Bartman is a great fit for the district.

“His family has been in the county since the mid-1800’s.

“He’s farming over 1,000 acres.

“I think he knows the issues of the district really well.”

Bartman will be running against Steve Reick.

Franks’ vehicle drive Jeffrey Litche ran against Reick in the Republican Primary Election.

Litche put up no campaign, except collecting petition signatures for himself, however, Mike Madigan allies threw $50,000 of negative advertising against Reick.

Reick’s petitions were unsuccessfully challenged by Franks ally Ronald Eck.
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Democrat John Bartman Running for Jack Franks’ Seat — 36 Comments

  1. John M. Bartman seems to be 38.

    Fifth generation McHenry County farmer.

    Ex-IDOT planner (12 years).

    Some other interesting stuff if you look for it, which I imagine someone will.


  2. So here is what Mark posted about John Bartman on 7-6-16 .

    In post Jack Franks part 47 on 7-6-16 Franks asked Blago in a 2003 Memo for a “position at IDOT” for John Bartman.

    John M Bartman has a Marengo farm and is Democrat Precinct Committeeman for Seneca Precinct 2.

    He is a union supporter as a Compliance Monitor for the Illinois Indiana Iowa Foundation for Fair Contracting (they make sure prevailing wage is being paid on taxpayer funded Construction projects).

    Prior to that he worked for 11 years as a Technical Manager /
    Regional Department Manager at the Illinois Department of
    Transportation (IDOT).

    2015 – $12,603
    2014 – $59,104
    2013 – $58,980
    2012 – $58,850
    2011 – $52,040
    2010 – $48,882
    2009 – $53,704
    2008 – $54,182
    2007 – $49,692
    2006 – $45,755
    2005 – $44,091
    Source: Open the Books Widget

    He is on the Board of Directors at the McHenry County Farm Bureau.

    He’s a past Chair of the McHenry County Democrat party.

    Farming is much different now than in the past.

    In today’s crop farming, sometimes the people doing the work do not

    Reside at the farm.They may pay someone to plant and / or harvest the crop.

    Or, the people living at the farm rent but don’t own the farm, which happened
    in the past too with sharecroppers and renters.

    How much time can one spend farming if they are employed full time by IDOT
    or a union organization. ”

    Mark’s info & quote.

    This guy Jack Franks is obviously behind doesn’t Hold a candle to Steve Reick.

  3. Love that the McHenry County Dems and the politicians in Springfield are taking away the democratic process from the people of the 63rd Dist.

    So much for open and transparent meetings.

    Guy was a patronage hire under Blago through Franks and now he’s a patronage pick for State Rep in the 63rd through Franks.

    What a joke.

    Steve Reick has been vetted by the voters twice now and has been upfront through the entire process.

    Let’s stop Illinois as usual politics and elect Steve Reick to State Rep.

  4. John Bartman is #4 on Franks shameless 2003 letter to Blagojevich requesting both nepotism and patronage jobs from the corrupt governor.

    Jackie asked if Bartman could get a job at IDOT.

    Jacks blatant patronage request must have been approved, because that is where Bartman has worked since.

    Makes you wonder if he would have been able to find a job on his own.

    Surely Bartman is a full time supporter of patronage.

    That is how he earned his living.

    There is a claim to fame for the dems.

    They are pushing a beneficiary of the close relationship between Franks and Blagojevich to replace Jackie in the state legislature.

    I am sure the voters will love to hear that story.

    The local dems have learned well from their state and national leaders.

    Thanks for providing such great ammunition…

  5. i have a question for this August group.

    How many jobs can The County Board Chair appoint directly or seriously influence the hiring decision?

    Inquiring minds want to know…

  6. Bartman connection to local 150 is no surprise for a democrat.

    The IIIFFC has offices in the local 150 complex in countryside.

    Mostly staffed by former cops the IIIFFC is all about projecting local 150’s power and influence.

    A vote for Battman is a vote for those thugs.

    We all need to get behind Steve Rieck to make sure 150 doesn’t have further influence in Springfield.

  7. Actually Steve, I definitely think Cal agrees with you, abit of a mistake.

    As far as I am concerned YOU are the only RESPECTABLE & QUALIFIED person in this race.

    Bartman is a puppet of Franks & took the 10 year patronage job Franks got him.

    Alot of people aren’t going to like this once it is made known.

    So GO STEVE GO ! ! ! 🙂

  8. John Radke,

    It’s not the “jobs” the CBC can control, it’s the millions flowing to the various appointed boards that draw the corrupt to “free” taxpayer money.

    Mental Health Board, Workforce Development Board, Health and Human Services Board.

    These are all boards with opportunities for political patronage hires; including unsustainable pensions.

  9. Are little lying Jack and the Dems relying on the ‘farmer’ legacy of Bartman and his association with the McHenry County Farm Bureau to get support from the Ag community?

