Mayors Endorsing Jack Franks

Just thought you’d like to know the mayors and village presidents who have endorsed Jack Franks as of 7-12-16:

  • City of Harvard Mayor Jay Nolan
  • City of McHenry Mayor Susan Low
  • City of Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager
  • Village of Algonquin President John Schmitt
  • Village of Fox River Grove President Robert Nunamaker
  • Village of Greenwood President John Ferris
  • Village of Huntley President Charles Sass
  • Village of Lakewood President Erin Smith
  • Village of McCullom Lake President Terry Counley
  • Village of Richmond President Peter Koenig

All are elected in non-partisan elections.  Some are up for re-election next spring with petition passing to occur this fall.

Sager is a Republican Precinct Committeeman who has been on Franks’ fundraising Host Committee.


Mayors Endorsing Jack Franks — 39 Comments

  1. Well no big surprise here:

    WOODSTOCK Mayor Brian Sager is a happy pants Liberal and
    LAKEWOOD Vlg Prez Erin Smith and her husband Mike Smith are Crystal Lake’s very own poor mans version of the Clinton’s!
    (even donated to Gov Quinn!) and as Erin Smith said “I admire our Progressive Leadership” (vomit time)

    All those listed above as well as Sager and Smiths are the Democrats who ran as Republican’s and suckered the voters.

  2. Time to run a true Republican against Brian Sager?

    He is no more a Republican than the little liar.

  3. Time for the McHCo GOP to do their job and kick Sager out!

    Along with any others that may have supported or donated to Democrats in the past.

  4. What Mayor of Woodstock has done to Woodstock:

    1. Woodstock residents pay 4.6% of total home fair market value property tax rate.

    To put that in perspective, mortgage interest rates are now around 3.6%

    Indiana has a property tax rate cap of 1%, national average property tax rate is 1.4%.

    2. Woodstock City property tax rate is .73% of total home fair market value property tax rate.

    To put that in perspective, almost all McHenry County municipal tax rates are less than half that.

    (Even including library which may be billed separately. When a politician says something like: “yeah, but that doesn’t include the cost of the “library(, or whatever)”, ask them for the specific amount to which they are referring and a specific numerical figure for comparison).

    3. Mayor and City Council have spent $120,000 of taxpayer funds to purchase a special census to obtain Home Rule status for Woodstock a few years before the regular Census would have supplied that status for free (if Woodstock is indeed above 25,000 population).

    Woodstock could have held a referendum for free this year instead of $120,000 special census.

    The Census Bureau and Woodstock City have refused FOIA and taxpayer requests to explain the methodology for population calculation by this special census.

    Notably they are taking a small sample set, and extrapolating, but primarily in newly built subdivisions.

    No accounting for uninhabited (foreclosed) homes has been offered.

    Home Rule allows for unlimited debt, and taxes beyond current restrictions. Unlimited debt is what citizens fear most from Mayor of Woodstock.

    4. Mayor has recently waived hundreds of thousands of dollars of impact fees and transition fees for benefit of a CalAtlantic housing development on rural properties owned by Amcore Investment Group 3526 and Woodstock Holdings LLC.

    The homes to be built will be priced such that their statistically likely new student production will require subsidization by current Woodstock property taxpayers.

    4.a. Mayor then at a public meeting pitched the Woodstock D200 school board on waiving its right to hundreds of thousands of dollars of transition fees from CalAtlantic.

    With 2 dissents the school board agreed to waive these fees.

    Woodstock D200 spends 30% more per pupil per year than neighboring Unit school district Huntley 158.

    D200 taxpayers pay 2.7% of total home fair market value to D200 schools alone…and will need to subsidize this new housing development which was granted transition fee waivers.

    It was commented at the school board meeting that a public company with 20 quarters of 24% profit margins per home unit built would likely go ahead and build with or without this waiver.

    Mayor of Woodstock has gotten Woodstock to 4.6% property tax rate. His stated plan for the future of Woodstock seems to be ‘stop the austerity’.


  5. Jack Franks is such a player,

    Without an ounce of real substance

    Or character in him.

  6. 1. Jack Franks, other than consistently voting to keep Madigan in power, is more conservative than half the 100% Republican county board. Lots of RINOs among that crowd of losers.

    2. Mike Walkup is a total doofus. Which, I understand is mean and not on the merits, but it’s true. The well-polished Umpa Lumpa gives off the successful businessman vibe. Walkup gives off a milquetoast, your-perfume-is-giving-me-a-headache vibe. Our voters are generally dumb, and they’ll give this much more consideration than you would hope.

