State House GOP Funding Two Staffers Now

Ryan Jordon at work during Steve Reick's Campaign Headquarters Grand Opening.

Jordan Ryan at work during Steve Reick’s Campaign Headquarters Grand Opening.

State Rep. candidate Steve Reick now reports in-kind contributions for two young folks now.

In the latest report of contributions over $1,000, the House Republican Organization says it paid

  • $1,580.29 for Jordan Ryan
  • $1,163 for Ryann Rooney

Must be interested when someone yells, “Ryan(n),” in the office.


State House GOP Funding Two Staffers Now — 2 Comments

  1. It’s very interesting.

    We’d like to have more Ryan(n)’s (and any other name) in the office.

    We’ve budgeted for 15 paid interns for the campaign.

    Anyone recent high school grads or college students home for the summer who’d like to earn some money working on the campaign should contact Ryann Rooney at

  2. Would be good experience and would learn a lot.

    Start learning as soon as you can politics are getting more complicated and there’s a mountain of debt.

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