Evidence Pointing to Sale of Turnberry Country Club

I won’t reveal the rumored price of the presumed sale of Turnberry Country Club, but it is significantly less than what the previous owners of the Bull Valley Country Club were paid–$1,525,000 (furniture & other personal property included).

Trunberry Country Club in Lakewood, Illinois

Trunberry Country Club in Lakewood, Illinois

An application for a new liquor license has been made to the Village of Lakewood by First Leap Holdings, LLC (d/b/a Turnberry Country Club).

The principal is Naperville resident Oberoi Sundeep.  He also holds interest in a liquor license at 210 S. Pointe Court in DeKalb (a nine hole golf course).


Evidence Pointing to Sale of Turnberry Country Club — 5 Comments

  1. Well, what do you know!

    The tales of gloom and doom by our village president/self-proclaimed Queen of Lakewood seem to have been false, once again.

    We were emphatically told that Mr. Parks development of condos and a hotel on Turnberry were “Turnberry’s last chance”.

    President Smith pleaded that our actions to keep Mr. Park’s development out of Turnberry would lead to certain Armageddon for Turnberry.

    President Smith painted pictures of dilapidated/boarded up buildings, uncontrolled weeds & pests and further degradation of Turnberry in general if we could not entice Mr. Parks to stay and build his hotel and condos, and as usual, she had her board of yes-men trustees (minus one) along her side to help her peddle her tales of woe.

    Now, this appears to be just another of her scare tactics and tales of woe… which beg the question “Why?”

    “What does she stand to gain from it that we are not aware of?”

    God Save The Queen…

  2. yep lets make sure we all show up at the board meeting Tuesday night and let her them know this NO TIME FOR BONUSES to be taken by anyone in that click!!!!

  3. She has been making disparaging remarks about Turnberry for years, trying to dissuade people from booking potential events.

    Time for her to go.

  4. It was time for her to go when she was a Trustee and was pushing for Lakewood to go to Home Rule.

  5. lets make sure her and as many of the others GO when WE ALL GET OUT AND VOTE IN APRIL !!!!!

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