    Prediction: Franks wins 55-45.

    Recommendation: Mike, treat yourself to a spa day. Get a better haircut. Buy some designer eyeglasses and get some better clothes. Your image is a legitimate campaign expenditure. Voters won’t vote for someone who doesn’t look successful. Amateur hour is over. Don’t think that you have momentum because you beat Gottemoller. You didn’t. Joe beat himself by supporting the power plant and overwhelmingly losing that part of the county. Franks won’t have that problem.

  7. Jack Franks, has done nothing but bring a boatload of empty promises to the tax payers.

    That speaks for itself.

    Franks, has had ample opportunity to bring those promises to fruition and has so far failed.

  8. I hear he’s not going to run for Mayor again.

    And I don’t see why he’d want to be a Republican PC after that.

    I say you’re not going to need to run anybody against him (we’ll see), but he has committed these kinds of offenses before.

    He is pro prevailing wages, pro public sector union, he is fine with fiscal waste like his silly beautification projects, pro-TIF, pro-home rule, and pro corporate welfare.

    All of this was known before the primary yet he ran unopposed.

    Oh, and his connections to lying Jack were known.

  9. Surprised to see Harvard’s Mayor coming out for Jack Franks….

    now I am trying to figure out WHY?

    this is our Mayors last term..

    I hear he won’t run again….especially after the last election when a political unknown was just 54 votes of becoming the new Mayor he certainly don’t need the money or any future political affiliation …..

  10. First off Woodstock is a more Democratic town than Republican.

    And it keeps going that way more and more as Republicans move out of town.

    Look at the home values have dropped so much that now the low middle class is buying the homes.

    The Republicans have moved to better pastures as well they should. Why be here when the SHTF!

    Sager has always been a Dem as well as most of the City Council.

    School Boards whether your in Woodstock or others are Dems mostly.

    Or they have a kid in school and want to make sure that status quo is followed so they can get Johnny or Susie through school with no problems.

    If your a conservative republican then you need to start running for office! School Board, City/Village Councils mostly!

    The waste that goes on is incredible.

    But since I will be hopefully leaving this place they call TAX HELL good luck to everyone!

  11. Low lives up to her name ……

    She and Sager are on the “LGBT” bandwagon, so I’m hardly surprised.

    These rats must be driven from office.

    Perhaps some wheels of cheese will do the trick.

  12. Control what you can control.

    Get involved now so when 2017 rolls around you will be ready to roll.

    It is all good to know who to VOTE OUT but when you do not have the candidates and the coordination it makes it difficult.

    Build your own army for the 2017 elections.

  13. Gasser what do you think you are a superior officer in your own fake make believe military?

    In fact you are just the opposite a small town nobody living at home with mama.

    You have two failed marriages what accomplishments can you say you have.

    You not even a ligitagmate tax paying citizen.

  14. I hope someone puts a mailer out about how Gasser is openly attacking fellow Republicans in an election year.

  15. Why shouldn’t he?

    One no show vote was all it took little duncan to get the boot from Madigan.

    You think someone can just join a political party, do whatever they want, and everybody is going to soing koombaya?

    You’re clueless Moderate.

  16. Joe how many campaigns have you worked on?

    Let’s start there and then we’ll see who is clueless

  17. On the contrary joe, Moderate is right Gasser is the Algonquin twp republican Chairman Openly attacking other Republicans during meetings.

  18. Holding people accountable for their stated positions or actions is refreshing.

    Why should intra-party conflict be avoided?

    Towing the party line is what’s gotten this state into the mess it’s in, with politicians playing nice instead of playing right.

  19. I think I’ve worked for 7.

    Not sure what working on campaigns has to do with this though.

    People are booted out of appointed positions, primaried out, and lose committee assignments all the time for not being loyal to the party…and by the party I mean the leadership and the platform, not loyal to one another just because they call themselves a Republican or a Democrat.

    If a Democrat were to call him/herself a Republican and then vote like a Democrat, is it every other Republican’s duty to support that person?

    It depends how you define party loyalty.

  20. Calling me clueless after having worked on seven elections and yet seeing no merit in criticizing Gasser for openly attacking other Party members less than a week from the convention and 116 days out from the election…

    Huh… Odd

  21. Party loyalty be damned.

    These peopll were elected/appointed to represent the tax payer not the party!!


  22. Please share the candidates or referendums you supported or opposed.

  23. Gasser and Franks are the same.

    They’re both 100% about getting attention, and 100% about themselves.

    Neither have much party loyalty.