    Will Michelle Aavang support Bartman (Farm Bureau cohorts)?

    She is frequently seen cozying up with little liar Jack.

    Will voters reject all candidates who take Local 150 money?

    Money which the spineless County Board stole from the taxpayers (my opinion) and gave to Local 150.

  10. I still wonder why Mike Madigan would give-up the 63rd district?

    What is the route he has for Jack Franks?

    Madigan plays people very well and does not give-up power at all.

    He is ruthless and I would find it hard for Jack Franks to bow out of the race with Madigan having a greater plan.

    Will Franks be running for Governor in the next election?

  11. **Will Franks be running for Governor in the next election?**

    LOL – in what party?

    He sure can’t win a Democratic statewide primary.

  12. I am sure if you bothered to look you would find a similar memo from Althoff, Wheeler, and Tryon.

    It means nothing- the Republican party is FILLED with patronage jobs- look to the head.

    Did Tina Hill ever have a non political job?

    That is not a Dem issue folks- it is a power issue.

    Reick barely won a race against a non existent candidate for goodness sake.

    @DAVE AND @fK2 If you think the Cubs lost because of STEVE Bartman- that explains why you believe Steve can win.

    He didn’t lose that game- or drop a 3 run lead by * friggin points- Nor did he lose game 7!

    That poor man’s life was ruined by irresponsible, unhinged fans who had no interest in the truth…. hmm, now I see the connection.

  13. So this shows up under Tina Hill’s
    Info on County Board Site

    + District #200 Substitute Teacher
    + Legal Secretary Narusis & Narusis

    PADS Site Director
    Pioneer Center Advisory Board
    School District 200 Key Communicator
    League of Women Voters
    Woodstock Business/Professional Women
    Pastoral Care Chaplain Centegra
    St. Ann Episcopal Church

    Looks like Tina Hill HAS HELD other non political jobs.

    Not saying I am a fan of Tina Hill, but I
    DO RESPECT people that have done as
    As she claims .

    Being part of a PADS site & Pioneer Center
    Especially stand out to me.

    Glad I looked at Tina’s info, definitely
    Have more respect for her than I did have.

    Maybe somebody/anybody could put info
    Out there about Jack Franks & this John Bartman
    Guy with their volunteer experiences.

    Volunteers USUALLY show me they have a
    Heart for serving others and perhaps are less
    Self serving & egotistical.

  14. Rauner has only been in office 18 months
    & has been trying to get people in key spots in his administration.

    Coming from the private sector & NOT being a CAREER POLITICIAN makes me
    Want to believe he probably puts people in jobs based on merit & accomplishments.

    So I’m not really buying the concept that PATRONAGE is SOP across the board.

    I just don’t think alot of people trying
    To do their jobs are caught up in that
    As much as much as entrenched career
    Politicians are.

    Not a big fan of some things Rauner & Althoff have done but they are definitely NOT career politicians & part of Madigan’s decades grip, which has created a disaster in Illinois.

    Agree that Patronage jobs happen, just think SOME TYPES of politicians do it
    More blatently & frequently than others.

  15. Inish,

    You are throwing out red herrings all over the place.

    This issue, in this case, IS a Dem issue.

    Two of your key candidates have played the patronage game openly, and with a corrupt governor.

    And they are currently running for office.

    The people have a right to know, and we will be sure they do know.

    If you are uncomfortable with the heat on these two, perhaps the Dems should run less controversial candidates who have not played the political patronage game to their advantage.

    We are not talking about all candidates, we are talking about the two candidates Dems are running CURRENTLY.

    They are clearly fans and practitioners of patronage.

    This is not an attack on the people involved.

    It is shining a very bright light on their unacceptable behavior.

    This is behavior that the Dems would have preferred be kept in the dark.

    No such luck.

    Yes there are Republicans who practice nepotism, and we will root them out too, when they come up for election.

  16. **Coming from the private sector & NOT being a CAREER POLITICIAN makes me
    Want to believe he probably puts people in jobs based on merit & accomplishments.**

    LOL – keep telling yourself that.

    His administration is filled with political hires.

    Some good, some bad.

    But definitely political hires.

  17. Rauner’s administration is filled with people who are fighting the socialist Chicago and SPRINGFIELD liberal liberal machines.

    They are fighting Madigan, and Franks who have done nothing to get a balanced budget or reduce taxes.

    That’ is what you libs are upset about.

    Rauner is not willintpg to succumb to Madigan’s political moves on issues as important as the budget.

    Do YOU want to pay to bail out the corrupt Chicago Public Schools?

    Are you suggesting Rauner is making patronage hires? Who are they?

    We KNOW the patronage hires Jackie tried to get from Blago and we KNOW one he did get from Blago…Bartman.

    No place to hide from that, Jackie wrote the letter.

