Harrison Withdraws from Being Democrat Running for State’s Attorney

As Jack Franks is sending out 25,071 copies of a taxpayer-finance newsletter, he has apparently gotten rid of one of his problems.

I’ve been told that Franks was none too happy to be paired with Jim Harrison, the candidate slated for McHenry County State’s Attorney.

Today, Harrison withdrew.

Jim Harrison is no longer running for McHenry County State's Attorney against Patrick Kenneally.

Jim Harrison is no longer running for McHenry County State’s Attorney against Patrick Kenneally.

Whoever designed the following graphic will now have to revise it to make it relevant:

An image provided by reader "Observer" of Jack Franks ("I'll tax you!!) and Jim Harrison ("I'll sue you!!").

An image provided by reader “Observer” of Jack Franks (“I’ll tax you!!) and Jim Harrison (“I’ll sue you!!”).


Harrison Withdraws from Being Democrat Running for State’s Attorney — 32 Comments

  1. I would hope those supporting Kenneally will rally support behind Walkup now.

    Franks would be a disaster for the State’s Atty’s Office and the Sheriff if elected to chair.

  2. Harrison will likely be calling defense counsel Hanlon and Prosnitz to settle the disaster of a lawsuit Harrison filed.

  3. Harrison should drop that ridiculous law suit.

    He needs to wake up and realize that the suit is just one more thing that added to the demise of his political career.

  4. Yaaaaaaay !

    Now it would be GREAT if
    Jack Franks withdrew from
    The county board chair race !

  5. Top 10 reasons he withdrew:

    10..Really wanted to be a Republican
    9….Really wanted to be an Independent
    8….No one actually told him he was a Democrat
    7….Finally found those land records
    6….Couldn’t raise his bar
    5….Busy defending Marlene
    4….Ran out of gas for his boat in his “Ride To Victory”
    3….Couldn’t raise that first $5,000.00
    2….Looked up the definition of Vast and Wide
    And the number 1 reason he withdrew……….
    Knew he didn’t have a chance in hell !

    Thank you Mr. Harrison

  6. Hilarious Happy Trails,
    Keep those 🙂 comments
    & if you would, aim a few at
    Jack Franks !

  7. Someone did.

    The image I published comes from the County Clerk’s web site.

  8. NWH says democrats are meeting today to pick a new Candidate to run for States Attorney.

    Although not disclosed by NWH, rumor has it the likely contestant will be Ray Flavin, Woodstock attorney by summer and professional gambler by winter.

    If true, Ray may elect to cut off his super long ponytail, which might be the only good thing to come from this race.

  9. Patrick all the way to the States Attorney.

    Even the Democrats shouldn’t have trusted Harrison.

  10. What you have pictured here are two low-life lawyers.

    Should read under Franks pic:

    “I’ll get you thrown out of your house!”

  11. Ray was a Democrat that ran against former State Senator Dick Klemm in 2002…

    He lost by a wide margin…

    Ray was a Republican that ran with Bianchi and Gable to replace Pack in 2004….

    He lost…

    Ray is now a Democrat who might possibly be running for State’s Attorney….


    do we have another flip flopper on our hands ?

    Ray, keep your pony tail ( kinda like it ) and refuse to run…..or

    Pass the FLIP FLOPS…….

  12. As it turns out I am a “little” older and more experienced.

    When I ran against Klemm, I spent about $300, and received over 30% of the vote, I spent under $3,000 in the last race.

    I am pretty sure in both races I was outspent by either 100 times or 1,000 time. I am due to spend a little bit more.

    I ran as a Democrat against Klemm, I campaigned on cutting taxes.

    I ran as a Republican in the State’s Attorney Primary, I campaigned on cutting the budget.

    Then I recognized that the Republicans were not that interested in cutting the budget.

    So I returned to the Democratic Party.

    I am looking forward to anonymous posters giving their opinion about my hair, and claiming it means I am a liberal.

    I can only imagine you don’t want me in the race because you don’t like voters to have to make “choices.”

    Please keep commenting anonymously, it’s totally credible way to support your postion, said no one ever.

  13. Like your hair BUT I don’t believe your reason for changing parties.

    There is so much more to a party than one or two issues to make you change parties.

  14. Flavin is “NOT A REFORMER”

    In my opinion, Flavin will continue the tactics of previous Government officials who were entrusted to represent the people and did nothing but betray the people and promote corruption. He has way too many loyalties in our County.

    Kenneally, is a “REFORMER” and his administration will bring much needed change in Government and will be the guiding light for that change. Personally, I trust Kenneally to bring “REFORM,” truth and justice to the people of McHenry County.

  15. I’ll be happy to put one of Ray’s signs in my front yard.

    The SA’s office is better than it was under Pack, but it still needs the kind of thorough fumigation that can only come from an outsider.

    I was absolutely disgusted by my experience serving on a Grand Jury a couple of years ago.

  16. Amazed at all the lies, assumptions and drama spewed out on this page.

    I hope you can sleep at night with your lack of character.

    Ethics and principle define Harrison.

    You are speaking about things you know nothing about.

    That’s on you.

    Typically, fingers pointed at someone else are a reflection of your feelings about yourself.

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