  24. It would be helpful to identify specifics.

    What are specific cuts identified to lessen tax levy?

    Woodstock property tax rate is 4.6% of total home fair market value.

    The Mayor is directly responsible for this tax rate anomaly both due to Woodstock City tax, and his persuasion of Woodstock D200 school board to spend and waste money beyond the means of the community being taxed.

    Here are SPECIFIC examples of a Mayor who has worked hard to the detriment of citizen taxpayers, for the specific narrow benefit of a few private investors:

    In the case of Woodstock Mayor, he is working with Woodstock D200 to create tax forgiveness for private investors, such as the recent successful pitch to (5 of 7) D200 school board members in addition to the Woodstock City waiver of transition and impact fees.

    This amounted to many hundreds of thousands of tax dollars which taxpayers will not receive from these private investors, who by all evidence would have proceeded with project anyway.

    He also agreed to use Woodstock tax money to give D200 (if they matched funds with other tax money) for a $1 million+ controversial crumb rubber artificial turf replacement to a perfectly functional soccer field for Woodstock North.

    And, Mayor is behind Woodstock TIF which re-directs property tax money from schools to private investors, via the control and autonomous decisionmaking authority of the Mayor and like-minded Council.

    Mayor refuses to answer questions about his intent to ask for political-favor-linked, rubber stamp 12 year TIF extension from Springfield.

    So, again, what specific benefit to taxpayers accrues from an endorsement by a Mayor with a proven record of disdain for taxpayers?

  25. I support any candidates who place the tax payer above All else.

    It seems to me that federal, state, or local, it doesn’t matter, Republicans don’t want it because the Democrates want it,and Democrates don’t want it because the Republicans want it.

    What IT is has become IRRELEVANT!!

  26. If that many politicians want someone, that’s the one I DON’T want.

  27. Al, you are 100% spot on!

    The real battle is not between R’s and D’s, that is merely an illusion created to divide and conquer.

    We must shift this paradigm.

    The real battle is between the political class and the people who they feed off of.

  28. Stand4truth, wow what an inappropriate screen name.

    Your choice of that screen name implies something that your actions and words belie.

    You are just a gutless coward.

    That was a despicable personal attack.

    If you had an ounce of class you would be ashamed of such behavior.

    I am sure your mother would be very proud.

    Why don’t you just publish your family name so you can honor it with those comments?

    You have done more to make the point about your perspective being without value, than any of your detractors could possibly say about you.

    Those comments also reflect negatively on those who support you.

    Come on, you, and your family, must be proud of your comments.

    Tell us all who you rally are.

    Shine a light for the world to see how you were raised.

    Give us your real name.

  29. Serwatka’s advice on shifting the paradigm is EXACTLY WHAT’S NEEDED!

  30. Moderate: “how Gasser is openly attacking fellow Republicans in an election year.”

    I don’t know if there needs to be a mailer… But you are right.

    Reagan Is known for his 11th Commandment:

    The Commandment reads:

    Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.

    Unless some think Gasser is a better Repubican than Reagan, I would suggest for the party’s sake he follows the commandment.

    Sometimes discussing issues of concern in private proves more effective.

  31. Not speaking ill of people in your party sounds like the mentality of a gang or cult.

    If you’re wrong, you’re wrong.

    We either want honest politics or we don’t.

    You’re all free to believe what you want, but this go along get along attitude, in my opinion, hasn’t been working out so well.

  32. One can still disagree with people in their own party.

    It should be encouraged actually.

    That is what primaries are for….NOT general elections.

    It’s the public support for democrats (as listed in the original column) and the public flogging (as is common on this blog) that should NOT be encouraged.

    And how has that worked for us?

    McHenry County has a REPUBLICAN Governor.

    1 of 2 US Senators (we could lose Kirk)

    2 of 2 US Congressmen

    Comptroller (we could lose Munger)

    5 of 6 state senators/reps (we should pick up Reick brcause Franks is out, we could lose Skillicorn because republicans are still sore about the primary)

    24 of 24 county board members (but may lose THE CHAIRMANSHIP!!! Consequently, Republicans could lose 2-4 seats on the board)

    100% of countywide seats are Republican

    So, after review…it has been working EXTREMELY WELL.

    Unfortunately, public bashing of your own members I think may change our current position.

  33. Most importantly though….the prime example of Republicans being their worst enemy is the presidential race.

    Trump may lose because REPUBLICANS won’t vote for him and worse, speak out against him!

    He wasn’t my first choice, but he is the choice of the party.

    And we DON’T want Crooked Hillary, do we?

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