    AND , KNOWING that, you dems run a patronage job hand out recipient.

    Obviously you don’t care what the people think about that.

    Worse,, you are willingly, and openly rubbing the voters noses in it.

  18. Hey, I was talking about career politicians & their patronage & nepotism lists for state jobs with pensions.

    Alabamashake you completely twisted my words !

    Two different issues here.

    Rauner has only been in office 18 months !

    Are there qualified people involved in state government
    That Rauner has appointed, absolutely.

    That does not mean that what Rauner did
    By hiring these people is BLATANT patronage
    Or are ‘political hires’ as you put it.

    Name some of these people, please & give info.

    Otherwise, all you have done is twist my thoughts
    & some facts on a different issue.

  19. Sean McCarthy – DCEO ( formerly Hultgren staffer, Rauner Campaign staffer)

    Andrea Winters- DCEO- Formerly Kirk Staffer, Rauner Staffer)

    Sandra Salgado- ran the Prim campaign, Head of HR for the Sheriff- no red herrings here.

    Can’t speak for Franks volunteer time, but Bartman is active in his church and the Farm Bureau.

  20. Well Inish, what you threw out there about a
    Couple of Rauner people was pretty minimal.

    Sean McCarthy seems perfectly qualified to have
    Held the temporary director chair of DCEO he held.

    He has now moved over to a public non for profit
    Organization group Rauner set up to help & oversee
    economic development In Illinois.

    Here is what I found

    “Sean McCarthy, Policy Adviser for Economic Development”

    “Sean McCarthy was the Deputy Chief of Staff for
    Congressman Randy Hultgren and a Senior Community
    Relations Director at Nicor Gas.

    Prior to joining the utility,
    Sean worked at Lake County Partners and
    The Illinois Department of Commerce and
    Community Affairs where he gained economic
    development experience at the county and state level.

    Sean earned his bachelor’s degree in political science from
    Stonehill College in North Easton, Mass. and received his M.B.A. at Dominican University in River Forest, Ill.”

    Couldn’t find anything at all about Andrea Winters but
    Found something much more interesting.

    An article from the Chicago Tribune online dated
    Jan.15, 2015 titled “Bruce Rauner Issues Executive Order on
    Patronage Hiring”

    This article goes into quite abit of
    Detail about all the patronage jobs
    (Especially in IDOT) that started
    During the Blago administration !

    Yep, Rauner rooted those folks out,
    Which is probably why it shows Bartman’s job
    With IDOT MAY have ended in 2015.

    Thank u for helping me dig below the surface
    To see how Rauner has come out & done things
    To stamp out some state PATRONAGE jobs.

    I DO AGREE with you, with what little I know about

    As for Bartman . . . He just doesn’t hold a candle to
    Steve Reick on ANY level despite his taking the 10
    Year patronage job with IDOT Franks got him.

  21. Check into John Bartman’s educational background and the like and you will find that he was qualified for the positions he held at IDOT.

    Enough of this insinuation about government workers, be they Democrats or Republicans or Independents, just because people want to score points about their own attitude toward “patronage”.

  22. So where would ANY info on John
    Bartman be ?

    Found no website with background, education, accomplishments ?

    Didn’t question Bartman’s qualifications for the IDOT job ? ? ?

    But since this was brought up, would like
    Info on that too.

    Patronage & nepotism ARE issues that need to
    Be addressed frequently so people do think
    About them.

    I am an INDEPENDENT voter, so I have no
    Need to ‘score points’ .

  23. Steve Reick won the 63rd State Representative District primary against a well orchestrated campaign financed and run by Democrats who ram a sham candidate named Steve Reick fronting as a Republican.

    The campaign was all about trickery and deception.

    The Cook County Democrat machine lost that battle.

    Reick was victorious.

  24. oops the sham candidate was Jeffery Lichte.

    Jeffery Lichte was a Democrat who ran as a Republican.

  25. John Bartman was on a patronage list from Jack Franks to Governor Rod Blagojevich.

    The first three candidates on that pratronage list were relatives of Jack Franks.

  26. Illinois State Board of Elections

    Cut 10 Committee

    “Purpose: To pass a state wide referendum requiring all taxing bodies to reduce their tax levy by 10%.”

    PAC Chairperson & Treasurer: Steve Kling.

    Steve Kling first contributed to the Citizens of Jack D Franks PAC on December 2, 1997.

    That was the first day the Jack D Franks PAC received contributions.


    “Property taxes in McHenry County have reached outrageous levels and it is time to roll them back.

    I urge you to support an immediate 10% cut in the property tax levied by EVERY government body in McHenry County.

    McHenry County has a higher property tax level than 99% of the counties in America, with the average McHenry County homeowner paying over $5,200 per year.

    We also pay a higher percentage of our income in property taxes than residents of 99% of the counties in American.”

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